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Master builder who crafted a full life

Interim staff Toronto’s pro-life community lost one of its most dedicated supporters with the October 3 death of Thomas McMorrow of Scarborough. Mr. McMorrow, 83, died of cancer after a long illness. Born November 4, 1912 in Dublin, Ireland, Mr. McMorrow came to Canada in 1931 and shortly thereafter began a small grocery store business in the Highland Creek area of Scarborough. The store expanded over the years and it became a popular spot for young people growing up in the neighbourhood. Mr. ... (Continue reading)

Orphans bear brunt of population control

Interim staff The Chinese government is allowing young children to die in its state-run orphanages as a ruthless form of population control, says an authority on Asian demographics and family life. Steven Mosher, Director of Asian Affairs for Human Life International (HLI), made the accusation in late September during a media conference in Toronto. Mosher has studied the effects of China’s population control practices since 1979. Mosher said abuses in state-run orphanages are the result of the Chinese government’s official one-child per ... (Continue reading)

Linda Gibbons awaits further sentencing

Interim staff Pro-life prisoner of conscience Linda Gibbons was found guilty of obstructing a peace officer and breaking probation at her latest court appearance October 2. In keeping with previous court appearance to express her personal solidarity with the innocent, unborn children killed each day at Toronto abortion clinics. Her latest arrest occurred August 26, just three days after being released from her previous incarceration. Linda lives out her religious conviction by refusing to abide by terms of a temporary injunction ... (Continue reading)

Pastor uses arts to spread pro-life word

The name Robert Munoz first cropped up in local pro-life circles as the man who would bail activist Bill Whatcott out of jail following one of the latter’s frequent arrests. The Munoz name came up again with word of a play based on the life of activist/political prisoner Linda Gibbons. Later it was learned this same Munoz is pastor of Trinity Evangelical Lutheran Church in mid-town Toronto. Pastor, playwright and supporter of leading pro-life activists – a story ... (Continue reading)

Ruling may bring prison term for suicide doctor

Detroit – After a string of legal victories, suicide doctor Jack Kevorkian may still face contempt of court charges. An October 15 ruling by the U.S. Supreme Court upheld a five-year-old court order preventing Kevorkian from assisting suicides. Michigan prosecutors plan to use the ruling to go ahead with plans to put Kevorkian behind bars. Kevorkian has repeatedly ignored injunctions and has admitted participating in at least 41 assisted suicides since 1991. The twist in the latest development is that Kevorkian could ... (Continue reading)

New director named to PFL

Priests for Life (PFL), an organization working to promote the respect for life message among priests and deacons, has a new head man in Canada. Father James Whalen, pastor of St. Margaret Mary parish in Cumberland, near Ottawa, was appointed national director in September. A priest of Ottawa archdiocese since 1972, Father Whalen comes to Priests for Life with an impressive background in pro-life work. For the past five years, he has served as researcher and analyst ... (Continue reading)

Book a timely remedy to anti-life mentality

Pope John Paul II’s 1995 encyclical Evangelium Vitae (“The Gospel of Life”) proclaims in our day the Catholic Church’s teaching on the sacredness of all human life. The letter is a work of great beauty and power; but to ensure that it will not become a “dead letter,” the pope has called upon all Catholics – particularly those with special responsibilities in the Church – to “ensure that the doctrine which is one again being set ... (Continue reading)

Assignment explores ‘coming out’ experience

Interim staff Second-year sociology students as Wilfrid Laurier University in Waterloo, Ontario are being assigned to write a “coming out” letter as their first fall-term assignment. “Coming out” is a term used by homosexuals to declare publicly their sexual orientation. The second-year Sociology of Women course at Wilfrid Laurier University requires undergraduates to prepare a letter in which “you put yourself in the place of a lesbian or gay person.” For any gay or bisexual students in the program, the assignment is ... (Continue reading)

UN curriculum favors shifting value system

A few months ago Ontario’s schools took on full implication of the Ministry of Education’s Common Curriculum. A document packed with politically correct values to be imposed on children such as “no discrimination based on sexual orientation.” As if it wasn’t bad enough to inflict big-brother-type indoctrination in Ontario, the UN is now proposing “a global strategy to improve schooling systems.” The 45th session of the International Conference on Education (ICE) adopted a declaration which encourages all ... (Continue reading)

HLI founder looking to ‘moral revival’

The founder and chairman of Human Life International believes a “massive religious revival” is needed to turn Western society away from the abortion-contraception mentality. Father Paul Marx, 76, made the comments September 27 during a three-day visit to Toronto. He came to the city to preach at two churches September 29 and to attend a tribute for pro-life Senator Stanley Haidasz, who was celebrating 50 years of public life. Human Life International (HLI) is the world’s largest pro-life ... (Continue reading)

Foxfire storm brewing in Halton

Milton, Ont. – Renaissance Canada president Rev. Ken Campbell is heading up a campaign against the Halton Board of Education’s use of a book many parents consider pornographic. The book, Foxfire; Confessions of a Girl Gang, has been approved for use for Halton’s Grade 12 students. Rev. Campbell and supporters say the U.S. novel may corrupt youth morals. Campbell has distributed thousands of flyers throughout the region, denouncing the book and criticizing school board officials for allowing its use in schools. ... (Continue reading)

Next round in Drummond case

Ottawa – An eastern Ontario court has scheduled three days of hearings to determine if a woman accused of shooting her unborn child with a pellet gun will face attempted murder charges. Brenda Drummond, 28, was arrested in May after the son she had just given birth to was found to have suffered a pellet wound to the head. The child, Jonathan, underwent successful surgery to remove the pellet, and he has been released to the ... (Continue reading)

Knights active with pro-life memorials

Interim special On a small, grassy hill just inside the Catholic cemetery in Gananoque, stands a granite memorial unlike any of its kind in this final resting spot for hundreds. It is not the burial spot for some well-known member of this resort community on the St. Lawrence River. It isn’t a memorial for Canada’s war dead. It is mute testimony to the daily, almost ritualistic killing of the most defenceless of all, the unborn. This memorial for the unborn is ... (Continue reading)

Alliance head readies for second term

Interim staff Alliance for Life Ontario is welcoming Chatham resident Mary Ann Miller to her second term as president of the provincial pro-life organization. Miller, a 15 year veteran of pro-life volunteer work, officially assumes the president’s position at the Alliance for Life all-Ontario conference November 1-2 in North Bay. She will work with Alliance for Life Executive Director Jakki Jeffs and an executive committee in co-ordinating the efforts of Alliance for Life’s 74 Ontario branches. The alliance includes 250 member ... (Continue reading)

Where are you Joe Borowski?

I remember the time a few years ago when Jim Hughes called and asked me if I would go out to Pearson Airport, which is just on the outskirts of Toronto, the following afternoon, and pick up Joe Borowski who was flying in from Winnipeg. Joe was supposed to arrive at Terminal III for a pro-life conference and I was to drive him down to the Bond Place Hotel where he would be staying. I agreed. I felt privileged. I have ... (Continue reading)

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