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Rights of children have been overlooked

Why is the Charter of Rights and Freedoms silent about children, except with regards to linguistic education? Why did the Supreme Court, in answering three of the four questions about marriage submitted to it by the Liberal government, not mention children at all? Is there a more natural, self-evident birthright for a child ... (Continue reading)

Life centre one more reason to make the trip to Lourdes

By: Rebecca T. Ducusin Pilgrims from all over the world visiting the shrine of Our Lady of Lourdes in France are welcome to visit the international Centre for Life (Centre International pour la vie) which aims “to educate, to inform, and to listen; to love truth, to protect all life.” The centre promotes respect for human life from conception to natural death. It gives information on the stakes of human life including love, sexuality, natural birth control and demographic problems. ... (Continue reading)

Blueprint for conference success

Interim Staff CAMBRIDGE, Ont. – More than 450 young people from across Ontario gathered at Monsignor Doyle Secondary School here for one of the most successful Ontario Students for Life conferences ever organized. The theme of the conference, the Culture of Life vs. the Culture of Death, was an apt reminder to student pro-lifers of the new threats to life and family emerging in the waning years of the 20th century. Highlights of the conference included an address by ... (Continue reading)

Columnist feels vindicated

Interim Staff The Ontario Press Council has upheld a complaint against journalist Michael Coren who criticized UNICEF in a November 1995 column in the Toronto Sun/Financial Post newspapers. Coren, host of a popular CFRB radio program, attacked UNICEF for its support of abortion and contraception in underdeveloped countries. The press council upheld the complaint “on issues of factual accuracy and completeness.” The council said columnists should not be prevented from expressing controversial or unpopular opinions, but they cannot ignore conflicting factual information. Coren ... (Continue reading)

You were asking?

By: Winifride Prestwich Is there any guide to the stands of the Christian churched in Canada on new reproductive technology? M.R Winnipeg As far as I am aware, the only country where a researcher has attempted to obtain the views of the Christian churches and the Jews is Australia. The results, admittedly, are very tentative and general, but they are of value. The survey covered Anglicans, Baptists, Catholics, Jews, Lutherans and Presbyterians. Every religion condemned the following: ovum and embryo donations; in-vitro fertilization ... (Continue reading)

UN summit ends in division

ROME- The UN sponsored the World Food Summit ended in November 17 with division among delegated on how best to eliminate global hunger problems. While delegates agreed to a declaration to reduce world famine by 50 per cent by the year 2015, there was little agreement on priorities for improving distribution of food resources. The U.S. delegation in particular, resisted efforts to affirm a global “right to good.” Pro-life and pro-family observers to the summit were concerned that delegates would emphasize ... (Continue reading)

Across Canada

Rethinking support of UNICEF BAY BULLS, Nfld – An outspoken Newfoundland priest urged Catholic parents to withhold support of UNICEF to protest against the United Nations organization’s alleged support of abortion and contraception in the Third World. Monsignor Dermott O’Keefe, pastor of Sts. Peter and Paul parish in Bay Bulls, attacked UNICEF in a recent parish newsletter. An official with UNICEF Canada rejected the priest’s accusations, saying the organization has the support of the Canadian Conference of Catholic Bishops. Criticism ... (Continue reading)

Camp a haven for family togetherness

By: Mike Mastromatteo From the entrance way, the Springwater Christian Campground (SCC) in Minesing, near Barrie, Ontario, appears no different from other facilities in the Huronia area. But a closer look at the property gives an indication that this campground is unlike others dotting the central Ontario landscape. An abundance of crucifixes and religious icons on the proprietors’ home make a strong faith statement. A few yards to the east, one discovers a secluded park dedicated to unborn children. ... (Continue reading)

Divisive agenda criticized

OTTAWA- REAL Women of Canada has criticized a Status of Women report calling for additional research into feminist policy issues. The report, said to reflect “different realities faced by women in Canada”, excludes mention of traditional families. According to REAL Women, the report recommends further expansion of the feminist, anti-family agenda allowing the STATUS of Women council to obtain funding from other federal departments. “Exorbitant federal funding is already received by feminist groups to promote their divisive agenda,” REAL Women says. “In ... (Continue reading)

School ‘dance-athon’ supports CLC

Interim Staff The 800 students of Holy Cross School in Malton, northwest of Toronto, put their energy to good use October 31 to promote the defence of unborn children. On that day, the students mixed Halloween hijinks with a fundraising “dance-athon” in support of Campaign Life Coalition. The project, which was effectively combined with the separate school curriculum’s emphasis on social justice issues, saw students solicit pledges from family members, neighbors and their parents’ co-workers. Groups of students then assembled in ... (Continue reading)

Activist shows falsehood of ‘death with dignity’

By: Herman Goodden In the Letters of Vincent Van Gogh to his brother Theo, we find a deeply moving testament of the hope and courage which even one supportive relative or friend can provide to someone undergoing the agonies of depression. During one of his all too brief intervals of lucidity, Vincent was able to express his gratitude in a letter to his brother concerning his recent eviction. “These last days were sad, with all the moving, taking away all my ... (Continue reading)

Dr. James Dobson

Question: How can I acquaint my junior high schooler with the need for responsible behaviour throughout his life? He is desperately in need of this understanding. Dr. Dobson: The overall objective during the preadolescent period is to teach the child that his actions have inevitable consequences. One of the most serious casualties in a permissive society is the failure to connect those two factors, behaviour and consequences. Too often, a three-year old child screams insults at his mother, but mom stands, blinking ... (Continue reading)

Nurses of the world arise!

By: Frank Kennedy Laying off 387 nurses at the Toronto General Hospital! Heaven’s to Betsy – what were those nurses doing!? Weren’t they doing something? I mean ‘something.’ They couldn’t of all been discussing last night’s horrible dates. I know they all enjoy a bit of chin-wagging at their stations- but surely some of the 387 nurses turned up occasionally to check your pulse? Maybe they all got hooked up on the internet and nobody noticed but a few ... (Continue reading)

All should welcome Christ-centred holiday

By: Charles Moore Every year the debate over displaying Christian symbols in schools and on public property at Christmas heats up a little more. Some members of non-Christian religions, especially the “religion” of secular humanism, believe that items like crèche dioramas somehow represent a violation of their civil rights. There’s something surreal about the assertion that Christ should not be acknowledged in a celebration called Christmas, and one wonders what sort of reception complaints from a Christian minority about civic observance ... (Continue reading)

A pro-life Christmas wish

Not to be a grinch at this festive time of year, but an item in some southern Ontario newspapers in late November was cause for concern. The item referred to police warning to abortion-providers to be extra vigilant against possible attacks, presumably from those opposed to abortion. The occasion for the warning was the first anniversary of the wounding of an abortionist in his home in Ancaster Ontario. In November, 1994, another abortionist, Garson Romalis, was wounded by an unknown assailant in ... (Continue reading)

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