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Euthanasia legislation passes in Australia

Australia’s Northern Territory has passed the world’s first law legalizing euthanasia. The tiny tropical territory, with a population of only 180,000, recently passed a law which allows its terminally ill residents to ask doctors to end their lives. The bill was actually passed last year but had to be sent back for rewording. Pro-life groups as well as the Australian Medical Association tried to lobby the government to repeal the legislation rather than vote on an Amendment bill, with the new wording. ... (Continue reading)

Picketers not on CARAL dinner menu

Berton, Callwood, Hall, Forrester, Christie and Morgentaler honour founders of abortion group Pro-lifers put a crimp in plans to honour long-time abortion supporters Norma Scarborough, founder of the Canadian Abortion Rights Action League (CARAL) and Toronto Star columnist Michelle Landsberg. Guests attending a January 29 dinner for Scarborough and Landsberg ran headlong into an orderly line of demonstrators, who braved cold temperatures and biting winds to make a pro-life presence. The date marked the eighth anniversary of the Supreme Court decision striking ... (Continue reading)

Students show nation’s capital they stand (and skate) for life

The fifth annual Skate for Life was held on the Rideau Canal in Ottawa on February 10. “The Skate,” as it has become to be known, is an event where young pro-lifers come together and encourage one another in their pro-life views. It sends a powerful message to Ottawa: These young people stand for Life. This year highschool students from London, Sarnia, Kingston, Toronto, Pembroke, and Trenton participated in the Ontario Students for Life (OSFL) event. On Saturday, the group moved to St. ... (Continue reading)

Homeopath supporters: “Stop the jabbing”

The very mention of homeopathy may elicit cracks about “Kentucky Fried Medicine” (27 secret herbs and spices). And the homeopathic principle, “like cures like,” may sound distressingly akin to alchemy. Still, when homeopaths criticize mainstream physicians today for being blinkered and narrow in their approach to health and disease, there may be something in the charge. “The whole of modern medicine is built upon Pasteur’s germ theory,” says Calgary homeopath Cathy Marrick. “But Pasteur’s germ theory,” says Calgary homeopath Cathy Marrick. “But ... (Continue reading)

Group asks whether an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure

VARIANCE feels it’s a good idea to thoroughly scrutinize and make parents aware of mass vaccination campaigns For the last four years, a Toronto-based group has been advising parents about the risks and potential adverse reactions of vaccines. Vaccinations Risk Information and Alternative Resource Group (also known as Variance) wa formed as a follow up to a successful 1984 effort by concerned parents to have the Immunization of School Pupils Act amended. The amendment made it possible to exempt children on the ... (Continue reading)

U.S. woman’s death puts spotlight on abortion industry

The notion of abortion as a safe medical procedure took another blow with the recent death of Carolina Gutierrez of Miami. Gutierrez, 21, the mother of two children, obtained a legal abortion at the Maber Medical Center December 19 in the East Little Havana section of Miami. According to reports, Gutierrez had been reluctant to obtain the abortion, but was pressured into the action by a family friend. On returning from the clinic, Gutierrez experienced pain and dizziness and after her calls ... (Continue reading)

Activist breaks injunction; lands back in jail

Linda Gibbons: “Common Sense Revolution is meaningless if it doesn’t protect life” Pro-life defender Linda Gibbons has wasted no time in again sacrificing her personal comfort and security in defence of the unborn. Gibbons, who was released from the Vanier Correctional Institute February 16, was re-arrested February 19 after demonstrating in front of the Scott abortuary on Gerrard St. East in Toronto. She has continually refused to obey a court injunction banning pro-life witnessing within 60 feet of specified abortion sites. As a ... (Continue reading)

Ontario’s goal: “Immunize an entire generation”

Ministry of Health institutes program to avoid any future measles outbreaks The Ontario Ministry of Health has identified the possibility of a provincial measles outbreak and has set up an inoculation campaign to avoid it. There are still enough parents around who remember getting measles and fully agree with the government campaign. The Health Ministry’s intent is to give a second measles vaccination to all Ontario school-aged children—“to immunize an entire generation,” as Jim Wilson, the Minster of Health, proclaims. Children usually ... (Continue reading)

Does everyone need a shot in the arm?

In the past month, the Ontario Ministry of Health sent home a red and white flyer entitled “Help Wipe Out Red Measles” with every child in the province. Replete with warnings of “blindness,” “hearing problems,” “brain damage,” “death” and even suspension from school for the un-inoculated, the flyer and its accompanying multi-media blitz hope to convince the public that they have a patriotic duty to have their kids inoculated—one more time. The Kitchener-Waterloo Record called this campaign “aggressive,” “paternalistic,” “mystifying,” “objectionable”—even ... (Continue reading)

Red Scare: Ontario’s war on measles

In February, the Ontario Ministry of Health began a province-wide campaign aimed at eliminating measles. In accordance with International agreements, the MOH plans to inoculate all school-aged children in Ontario. However, the government has found that its program is not immune to criticism. While most parents agree with the program’s intention many disagree with its implementation. More importantly, parents worry that too many vaccinations may be responsible for weakened immune systems. (Continue reading)

Nobody knows when life’s clock will stop

“Life is a story in volumes three. The past the present and the yet to be. The past is gone and locked away. The present, we live it day by day. The future, the last of the volumes three, is hidden from sight. God holds the key.” I usually write either off the top of my head or from the depths of my heart. In this article I am writing from a mixture of both and I’m not sure which will ... (Continue reading)

Harris cuts spark economic stewardship debate

With opinion polls way down and the unions out for his head, will Premier Harris hold firm on his budget cuts and does he have a moral responsibility to do so? Pro-family supporters are of mixed emotions following the Ontario government’s $6.3 billion cost-cutting measures announced in November. While some worry over the effect of the budget cuts on the most vulnerable members of society, others believe the province had to act to reel in spending that had simply gone out ... (Continue reading)

Research sought in abortion/breast cancer link

Two Ottawa women feel that the information is “too important to leave alone” Two Ottawa women are doing their part to spread information linking induced abortion with an increased risk of breast cancer. Karen Murawsky, public affairs officer with Campaign Life Coalition Ottawa, and partner Lyn Smith, are authors of the report, Women Need to Know. The report is a summary of studies dating back to 1970 which indicate a positive association between the increased rate of breast cancer in women who ... (Continue reading)

Norplant horror story unfolds in Dallas

Police in Dallas are trying to determine what role a doctor who gives out contraceptives, had in a sexual abuse case. The Dallas Morning News reports that Dr. Andrew Burke has come under fire for his decision to implant the abortifacient Norplant into an 11-year-old girl. Norplant is a highly controversial implant favoured by birth-control groups who believe in its long-term capabilities. However, there have been a rash of lawsuits by women who claim it causes fainting spells, irregular heart beats, exhaustion, ... (Continue reading)

A.G.’s office still mum on court case

Ontario Attorney General Charles Harnick failed to tip his hand about the province’s plans for a lingering injunction and court case against 18 pro-lifers. Speaking Febraury 13 to the North York Retired Men’s Club, Harnick said it would be inappropriate to comment on a case still before the courts. He said rulings made since the injunction and court case were launched will dictate his ministry’s response. “I will only say that the motivating factor behind what we have done is to follow ... (Continue reading)

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