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Case highlights unborn’s legal rights

Pro-life supporters will watch closely the results of a trial of an Ottawa-area woman charged with attempted murder of her pre-born child. Brenda Drummond, 28, is alleged to have shot her unborn child May 28 with a pellet rifle. The pellet passed through the women’s abdomen and entered the head of the child. The child, named Jonathon, was born two days later on the bathroom floor of the Drummond’s Carleton Place home. Jonathon was eventually brought to hospital for treatment of meningitis, ... (Continue reading)

Malpractice suit against U.S. abortionist may set precedent

SPRINGFIELD, Mo – Two Missouri women have launched a medical malpractice suit against a local abortionist who they claim failed to advise them of the risks of abortion. The two women, who obtained abortions in 1994, said a consent form they signed prior to the procedure was false and misleading. They are seeking damages for assault and battery and for the wrongful death of their unborn children. Although the state of Missouri has no informed consent law, medical ethics generally dictate ... (Continue reading)

Euthanasia campaign in high gear

By John Henry Westen The year of 1996 has seen the fruition of one of the more dire predictions of the pro-life movement. Pro-lifers long warned that the legalization of contraception would lead to abortion which would in turn lead to euthanasia. Society has now surely arrived at the last stage in the fulfillment of this warning. A review of some of this year’s euthanasia related news items will clearly demonstrate a world-wide, pro-euthanasia campaign in high gear. Beginning in January a ... (Continue reading)

New data about abortion’s true costs

Book review by Mike Mastromatteo If anyone needed a dollars and cents argument to deflate the claims of pro-abortion blustering, the need look no further than Lawrence Roberge’s new book, The Cost of Abortion (Four Winds Press, 1995). A specialist in biomedical science and technology, Roberge provides a concise but troubling insight into the impact of 22 years of abortion on American society. Using the 1973 Roe v. Wade Supreme Court decision as a starting point, Roberge cites demographic, economic and ... (Continue reading)

You were asking?

Can you explain what ‘stare decisis’ means in legal decisions e.g. Morgentaler. J.S. Mississauga ‘Stare’ is the Latin for ‘to stand’. Decisis explains itself – decision. With reference to the law, ‘stare decisis’ means that once a legal principal is decided upon it should apply to all future cases where the facts are essentially the same. That first decision stands. A well known American writer, Russell Kirk explained the legal doctrine of stare decisis in these words: “The purpose of stare decisis ... (Continue reading)

Tribute to Rosalie Hall director

Grey skies and rainy weather failed to dampen the spirits of the 350 people who turned up at Scarborough’s St. Rose of Lima Church, June 18 to honor outgoing Rosalie Hall executive director Sister Therese Bonneville. The ceremony included a thanksgiving Mass celebrated by Bishop John Knight of Toronto. Sister Therese departs following her election as Superior General of the Misericordia Sisters of Montreal. During her 11 years as executive director of Rosalie Hall, Sister Therese was instrumental in overseeing the ... (Continue reading)

Reports cites health risks of childbirth

A report from the United Nations Children’s Fund raises fears about women’s health risks in giving birth, especially in Third World countries. The report says complications during pregnancy and childbirth kill nearly 600,000 annually and lead to complications for another 250,000. Most of the problems stem from hemorrhaging and infection. The report also says that up to 75,000 women die each year trying to abort themselves with foreign objects. Maternal mortality was reported highest in parts of Africa where one in 100 ... (Continue reading)

A spy in the Bilderberg conference

I knew it would be worth my life if it was discovered that I had penetrated the Bilderberg of shakers and movers in the world- but my editor said I had to get the story- even if it might cost me my life.  So I found myself in the hallowed atmosphere of the Bilderberg conference disguised as . . . Joe Clark. Almost everybody I met was too embarrassed to ask me who I was. The King Ranch, a former ... (Continue reading)

Other faiths oppose assisted suicide

Christianity isn’t the only religion struggling with the growing tolerance for euthanasia and assisted suicide. Professor Nahum Rakover, deputy attorney general of Israel, recently told a meeting of the American Zionist Movement that traditional Jewish law also forbids any form of assisted suicide of terminally ill patients. Rakover said under Jewish law, it is not necessary to take extraordinary measures to preserve the life of terminally ill patients. At the same time, the law does not allow any active steps to ... (Continue reading)

Kurelek award winner called inspiration to pro-life community

Mark Pickup, a former board member of Campaign Life Coalition and a long-time pro-life supporter, is this year’s winner of the Kurelek award. Presented annually by Alliance for Life, the Kurelek award recognizes outstanding work in promoting respect for life in Canada. The presentation took place June 22 at the National Pro-Life Conference at King’s University College in Edmonton. Alliance for Life president Chuck Smith said Pickup’s commitment to human life is an inspiration to the entire pro-life community. “Mark, who lives with ... (Continue reading)

CWL urged to work for life

Saying that “God feels you are the people to instruct,” anti-euthanasia crusader, Father Thomas Lynch, challenged the 480 women gathered at the annual Toronto’s Catholic Women’s League convention to “let the true facts be known.” Father Lynch, a professor of moral theology at St. Augustine’s Seminary in Toronto, used statistics and tales from pro-euthanasia Holland as proof that the push for euthanasia in Canada must be resisted. This was a part of the convention’s 1996 theme, “Calling Members to Holiness- ... (Continue reading)

Harmful values for export

The director of a Nairobi-based AIDS hospice fears promiscuous “Hollywood” values are effecting African young people to the detriment of family life. Dr. Margaret Ogola is medical director of the Cottolengo Hospice, a facility providing care and support to orphans born of HIV- positive mothers. Ogola was in Toronto in May to attend the Second Pan-American Conference on Family and Education, where she led a workshop on adolescent sexuality in Africa. “More than ever, our Kenyan youth are emulating the kinds ... (Continue reading)

Exposing four lies of TV and Hollywood

The Interim “The average child throughout the Americas by the age of six has spent more time watching his father in a lifetime than he spends at his job.” According to Medved, Americans watch 26 hours of television a week and Canadians, 23 hours. Medved is the chief film critic for the New York Post and co-host of the PBS program, Sneak Previews, which is broadcasted weekly on 200 television stations. Michael is also the author of the recent best seller, ... (Continue reading)

Turning the tables on today’s media

The family must replace the mass media, particularly television, in imparting important social values, says a Canadian pro-life journalist. Peter Stockland, the former editor of The Calgary Sun, made the comments May 29 during the Second Pan-American Conference on Family and Education. Stockland led a workshop on the social agenda and family values. “We can’t leave it to television to deliver the message,” Stockland said. “We have to begin telling our stories to our children and our neighbors.” Stockland said despite claims ... (Continue reading)

Common ground on the family

Interim staff Speakers as diverse as a Catholic theology professor and a rabbinical scholar found common ground in discussing marriage and the family as basic elements in the maintenance of stable societies. And despite overwhelming evidence of the benefits society derives from the family as basic elements in the maintenance of stable societies. And despite overwhelming evidence of the benefits society derives from the family, both speakers warned of increasing assaults on marriage and family life in North America. John Haas, a ... (Continue reading)

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