Articles from July, 1995

Pendulum swinging in favour of the family

U.S. Congressman brings conviction and inspiration to the annual National Pro-Life Conference in London It seems almost fitting that Chris Smith, possessor of the commonest of surnames, would hold some of the rarest political convictions in North America. But this U.S. Congressman breaks the mold of your typical Washington politico. He is a Republican in the Democrat stronghold of New Jersey; a young politician with traditional views of the family; a powerful player in the foreign-relations scene who still finds time for ... (Continue reading)

Send in a recipe and help CLC educate a politician.

The National Public Affairs Office (Lobby Office) of Campaign Life Coalition is embarking on  a fundraising project to supplement the personal donations received from dedicated supporters on its mailing list. The lobby office, located in Ottawa, is finding it increasingly difficult to manage financially and has found it necessary to look for more ways to raise funds to help maintain the efficient and effective management of this vital branch of Campaign Life Coalition. The national lobby office is responsible for the ... (Continue reading)

New job for an old hack

Bob Rae is gone! Who am I going to pick on? Many readers have asked me what I am going to write about now that my nemesis Bob Rae has been banished to a far away spot in the legislature and consigned to a part-time job with the University of Toronto. Readers may remember that I wanted Bob out of the country wallowing in a sea of windbags called the UN or, failing that, a job as a croupier at a ... (Continue reading)

The truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth

A couple of weeks ago an article appeared in one of the daily newspapers under the title “Abortion protester limit to be reviewed.” According to this article, “Anti-abortion protestors might be able to resume picketing three Toronto clinics if Ontario’s new Attorney-general decides a court injunction against them violates free speech.” To refresh the memories of readers, former Attorney-general Marion Boyd got an injunction forcing anti-abortion demonstrators to stay to least 18 metres away from two Toronto clinics and 9 metres ... (Continue reading)

Major media distortion

The chronology of abortion-related violence in Canada begins with the arson at Henry Morgentaler’s abortion clinic on Harbord Street in Toronto during the early morning hours of May 19, 1992. It reportedly caused $500,000 in damage. Witnesses reported that a man and a woman ran down an alleyway near the clinic after the explosion, jumped into a grey, compact car and sped off. The arson drew massive amounts of news coverage for several days right across Canada. It was on the ... (Continue reading)

Priests for Life move north

Fr. Pavone calls on priests to “preach vigorously and act decisively” Priests for Life is the only organization exclusively dedicated to motivating the clergy to bring about an end to abortion and is committed to providing information and materials of an educational nature to enable the clergy to better support and promote the Church’s teachings on life issues. The name Priests for Life means to convey that a pro-life commitment in whatever form of ministry they exercise. The organization has a collection, which ... (Continue reading)

Ten years, 1,000 babies saved

Recently, Aid to Women, an agency dedicated to counselling women not to go through with abortion and then caring for their baby once its born, celebrated its tenth anniversary. Joanne Dieleman, director of Aid to Women, recounts the story of Ashley, a baby who was saved this year. Ashley is one of the countless (over 1,000 confirmed) babies who have been saved by Joanne’s ministry over the last ten years. At the ten-year celebration of The Way Inn/Aid to Women, we ... (Continue reading)

Video Review – Teen Sex: Challenge and Decision

$29, plus $4.95 shipping Produced by Stephen Genuis M.D and Shelagh Genuis BScOT K.E.G. Publishing, 2911-66 St. Edmonton, AB, T6K4C1, (403)461-1606 Reviewed by Sue Careless A video on sexually transmitted diseases could be so statistically heavy that it would bore its audience to tears or such a downer it would be tuned out. Teen Sex: Challenge and Decision informs without boring and gives kids positive solutions. The narrator and co-producer, Stephen Genuis (pronounced Jenis), has two real strategies: he knows both his data and his audience. ... (Continue reading)

Memories of Stalinist Russia

“There is the whole rest of the province out there where anybody can speak, leaflet, do whatever he or she pleases to demonstrate their opposition to abortion services.” With those words, B.C. Health Minister Paul Ramsay attempted to defend his government’s restrictions on pro-life protests in that province. The  legislation which passed last month is euphemistically called “Access to Abortion Services Act.” In fact, the legislation restricts the rights of pro-lifers to spread their message. It applies outside abortion clinics, abortion hospitals, ... (Continue reading)

The little lobby that cried wolf

“Access to abortion in Canada is being smothered by pro-life activism. Lock up the pro-lifers and throw away the key.” That has been the cry across the land from abortionists and women’s groups. Two years ago, the NDP government of Ontario initiated a lawsuit against 18 pro-life activists who were accused of strangling access to this “legal medical procedure.” Not only has the court injunction hurt the activists’ ability to counsel women from having an abortion but it has also drained the movement ... (Continue reading)

You Were Asking?

An atheist colleague argues that there is nothing wrong, and a lot right, in giving lethal injection to a comatose person or anyone else who has no chance of recovery. How did I answer? V.L. Melville, Sask. Years ago, in a detective novel by Dorothy Sayers, I read this same argument put to an Anglican priest. His answer, in part was as follows: “I think the wrongness of the thing lies much more in the harm it does to the ... (Continue reading)

Most pro-life activism now illegal in B.C.

Restrictive freedom of speech bill draws little opposition On June 27, 1995 one of the most restrictive freedom of speech bills in all of North America passed in the BC Legislature with an over-whelming majority and scarcely a word of opposition was heard. Bill 48, also known as the Access to Abortion Services Act was designed specifically to make illegal what was once legal. That is, peaceful opposition to abortion is no longer allowed in various “access zones.” The “access zone” ... (Continue reading)

Sharp rise in abortion numbers

104,403 abortions in 1993 brings the total number of deaths to 1.62 million since 1969 When abortion was first legalized in Canada in 1969, then Justice Minister John Turner promised that the number of women seeking abortions would not increase. Almost 25 years later Turner’s predictions have proven wildly incorrect as Canadians are now killing over 100,000 of their pre-born children per year and the numbers continue to rise. The latest figures from Statistics Canada show that in 1993 104,403 abortions were reported ... (Continue reading)

Court upholds Latimer sentence

Saskatchewan farmer who killed his disabled daughter now looks to the Supreme Court to overturn his ten-year sentence. Robert Latimer’s conviction and jai sentence for the euthanasia killing of his disabled daughter, Tracy, has been upheld by the Saskatchewan Court of Appeal, but Latimer has been released from custody pending word on whether the Supreme Court of Canada will hear his appeal of the lower courts’ decisions. Three provincial appeal court judges ruled on July 18 that Robert Latimer was properly ... (Continue reading)

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