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Who won the peace?

Fifty years after the liberation of Europe from the Nazis, the struggle to protect life continues unabated.  In the victorious democracies, Judeo-Christian based morality has been subverted by a specious amorality based on reason.  Individual responsibility has been expropriated by relentless increase of government control over all aspects of human life: in who will be born, and whether someone’s quality of life is worth saving.  The family has been displaced by the government as the fundamental basis of society. Looking back, ... (Continue reading)

UNICEF plays hand with controversial appointment

The controversy surrounding the United Nation’s Children’s Fund has deepened with the appointment of a long-time abortion advocate as its new director. Carol Bellamy, a state senator from New York, has been named the new director of UNICEF despite heated criticisms from pro-family circles. The U.S. Catholic newspaper The Wanderer reports that Cong. Chris Smith (R. N.J.), chairman of the House Sub-committee on International Operations and Human Rights criticized the UN Secretary-General Boutros-Ghali for the appointment. “Carol Bellamy is a highly ... (Continue reading)

OPINION – Oh Canada – How could you?

The Canadian point of view at a recent UN meeting preparing for the Beijing Women’s Conference held that men, in particular, are responsible for all violence, injustices and oppression against women In 1924, The Department of Health for the Dominion of Canada published The Canadian Mother’s Book. Consider the high esteem in which the government used to regard the family: “The greatest gift is a child, and the greatest honour is to be a mother.” “The Government of Canada, knowing ... (Continue reading)

Preparing for, enriching or rescuing your marriage, there’s help out there

“Seventy-five percent of marriages in North America are blessed by a pastor, priest or rabbi,” Mike McMannue, a nationally syndicated columnist and former Time correspondent, notes in his book. Marriage Savers. Therefore “the church bears a tremendous responsibility in preparing couples not for weddings which last a day, but for marriage which lasts a lifetime.” About fifteen years ago, clergy and counselors became discouraged dealing with marriages on the rocks, counseling virtually hopeless cases.  Often the pastor was the last ... (Continue reading)

Mob wreaks havoc at HLI convention

Despite disruption, controversial pro-life group concludes successful convention About 1,500 delegates from around the world attended Human Life International’s 14th annual world conference on life, love and family at the Hotel Radisson in Montreal between April 19-23. The delegates heard from a number of prominent speakers, including Randall Terry, James Sedlak, Jim Hughes and Dr. Donald DeMarco. Although the conference was met by two organized protests, the scene around the conference hotel was quiet otherwise.  On opening night, a candlelight procession ... (Continue reading)

Information on the Consent to Treatment Act

The Consent to Treatment Act (which came into force on April 3, 1995) sets out conditions under which Health Practitioners (HPs) are permitted to administer treatment to patients.  (The term Health Practitioner includes: school doctors, nurses and psychologists; public health nurses, and doctors and nurses on staff at birth-control centres and abortion clinics.) Although one of the main purposes of the Act is to codify legal understanding of the term “informed consent,” it removes from parents their constitutional right and legal ... (Continue reading)


Imagine, you’ve done nothing wrong, nothing illegal.  You’re not charged with anything by the police.  But the government doesn’t like your opinion.  So it seeks an injunction to prevent you from expressing this opinion, from speaking to people and giving out information, or even praying in a quiet and peaceful manner in public places, and it seeks $500,000 in damages against you.  As an ordinary citizen, you can’t afford to pay all the legal costs to defend yourself against the ... (Continue reading)


The essential question in determining whether the Ontario Government has the legal right to de-insure abortion is a straightforward one: Who defines what is medically “necessary” under the Canada Health Act? IT’S A FACT: Section 3 of the Canada Health Act states that…”The primary objective of Canadian health care policy is to protect, promote and restore the physical and mental well being of residents of Canada…” IT’S A FACT: The Act provides that provincial health insurance plans must cover “insured health services” ... (Continue reading)

“Abortion king” comes in from the cold

The man who admits he “uncaged the abortion monster in the Western world” is now taking instruction in the Catholic Church Father Frank Pavone, the leader of Priests for Life, calls Bernard Nathanson’s story a testimony to the grace of God.  Indeed once you’ve heard the account, it is hard to argue otherwise. Nathanson, in his own words, helped “uncage the abortion monster in the Western world” as a co-founder of the National Rights Action League (NARAL) and once ... (Continue reading)

Past Interim editor named on hit list

It was, for all intents and purposes, a hit list and had it not targeted pro-lifers, they wouldn’t have gotten away with it. In April, a free “entertainment” paper available on the streets of Montreal called the Mirror, (similar to Now Magazine in Toronto) printed an article with the banner headline “HLI’s top 10 extremists.” The article was an attempt to discredit the pro-life organization Human Life International and steal thunder from its successful April conference in Montreal. Filled with vague generalities and ... (Continue reading)

God’s presence gives us courage when future looks dark

It would be impossible to give an exhaustive account of this wonderful Human Life International Convention in a brief article, so I shall try to stress the salient and exciting aspects of it. The Convention commenced with a High Mass in the beautiful Basilica of Notre Dame, in Montreal.  After came the much talked about Rosary Procession from the Basilica to the Radisson Hotel, where the convention was held. We had been warned by the police and the organizers of the Convention ... (Continue reading)

Few provincial pro-life heroes

As pro-life people in Ontario go about deciding how they should vote in the up-coming provincial election, there is one name they should bear in mind.  That is Tom Wappel.  Since being elected to the federal parliament in 1988, Tom has been a tireless advocate for the unborn.  A crucial question for pro-life voters in Ontario is why wasn’t there a Tom Wappel in the last provincial legislature? Even before Tom appeared in Ottawa, pro-life people have been blessed ... (Continue reading)

You Were Asking?

Discussion following the recent memorial service for Nazi victims raised two questions: who was the US physician at the Nuremberg trials of Nazi doctors; how did he link the euthanasia movement with their crimes?  M.J.S.  Ottawa Dr. Leo Alexander, psychiatrist of Tufts Medical School, was the U.S. expert who drafted the Nuremberg Code of Medical Ethics used in the trial of Nazi doctors.  In 1949 he wrote a landmark article, “Medical Science under Dictatorship” which has been quoted ... (Continue reading)

Evangelium Vitae – The Gospel of Life

I would now like to say a special word to women who have had an abortion. The Church is aware of the many factors which may have influenced your decision, and she does not doubt that in many cases it was a painful and even shattering decision.  The wound in your heart may not yet have healed.  Certainly what happened was and remains terribly wrong.  But do not give in to discouragement and do not lose hope.  Try rather to ... (Continue reading)

Mob rules in Old Montreal

As the large, heavy doors of Old Montreal’s beautiful Notre Dame Basilica slowly swung open, I could hardly believe what I was seeing. Dozens of helmeted and visored riot police clutching truncheons were roaming the street in front of the church.  Behind them, several hundred protestors kept back by metal barricades, were throwing various objects – glass-filled condoms, vegetables, firecrackers, bottles, eggs and sticks, among other things – at the police and those of us leaving the church. It was the conclusion ... (Continue reading)

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