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World Briefs

Congressmen urge Amnesty International to abandon abortion proposal WASHINGTON — In a bi-partisan letter signed by 74 congressmen, 64 Republicans and 10 Democrats urged Amnesty International not to accept a proposal scheduled for its August 2007 international conference calling upon the organization to begin abortion advocacy. The signatories urge AI to remain neutral or take a position in favour of defending unborn ... (Continue reading)

A Courageous Cardinal

When I was a newcomer to Kenya many years ago (1942), I remember hearing a lot from the priests on the staff of Mangu High School about a boy named Maurice Otunga. Maurice was the star player on the school soccer team and apart from his skill in shooting goals; he was noted for his physical courage. He was the son of one of the most important chiefs in Kenya at the time and was a possible successor to the ... (Continue reading)

Elderly Suicides Way Up

Interim Staff After almost 40 years of decline, the suicide rate for elderly Americans rose by 9% between l980 and l992, reports the Centre for Disease Control and Prevention. Americans 65 and over make up only l3% of the population but account for 20% of all suicides, the highest rate of any age group. The CDC listed as possible reasons that people are living longer with chronic illnesses; that they are living solitary lives, without much human contact and the availability of “how ... (Continue reading)

The deficit builder bows out

I attended the wake at Queen’s Park recently for Bob Rae’s exit from the Ontario political scene. It was held in one of the big rooms where we normally hold our Christmas party, in order to accommodate the NDP party loyalists, loud lighters and heavy hand clappers. The Toronto Star editorial following Rae’s registration headline: “Rae served Canada and Ontario well” and then turned around and said hat during Rae’s term he in five years in office had doubled the Ontario ... (Continue reading)

SAVOL youth meet set for Feb.

Attention all Pro-Life Youth! Have you ever found yourself in a discussion and you couldn’t defend your beliefs? Are you interested in meeting people who know exactly where you’re coming from? Well, Students Against Violation of Life (SAVOL of the Greater Toronto Area understands this growing problem. We also realize that a greater respect for life needs to be established in the youth of the nineties. We believe that together we can make a difference! On Saturday February 24, 1996, SAVOL ... (Continue reading)

B.C. vs. Ontario

In August 2004, Judge George Adams of the Ontario Court (General Division) issued a temporary injunction to prohibit sidewalk counselling near abortuaries. He also banned picketing within 500 feet of doctors’ homes. Offices of abortionists were also given a small bubble zone. This ruling will last until the trial. That case was a civil lawsuit where the Government of the Province of Ontario sued 18 pro-life people. Because it is a civil law suit, the Judge could decide what type ... (Continue reading)

Is the B.C. decision the light and the end of the tunnel?

Supreme Court will eventually decide the importance of ruling and its impact across the land. The decision of Judge E.J. Cronin of the Provincial court of British Columbia lights one candle in the darkness of many court decision on the abortion issue. In essence, this Judge has decided that the part of the B.C. law that prohibited all sidewalk counselling and picketing near abortuaries is unconstitutional. He decided that the law is not justified because it infringes on the guarantee of ... (Continue reading)

Pro-lifers have high praise Louisiana law

Pro-life supporters applauded a move by the Louisiana state legislature requiring doctors to tell women seeking abortion the physical and emotional risks of abortion and carrying a child to term. The move is part of the state’s newly restored informed consent law. The law also involved the distribution of the booklet, Abortion, Making a Decision, which features information on fetal development, methods of abortion and immediate and long-term medical risks. Produced by the Louisiana Department of Health and Hospitals, ... (Continue reading)

“Because mom and dad said so,” still plays role in teens’ lives

In part two of her series, Gloria travels from pool halls to movie theatres to churches, studying the sexual attitudes of today’s youth and reaches some surprising conclusions. They say there’s a first time for everything. For me, it was getting kicked out of a grungy pool hall on boxing day. No – I wasn’t swearing or fighting or cheating. I was doing exactly what I promised January Interim readers I’d do – talking to teens about sex. And talk they did. ... (Continue reading)

Are you listening Mr. Harnick?

“It is time for the government of British Columbia to … stop trying to limit peaceful picketing outside abortion clinics.” Globe and Mail editorial, January 26, 1996 We couldn’t have said it better ourselves. Now if only Ontario’s attorney general Charles Harnick would apply the same principle to the current injunctions banning pro-life picketing in his province. When Judge E.J. Cronin decided to strike down most of the B.C. NDP government’s offensive attempt to stifle the rights of free speech and assembly ... (Continue reading)

You Were Asking?

It is known that women who have had abortions sometimes try to commit suicide. Are there any real statistics? M.K. Stratford, Ont. No. There are some studies, but for a number of reasons any attempt at statistics would be suspected. This fact was made clear in The Physical and Psycho-Social Effects of Abortion on Women; A Report by the Consequences of The Abortion Act.(June 1994). The Abortion Act mentioned was the British one of 1967 ... (Continue reading)

Go west old man

After killing his 27 patients, lawyers for Jack Kevorkian are pondering a move out west. Despite having no medical license in any state, Jack Kevorkian has reportedly decided to move his business from Michigan to California and try his luck with the Golden State authorities. Although he has successfully flouted the law in Michigan which bans assisted suicide, his cause has not achieved widespread sympathy. Far from becoming the champion of the euthanasia movement, Kevorkian has instead become the butt of ... (Continue reading)

India bans sex-selection abortions

India has become one of the first countries to pass legislation aimed at curbing the growing practice of sex-selection abortions. The country’s politicians are alarmed by the latest statistics which show that there are only 929 females per 1,000 males. In developed countries there are 1,060 females per 1,000 males. The law, which took effect on January 1, bans abortions if tests show that the baby is female. First time offenders could face up to three years in jail while second time ... (Continue reading)

Feds to halt embryo dealing

One of Canada’s Health Minister’s last acts before leaving office was the preparation legislation which would restrict the buying and selling of human eggs. The announcement comes in the wake of an ad which appeared in a University of Toronto newspaper seeking a white female willing to donate eggs for $2,000. In explaining the reasons for the pending legislation, Health Minister Dianne Marleau said that the government was “very concerned with the commercialization of reproduction and the commodification of women and ... (Continue reading)

Health Minister scheme to push RU-486 in Canada

Despite almost no public demands, Canada’s former Health Minister took it upon herself to investigate ways of bringing the abortion pill RU-486 into the country. The Interim has learned that in November of last year, then-Health Minister Diane Marleau received a letter from B.C. NDP Health Minister Paul Ramsey asking that the federal government seek ways to introduce RU-486 to Canada. “I believe that it is time for Canada to make this choice available to women,” wrote Ramsey. The letter, obtained by ... (Continue reading)

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