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Psychiatrist’s advice will be sorely missed

On Monday, February 5, a head-on collision south of Parry Sound, Ontario, claimed the life of Oakville psychiatrist Dr. Murray McGovern. The McGoverns were driving into town from their winterized cottage, first to see one of the doctor’s patients and then to go 10:45 Mass.  On a slippery road, with  blowing snow, a 1988 Toyota driven by Richard Lewis rammed right into their Jeep Cherokee. “All I remember,” said Mrs. McGovern, who was driving, “is a car coming straight at us.”  She ... (Continue reading)

Book Review How politically incorrect is Ralph?

Since securing the Republican Party nomination, Bob Dale has been thanking Ralph Reed and his Christian Coalition for their support.  Critics say Reed’s support of Dole shows he is more interested in the power of the White House than he is in his Christian revolution.  Supporters counter that having the President’s ear is tantamount to completing the revolution.  His biography may hold the answers. Politically Incorrect: The Emerging Faith Factor in American Politics Ralph Reed Word Publishing, 1994 Reviewed by Tony Gosgnach Although ... (Continue reading)

Bill Gates to the rescue

Bill Gates was on the phone. I knew it was Bill because he always calls me collect. (How do you think the president of Microsoft got to be worth 18 billion?) Bill sounded frantic. “Frank, is that you? What are you doing up there?” (‘Up there’ always meant Canada to Bill). “What do you mean? What am I doing?” “I just read in Frank Magazine that Bob Rae, the former premier of your little province will rake in five million dollars as ... (Continue reading)

Lawyers stand firm on goal to protect family and human life

For years, radical groups have succeeded where it counts the most—in the courts.  Now, a Canadian lawyers” group is providing pro-family Canadians a voice in the legal system The Interim Canadian pro-life activists have an ally they can count on when legal problems arise. For the last three years, the Ottawa-based Canadian Centre for Law and Justice has been providing legal representation and counsel without charge to pro-life groups and individuals.  It’s part of what the Centre describes ... (Continue reading)

Surrey board bans Planned Parenthood

With reports from the Surrey/North Delta News Leader Planned Parenthood has been banned by the Surrey Board of Education as a resource for its sexuality program. The ban began January 25, when board vice-chair, Robert Pickering, submitted a motion to ban Planned Parenthood as a resource in the school district. The motion passed 3-1. Two trustees, Jim Chisholm and Laurae McNally, were absent when the motion was passed. They asked the board to rescind its decision. The board had four opportunities on February ... (Continue reading)

Report finds media bias remains firmly in place

Two comprehensive studies recently commissioned by The U.S. National Conference of Catholic Bishops demonstrate both media bias on the abortion issue and the continuing strength of the pro-life constituency south of the border. One of the studies’ findings shows that the pro-life movement is “unfairly disadvantaged in the court of public opinion,” says Helen Alvare, director of planning and information for the NCCB;s secretariat for pro-life activities. “Taken together, current media coverage often tends to give the impressi9on that the pro-life ... (Continue reading)

Naomi Wolf arrives at the Door

A recent article by a prominent feminist may signal the beginnings of a shift in the feminist attitude toward abortion. Naomi Wolf, in Our Bodies, Our Souls:  Re-Thinking Pro-Choice Rhetoric, acknowledges that the pro-choice movement has hurt itself by relinquishing the moral frame around the abortion issue. “The movement’s abandonment of what Americans have always and rightly, demanded of their movements—an ethical core—and its reliance instead on a political rhetoric in which the fetus means nothing, and proving fatal,” she says. The author of ... (Continue reading)

“God heals,” stats confirms

I have often thought of writing an article under the above title but I thought it might sound too pious. However, I was inspired to do so from reading an article in the “New York Post” on February 5, 1996.  The writer was Maggie Gallagher and that is all I know about her.  She does not say to what religion she belongs and the article is simply a statement of facts based on a survey done recently on the effects which ... (Continue reading)

Is chastity in again?

Can the old virtue make a comeback? To the immense dismay of sex gurus and Planned Parenthood operators, a growing number of young Canadians are hearing why “yes” is the answer to these questions. Are you guys actors or are you for real?”  one student in the assembly asks the teens on the school stage Dan Gillespie and Monique Bergeron, both 18, Juliet Labossiere 17 and Mitch Champagne 16, are not actors.  They are peer educators with the TAC Force, Teens and ... (Continue reading)

GOP again shuts out true pro-life voice

Patrick Buchanan’s has been sealed in the race for the Republican Party candidacy.  It is a good time for pro-life people to stop and consider just what his experience means for the pro-life movement. The height of Buchanan hysteria occurred the night that he won the New Hampshire primary.  In the first big test among presidential contenders, Buchanan emerged as the leader.  The reaction was instantaneous.  The press was filled with stories that the Republican party leadership was united in their ... (Continue reading)

You were asking ? Winifride Prestwich Where is the line between “family planning” and “population control”?

In its true sense, “family planning” is fundamentally different from “population control”. “Family planning” implies that each couple makes the decisions about the number and spacing of their children, according to their circumstances and their beliefs. “Population control”, however, means that the decisions about family size etc., are made by the state or other agencies, and then imposed on the people. It is well known that China enforces its “one child per family” law, and that India’s forced male sterilization ... (Continue reading)

World’s elite gather to talk depopulation

San Francisco gathering draws all the big names from the world of politics, media, business and entertainment A few months ago in late September 1995 a group of stellar performers from the world stage got together in San Francisco to discuss the future of the planet. The “State of the World Forum” was convened by Mikhail Gorbachev, along with co-chairs President Askar Akaev of Kyrgystan, former President of Costa Rica Oscar Arias, former U.S, Secretary of State James A. Baker III, Prime ... (Continue reading)

Despite reports, faith lives on

Christianity is barely addressed in the information and entertainment media these days. When  acknowledged at all, it is most often treated as an object of scorn and derision. Christian faith is simply not part of life for the vast majority of those fictional characters portrayed on TV and in films. When Christian characters occasionally get written into screenplay plots, they are almost always pseudo-Christian humanists, naive buffoons, or malevolent bigots. Likewise in the news and information media. Devout, doctrinally orthodox Christians ... (Continue reading)

“Only He who created all life has the right to take it.”

My first reaction when I looked at the return address on the envelope was, Oh No! some   , parishioner or sister in Christ, has managed to get themselves thrown into the Vanier prison for women. Then as I read the letter, I remembered that just before Christmas when The Interim had suggested that we write to Linda Gibbons, that I had sent her a brief note in a Christmas card. At the time I received her reply I was studying the ... (Continue reading)

A bold step

Here in Canada, we usually associate Nebraska with three things: good folk, endless cornfields and top-notch football players. Recently, however the Roman Catholic bishop of Lincoln, Nebraska released a controversial statement which has shaken things up in the sleepy mid western state. Bishop Fabian Bruskewitz has taken the stnon Catholic pro-lifers, have long awaited. On the editorial page of the March 19 Southern Nebraska Register, listed (in bold type for all the world to see) organizations whose goals are “perilous to” ... (Continue reading)

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