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Send in a recipe and help CLC educate a politician

The National Public Affairs Office (Lobby Office) of Campaign Life Coalition is embarking on a fundraising project to supplement the personal donations received from dedicated supporters on its mailing list.  The lobby office, located in Ottawa, is finding it increasingly difficult to manage financially and has found it necessary to look for more ways to raise funds to help maintain the efficient and effective management of this vital management of Campaign Life Coalition. The national lobby office is responsible for the ... (Continue reading)

The back of the law will be broken, Promises Right to Die activist

The following message was downloaded from Deathnet, the computer bulletin board run by John Hofsess and the Right to Die Society. In the wake of the recently released Report by the Senate Special Committee on Euthanasia and Assisted Suicide…I have today sent email messages to the heads of five chapters of the Right to Die Society of Canada asking them to let me know within 48 hours if they are willing to become more deeply and actively involved in assisting in ... (Continue reading)

The Month In Review

Off the Wire Family Practice News reports that the California Academy of family physicians.  Has voted to recommend that all family physicians be trained in abortion techniques and “the importance to access to this medical service.” The group plans to offer a similar resolution at the American Academy of Family Physicians meeting later this year. A California abortionist accused of murdering a patient in a botched abortion has fled the U.S. Local pro-life groups have criticized District Attorney General Paul Pfingst for ... (Continue reading)

Hope for the Future at Toronto Youth Conference

On Saturday may 13 spring was enhanced by Toronto’s first Youth for Life Conference.  The conference arose from a need to learn more about how abortion affects our community, and more importantly to network with other young people to give the framework to build support groups within their schools. Over 70 pro-life teens from area high schools congregated in the cafeteria of Saint Michael’s Collage School. June Scandiffio, president of the Right to Life Association of Toronto, and organizer of the ... (Continue reading)

A Tribute to Our Fathers

This poem, written by my friend Hal Roach, the famous Irish humorist, is a beautiful tribute to fathers. It may be a little late for “Father’s Day” but it is always appropriate. I am presuming Hal’s permission to print it as I would not have time to contact him. My Dad My dad was seventy two last week And he’s getting tired and old. And lately he leans on the table a lot And I notice he feels cold. He used to go for a walk each ... (Continue reading)

“The back of the law will be broken,” Promises Right to Die activist

The following message was downloaded from the Deathnet, the computer bulletin board run by John Hofsess and the Right to Die Society. “ In the wake of the recently released Report by the Senate Special Committee on Euthanasia and Assisted Suicide…I have today sent e-mail messages to the heads of five chapters of The Right to Die Society of Canada, asking them to let me know within 48 hours if they are willing to become more deeply  and actively  involved in ... (Continue reading)

The Voices that Shaped the Debate

During 1994, the Senate Committee on Euthanasia and Assisted Suicide heard much evidence and many arguments from more than 120 individuals and groups, the clear majority of whom supported the current law. Sanctity of Life: Sanctity of life arguments featured prominently.  Some of these were specifically Christian in nature, some were Jewish, others appealed to Canadian tradition, while others appealed to reason alone.  Other argued that the right to life is the basis of all other rights and therefore there can be ... (Continue reading)

The Other Side of The Story

Anyone who has been involved in the pro-life movement for any length of time knows or suspects that the mainstream news media are generally unfavorable to the pro-life cause. However, a closer look at the issue reveals that the news media’s position extends beyond one of unfavourability into the realm of outright bias and hostility.  There are numerous examples of this. In this two-part series, we will take a closer look at media coverage of the abortion issue in the United ... (Continue reading)

Book Review

When Life and Choice Collide Essays on Rhetoric and Abortion, Vol. 1 To Set The Dawn Free, Reviewed by David Beresford Cardinal Newman once said in one of his sermons, “Half the controversies in the world are verbal ones: and could they be brought to a plain issue, they would be brought to a prompt termination.”  Oxford Sermons, Epiphany, 1839. The book When Life and Choice Collide is a collection of essays that examines the verbal controversies surrounding abortion.   It is an extremely helpful book ... (Continue reading)

The longest five years of my life

Queen’s Park Ont Bob Rae’s shocked attitude towards his recent electoral defeat had him wringing his hands and asking how could they do this to me after all I’ve done for them? This has been the longest time in between elections that I have ever experienced.  It has only been four and half years since David Peterson’s Liberals bit the dust but it feels like forty and half years.  (Make that four hundred and fifty years!) Rae was never really elected premier of ... (Continue reading)

No quick fix for A-generation

In spite of the best efforts of the social engineers, Canada’s A-generation of children, born in the era of legalized abortion, is not turning out as officially expected. Artificial contraception, abortion and other trappings of the “sexual revolution” have seriously undermined the traditional family and destroyed the major source of unconditional love and acceptance necessary for healthy development. Thrust unprepared and defenceless into a world more dangerous tan anything their parents knew, the children of the A-generation have grown up in a ... (Continue reading)

Have mob, will travel

Why is it that for any demonstration on behalf of a “left wing” cause, the same mob of hoodlums shows up?  David Dooley explains. Rent-a-mob is a term used by Peter Simple, the pseudonym of a London (England) Telegraph columnist.  For any demonstration on behalf of a “left wing” cause – be it against nuclear power stations or in favour of animal rights or vegetarianism – he says that the same mob of hoodlums turns up.  Of course there is a ... (Continue reading)

Tory policy may affect abortion rate

The election of Mike Harris’ Conservative party in Ontario has serious implications for both family life and the defence of the unborn children.  Harris’ platform calls for a fundamental shift of wealth and power in the province.  A keystone of his campaign was a promise to cut provincial income taxes by 30 percent, a promise which will put thousands of extra dollars into the pockets of Ontario’s most prosperous citizens.  At the same time he has promised to slash welfare  ... (Continue reading)

Pro-life victory in N.S. courts

“A precedent-setting victory for the Canadian unborn,” said Campaign Life Coaltion PEI  President Paul Cheverie when the Nova Scotia Supreme Court squashed criminal charges against himself and eight other pro-lifers. The nine included Cheverie and Kenneth Biso of Prince Edward Island, Ann Marie Tomlins of Borden, Ontario, and Ellen Chesel, Paul Morre, Noreen Moser, Pauline Mullen, Sharon Keddy, and Anne Ashford-Hall, al of Nova Scotia. In October 1992, they were charged with mischief (a criminal offence) for blocking access to abortionist Henry ... (Continue reading)

Coming up short

Seven senators sat in a committee in Ottawa for 15 months, hearing from 150 witnesses, reading over 300 briefs, only to conclude that the law is too harsh on those convicted of killing the terminally ill or disabled. No doubt there are many who will read those words and accuse The Interim of deliberately distorting a sensitive issue, of not showing compassion and understanding for those driven to desperate acts. Many will point to the senator’s unanimous championing of palliative care and ... (Continue reading)

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