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Life Chain ‘95

For the fourth year running, thousands of Canadians took part in North America’s largest annual pro-life demonstration. This years’ Life Chain did no reach the attendance of past events but organizers say their goal was reached. Activists across the country lined the streets of their communities in peaceful yet poignant demonstration for the unborn. Signs reading “Abortion Kills Children” and “Jesus Forgives and Heals,” were prominent to motorists and passersby. Organizers estimate that well over 500,000 Canadians saw these signs in various ... (Continue reading)

Book Review – Euthanasia and Assisted Suicide: The Current Debate

Edited by Ian Gentles Stoddart Publishing, 1995. 131 pages, $18.95 Reviewed by Sue Careless You are a high-profile, public advocate against euthanasia, but in your private life your own father, dying of bowel, stomach and liver cancer, begs you to assist him in suicide. What do you do? Ian Gentles, the editor of Euthanasia and Assisted Suicide: The Current Debate recounts how, for him, euthanasia hit home. It is one of the most moving passages in a fine book. We who take public stands on ... (Continue reading)

Groups must keep up with the times

Over 30 million people have access to the Internet and the number is increasing by 15 per cent each month. Tony Gosgnach explains how to reach these people at very little cost. As the so-called information super highway continues to make greater inroads into all facets of our lives, it is becoming more and more crucial that pro-life and pro-family views don’t get stuck on the onramp. Pro-life and pro-family participation is particularly important with respect to the Internet, an uncensored and ... (Continue reading)

Crossing the ocean for babies

I’m not exactly an avid reader of glossy magazines, but recently I spotted an interesting cover on Macleans and I picked it up. The picture showed a beautiful young lady holding a small Asian baby. The caption ran, “Bringing Home Baby. Canadians comb the globe to adopt children.” On the contents page I read the following, “Faced with long waiting lists at home to adopt children, infertile but determined Canadians are increasingly combing the globe. And while international adoption circles are rife ... (Continue reading)

Pro-life stamps launched

Strips of attractive pro-life stamps went on sale at the National Pro-Life Conference on the June 22-24th weekend in London, Ontario produced by Campaign Life Coalition. The stark message that these “stamps” dramatically bring to the viewer is that one and a half million babies have been aborted in Canada since 1969. If we have become a nation of “old people” it is only because we have killed off an enormous number of “young people” in the womb. This four ... (Continue reading)

Life: live it, love it

Hi, my name is Kathleen Ross and I am an organizer for Ontario Students for Life. I am taking a year out of my university studies at Western to work full time for Ontario Students for Life. Why am I doing this? I guess you could say it is a calling. I feel very moved to devote some serious time and effort to positive and supportive pro-life activities. I want to use my speaking and organizing skills to serve life. True Justice I ... (Continue reading)

Big youth conference in October

As the long-awaited weekend approaches, the excitement mounts. Over forty enthusiastic pro-life students from Windsor have been working diligently on the upcoming Ontario Students for Life, LIFE IS GREAT!, for a whole year. The conference will take place on October 20 – 22 in Windsor, Ontario, at St. Thomas of Villanova High School. It is going to be amazing! There are over 20 excellent speakers lined up. Topping the list are Sarah and Betty Smith. After miraculously surviving an abortion, Sarah has ... (Continue reading)

Thrift shops make big bucks for pro-life causes

“All pro-life organizations should have a thrift shop,” insists Kathy Bachman, who has run the Vernon Pro-Life Thrift Shop in Vernon, B.C., a city of 75,000. for the past six years. It’s an easy way to make big bucks. “Pro-lifers and pro-choicers—they all support us.” Kathy says that the Vernon Thrift Shop has been in existence for more than sixteen years. “We’ve got a good location,” said Kathy. “We’re close to downtown, near a bus stop and near to offices. We have ... (Continue reading)

We cannot be duped forever

I must be getting old. It seems like only yesterday that I wrote in The Interim about the UN women’s conference in Nairobi, and yet it was ten years ago. However, it has taken me this many years (another sign of age?) to begin to clarify a couple of statements I heard then for the first time, and have heard constantly since then, both during the population conference in Cairo and now at the women’s conference in Beijing. The keys to ... (Continue reading)

The (true) dignity of the African woman

Kenya Dr.  Margaret Ogola is a pediatrician and the director of a hospice for HIV and AIDS orphans. She is also Vice-President of Family Life Counselling  (Kenya). Her book, The River And The Source, recently won the Africa region Commonwealth Award for Literature. It deals with the story of four generations of African women. This was her address to the delegates at the UN Conference on Women in Beijing. The woman is the heart of the family, and the family is the corner ... (Continue reading)

The push for gender Or No sex, please, we’re gender feminists

Now that the Fourth UN Conference on Women has finished, and attention flicks away from the radical feminists and their actions in Beijing, it is tempting to file away the clippings and forget about the radicals’ agenda. Tempting, indeed, but experience shows that the radicals do not go home and move on to other things, they use each international forum to build a foundation for the next. Not only is there an urgent need to understand the battles fought in Beijing, ... (Continue reading)

How to get a man to help with the dishes

Forget the Enjoli Woman. The delegates to the UN’s Fourth World Conference on Women taking place in Beijing, China aren’t interested in proving that they “can bring home the bacon and fry it up in a pan.” According the Grete Berget, who heads the Norwegian delegation, the conferees are interested instead in finding effective ways to “get men to share working at home.” I’ve got a little tip for Ms. Berget and other delegates looking for men willing to help with the ... (Continue reading)

Charlton and I

Queen’s Park Ont. Charlton Heston was in town recently, promoting his autobiography In the Arena. Charlton and I, you may not be aware, go back a long way and I was quite disturbed to find that Charlton hadn’t even let me know that he was coming. Charlton is openly pro-life. He is one of the rare super-celebrities to be in our camp. (Another pro-life film star is Jack Nicholson—who only found out when he was 38 that his “sister” was really his ... (Continue reading)

Honest Abe and abortion

The September issue of the magazine The Atlantic Monthly features a long article entitled “How Lincoln Might Have Dealt With Abortion.” It’s a thought-provoking analysis of the politics of abortion in America and has received attention from a number of major daily newspaper columnists. The author, George McKenna, begins with a devastating critique of pro-choice politicians who say that abortion is a religious issue in which they cannot impose their views on others. He compares their position to that of Stephen ... (Continue reading)

A ray of truth

Once in a while, despite all the euphemisms, a ray of truth filters into public life. One such ray shone in a New York courtroom last week as a judge sentences Dr. David Benjamin to 25 years to life in prison. Benjamin was sentenced for what the prosecutors called a “depraved indifference” to life. Benjamin is an abortionist. He was charged with murdering a mother of four who bled to death on a stretcher while Benjamin stood by, doing nothing, ... (Continue reading)

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