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What kind of mother gives her kid away? Jenny’s Secret

Joan Dower Kosmachuk Windflower Communications, Winnipeg 1995, pp 77, $6.95 Reviewed by Sue Careless Jenny’s secret isn’t one for long.  Rumours fly fast and false in junior high.  Fourteen-year –old Jenny isn’t pregnant, her mother is—and she doesn’t have a husband. Jenny’s mum says it’s going to be too hard raising the baby alone.  Jenny is willing to help her, so why is her mother considering adoption?  Jenny must face the taunts of the other teens who chalk on the blackboard, “What kind of ... (Continue reading)

The Storming of Queen’s Park

When I aw half-empty bottles of beer, half-finished bags of potato chips and spilled glasses of Coke on the coffee table recently in the Queen’s Park press lounge, I knew that someone must have yelled: “Bomb,” “Fire,” or “The boss is coming!” Something scary has happened to cause this kind of panic in the press gallery because in all the years that I’ve been there__ I’ve never seen anybody leave half a bottle of beer.  Maybe it’s some journalist code of ... (Continue reading)

The Month in Review

Reform MP challenges China In a recent news release, Sharon Hayes, Reform MP for Port Moody-Coquitlam, challenged the Ministers of Foreign Affairs and Statues of Women to clearly state the “utter rejection by Canadians of Chinese Government policies that endorse the mandated one child policy, the murder of inmates for body parts of now the consumption of human fetuses as health food” As Health and Family Critic for the Reform Party, Hayes referred to reports that “aborted human fetuses in China ... (Continue reading)

Tough questions regarding education

School is back in swing and I’m sure many a parent is concern over the dismal influence of the school system on their children’s moral development. I thought I might share with you some thoughts I have had regarding the debate between public and private school education, more specifically Christian education. In this day and age, then the public school system is more and more actively trying to steer clear of Christianity, many concerned Christian parents have decided to act and ... (Continue reading)

Making schools “family-friendly” is goal of parent’s group

Not just another protest organization says president Jim Garrow At a time when the traditional family structure is under greater attack than ever, a new national organization has arisen to come to its defence. The national Parents Coalition of Canada was launched at the beginning of July by Jim Garrow of Guelph, Ont., who says he intends to keep the organization from aligning itself with a specific political agenda or religious group. “It is basically to support the traditions of what family’s all ... (Continue reading)

Can Christian Coalition find a home in Canada?

Does the Christian Coalition have a place in Canada? That was the question 25 Canadians were asking themselves when they met during the  Christian Coalition’s  “Road to Victory” convention. Among those present were Stephen Jalsevac of Campaign Life Coalition, Jim Garrow of the National Parents Coalition, Alex Parachin of the Christian Broadcasting Associates of Canada and John Bloedow, editor of the Ottawa Times. Much of the discussion revolved around whether the Christian Coalition is so very American that it would take on a ... (Continue reading)

A pro-life law or the White House: What is Ralph Reeds’s agenda?

The U.S. pro-life movement must decide what to do with Ralph Reed and the Christian Coalition RALPH REED: A WASHINGTON MOVER AND SHAKER. On the first weekend of September, 4,000 people attended a convention which could well define the future of the American people. Those present at the Christian Coalition’s “Road to Victory” Convention say it could be the necessary tonic to snap the pro-life movement out of its recent doldrums and set it on the path to success.  Others remain skeptical, ... (Continue reading)

You Were Asking

It is known that women who have had abortions sometimes try to commit suicide.  Are there any real statistics? M.K. Stratford, ON No.  There are some studies, but for a number of reasons any attempt at statistics would be suspect.  This fact was made clear in The Physical and Psycho-Social Effects of Abortion of Women; A Report by the Commission of Inquiry into the Operation and Consequences of the Abortion Act.(June 1994).  The Abortion Act mentioned was the British one of ... (Continue reading)

GDP does not tell the whole story

Threats to family life can come in many different forms. Often, the more subtle and hidden threats are among the most powerful. A case in point is the Gross Domestic Product  (GDP) ----or at least our current devotion to it. GDP is the universal measuring rod of the strength and well-being of a country’s economy. It is the total of all goods and services produced in a country during a year. Government, business and the media are all GDP devotees. Governments are ... (Continue reading)

Gaining ground in Beijing

“We have been working on it for a long time. It is a small gain!” said  Mary Anne Glendon, Head of the Holy See delegation to the recent Fourth World Conference on Women in Beijing. Homeward bound at Tokyo airport, I had the opportunity to thank her for the work done by both the Guatemalan and Vatican delegations to insert the words “Natural family planning” into the final document of the Beijing “Platform for Action.” It was accepted because it was ... (Continue reading)

“Notable Quotes”

“The recovery of the Christian religion is the single great challenge that awaits us in the new millennium. Never before in the history of the world has any great society or civilization attempted to ‘run on empty, ‘ without the moral consensus of religion.” (Larry Henderson “Breaking the logjam of dissent.” Challenge October,  1995) “If physicians don’t feel that they can determine when the need to terminate a pregnancy is medically required, I don’t think politicians can.” (Shirley McClellan, Alberta’s Health Minister, Globe ... (Continue reading)

A motley crew

“When all your worst enemies are delighted, and thousands of your best friends are appalled, maybe you’ve made a mistake.”  --- Alberta Liberal leader Grant Mitchell on Premier Ralph Klein’s handling of the abortion de-funding. If there ever were a convenient political movement for Alberta’s deficit-fighting premier to back, deinsuring abortion was it The climate was ideal. Polls showed that over two-thirds of Albertans favoured ending government-funded abortion on demand. Callers to talk radio, both pro-life and pro-abortion, agreed that now ... (Continue reading)

Human settlements to be focus of next UN meeting.

Habitat 11 may prove to be another testing ground for pro-family forces The next large U.N. conference Habitat 11 to be held in Istanbul June 3-14, 1996 is to address the problems of human settlements . Many fear that this conference will be an attempt to implement at the local level all the radical policies adopted in Cairo, Rio, Copenhagan and Being.  In the September Habitat 11 newsletter, Countdown to Instanbul, Wally N’Dow, Secretary-General of Habitat11, proudly announces that this issue is ... (Continue reading)

Alberta Tories’ abortion de-funding effort fizzles

Premier Ralph Klein and the Alberta College of Physicians and surgeons play a shameless game of political football in an effort to defuse a popular movement In the end the Alberta government’s efforts to de-fund abortions seemed to vapourize into thin air. However, Premier Ralph Klein’s decision not to handle this hot potato may have landed him in hot water with ma y of his strongest supporters. After months of pressure from taxpayer groups and ordinary Albertans, Klein was forced to ... (Continue reading)

Right to Die finds “poster boy” To exploit their cause

Pro-euthanasia group uses suffering man to raise legal funds over the Internet Canadian  pro-life groups took their first steps on the information highway at the beginning of  October when Kelowna Right  to Life inaugurated  LifeNET and Campaign Life Coalition British Columbia launched the “Save Austin Bastable” web site. LifeNET is designed not only for pro-life activists, but for students researching school projects on the life issues, as well as the curious and hostile. Ted Gerk, executive director of Kelowna Right to ... (Continue reading)

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