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The Silent Subject: Reflections on the Unborn in American Culture.

Edited by Brad Stetson, Praeger Publishers. The Silent Subject is a collection of fourteen essays looking at abortion from five perspectives: ethical, cultural, personal, religious and legal. All of these are interesting and informative, while some are so profoundly moving as to almost overshadow the rest of the book. The silent subject is both abortion and the unborn child itself. Brad Stetson sets the stage with a devastating analysis of contemporary society’s malaise regarding its duty toward the unborn. This takes ... (Continue reading)

10 rules to live by

Fr. Ted Colleton I have to thank the Lord and my Irish heritage for the fact that I have enjoyed excellent health for almost all my live---at least the physical level. However, I have to admit that I do suffer from a serious disease at the intellectual or psychological level. It is called “Plagiarism.” It comes from the Latin “plagiarius” which means a “kidnapper.” It mainly afflicts those who write articles for magazines and monthly newspapers. What it means in practice is ... (Continue reading)

U of T Prof. Breathes New Life into Catholic League

Tony Gosgnach The Interim While other kinds of expression have been stifled by political correctness in Canada, Catholic-bashing still seems to thrive. However, the Catholic Civil Rights League is working to see that the anomaly is addressed. The Toronto-based CCRL was founded inl985 with a desire to make the Catholic presence on the Canadian political scene more evident, as well as to deal with anti-defamation, says president Tom Langan. “We see ourselves first of all as an educational endeavour involved in public policy analysis ... (Continue reading)

Experts Provide Valuable Resources to Public

Tony Gosgnach The Interim For almost 15 years, a Toronto-based institute has been serving as a one-of-a-kind research resource for Canadian pro-life supporters. The De Veber Institute for Bioethics and Social Research (formerly known as the Human Life Research Institute) retains experts from a variety of fields to perform research which has resulted in the publication of several reports and books. “We were founded in l982 – a group of academics, lawyers and physicians,” says Ian Gentles, vice-president and research director. “Our goal was ... (Continue reading)

Priests’ Group Looks to Build Roots in Canada.

Interim Staff Priests for Life, an association of clergy who give special emphasis to promoting and defending the sanctity of life, has recently been established in Canada, with the support of Fr. Frank Pavone, National Director of PFL in New York. Cardinal Lopez Trujillo, President of the Pontifical Council for the Family, Vatican City has said, “I remember when I first came to know Priests for Life and now see to my great satisfaction, how the association has grown!” The purpose of ... (Continue reading)

Bafflegab: A long standing tradition

I don’t put the blame on the politicians for lying- I put the blame on the people for believing them. Deputy prime minister Sheila Copps said in march 1996 regarding the hated GST tax: “if we don’t replace it, I will resign. I really don’t have much choice, it will be replaced.” Its still with us. Sheila has resigned but in her riding, its more like a honeymoon on than a re-election campaign. Similar outlandish statements were also made against the ... (Continue reading)

Florida’s “Family Bill” Receives Rocky Reception

Christian Coalition bill plagued by controversy Mike Mastromatteo The Interim Florida pro-family supporters reject charges that a Family Bill of Rights Act now being debated in the state capitol protects pedophiles and other child abusers. In a 4-3 vote March 9, the Senate Committee on Health and Rehabilitative Services approved the bill which limits the authority of the state’s child welfare investigators. The bill is one of the items in the Christian Coalition’s new “Contract with the Florida “Family.” Critics of the bill contend the ... (Continue reading)

Saskatchewan pro-lifer added to terrorist list

Activist calls accusation “unbelievable” Mike Mastromatteo Interim Staff A Saskatchewan pro-lifer who wrote two letters to a Weyburn doctor asking him to stop performing abortions has been branded a potential terrorist by the Canadian Abortion Rights Action League (CARAL) Bob Waldegger, president of the Saskatchewan Pro-life Association, wrote long-time abortionist Wayne Squires last April asking him to stop committing abortions and to offer patients information on fetal development and adoption. A second letter reminded the doctor of Waldegger’s continuing interest and of his prayers ... (Continue reading)

Hawthorn girls show respect for life

Students at Hawthorn School for Girls in Don Mills observed the week of May 6-10 as a Pro-Life Week. The Hawthorn Pro-Life Club, under the leadership of its president, Leilani Nolan, organized a variety of activities for the student body over the lunch-hour. The week began with an inspiring talk on pro-life activism for the senior students, given by Kathleen Ross of Ontario Students for Life. Wednesday brought a “Who Are these Beautiful Babies?” competition, in which junior students tried to identify the ... (Continue reading)

Bastable a victim of cultural myths

Bastable a victim of cultural myths “I refuse to live by healthy people’s rules. I want choice.” Gloria Lawrenson Several months ago, Austin Bastable, the latest victim of American’s Dr. Death, Jack Kevorkian, wrote to Amnesty International and the Canadian Human Rights Commission, claiming to be a victim of “human rights abuses.” In reality, Bastable was more a victim of “cultural myths” than anything else. Like many of his predecessors in the fight to legalize assisted suicide, Mr. Bastable bought into the twin, modern ... (Continue reading)

The breast cancer conspiracy

Medical researchers have begun to amass data showing that abortion may actually be harmful to women’s health. Studies upon studies are finding there is a link between women who have had abortions and an increases risk of breast cancer. Why aren’t alarm bells ringing? Whose interests are being protected? The Interim Because this article is very technical, it will be necessary to explain some terms. Relative Risk (RR) and Odds Ration (OR) also called ‘elevated risk,’ in this context refer to the ... (Continue reading)

Supplement a success in London

Interim Staff A pro-life supplement in the spring issue of the Roman Catholic Diocese of London newsletter generated favorable response from southwestern Ontario readers. Published by the diocese’s pro-life office, the 16,000-circulation supplement coincided with Pro-Life Awareness Week, April 28 to May 4. It included items on a wide range of interest to pro-life, pro-family supporters, including the Health Care Consent Act, palliative care, the Second Pan-American Conference on the Family, local pro-life organizations and an update on jailed activist Linda Gibbons. Alex ... (Continue reading)

Pro-life voices raised on U.S. and international fronts

Interim Staff The organizer of the National Hour of Prayer for the unborn in the U.S. is enthusiastic about the success of this first-time effort. Rev. Johnny Hunter, National Director of the Life Education and Resource Network (LEARN), encouraged U.S. blacks to go to the nearest abortion clinic May 11 for an hour of prayer in defence of the unborn. Although it’s difficult to measure the impact of this kind of activity, Hunter believes the prayer hour was a success. “Our presence prevented ... (Continue reading)

Across Canada

St. John’s pro-lifers keep active ST. JOHN’S—General practitioner Dr. Elizabeth Callaghan offered insights into pro-life priorities at a May 10 banquet organized by the St. John’s Right to Life Society. Dr. Callaghan is past president of St. John’s Right to Life. Funds from the banquet went in support of Elizabeth House, a facility for unwed mothers in St. John’s. This was the second major even for St. John’s Right to Life this spring. In April, the group organized a demonstration outside ... (Continue reading)

Pamphlets a hit in Ont. Schools

Interim Staff A bright new pamphlet is being featured by the Toronto Metropolitan Separate School Board during Respect for Life Week in May this year. Called “Who Will Be Today’s Wilberforce?” it draws a startling parallel between the ready acceptance of slavery 200 years ago and the ready acceptance of abortion by many people today. William Wilberforce was a Methodist British Member of Parliament who fought against slavery all of his life and achieved victory near the end of it when slavery ... (Continue reading)

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