Articles from November, 1994

Study confirms abortion-cancer link

A major U.S. cancer centre has confirmed that women who obtain induced abortions are up to 50% more likely to develop breast cancer. This study confirms earlier findings which put the figure anywhere between 25-50% (Interim, April, 1994). The Journal of the National Cancer Institute conducted the study on women at the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Centre in Seattle.  Though researchers claim the findings are far from conclusive, other studies have shown the link to be valid. The biological evidence is that during ... (Continue reading)

Reform poised to become Canada’s official opposition Is now the time for pro-lifers to get involved in the Party?

Last year’s federal election produced plenty of surprises – none bigger than the tremendous success enjoyed by the Reform Party. Many voters, wary of a return to a Trudeau form of red Liberalism, opted for the Reform style of populism and fiscal restraint.  Reform rode this wave all the way to Ottawa where they came within one seat of the official opposition status and became the standard bearers of Canadian conservatism. Included in the post-election euphoria were many pro-lifers.  Although the pro-life ... (Continue reading)

When the killing ends Wordy book eschews history and misinterprets abortion struggle

Before the Shooting Begins: Searching for Democracy in America’s Culture War, by James Davison Hunter (Toronto: Free Press, 1994). Reviewed by John Cavanaugh-O’Keefe Associate Director, Research Policy and Development, American Life League, Stafford, VA. Alas, not enough people are studying sociology at the University of Virginia, where Professor Hunter teaches sociology.  I doubt any writer in the 20th century uses the word “alas” as often as Hunter, but stylistic quirks are not the only problems in his pompous and superficial book, Before the Shooting Begins. Alas, ... (Continue reading)

Only women need apply

Every ten years, the UN sponsors a global conference on women.  In 1985 it was held in Nairobi; next year it will take place in Beijing.  Delegates from around the world report to each other on what steps their countries have taken to implement equality for women.  In Nairobi, there was a distinct clash between the goals of the radical feminists from so-called developed countries and the needs of women in the have-not nations. It all pivots on the trendy-sounding ... (Continue reading)

Expert says 16% of deaths in Holland die to euthanasia Inquiry also reveals that over 90% of the elderly worry about involuntary euthanasia

Contrary to what the Toronto Star would have its readers believe, the Netherlands’ experiment with euthanasia has been an outright failure. The situation in Holland is now so bad that the Dutch Minister of Health is proposing that doctors who refuse to euthanize their patients should lose their licences. Dr. Karl Gunning, former assistant secretary of the Royal Dutch Medical Association and President of the World Federation of Doctors who Respect Human Life, recounted this and other startling developments on his recent ... (Continue reading)

You were asking?

Were abortions performed in hospitals before the law was changed in 1969?  If so, were there many?  What were the reasons?  What effects did the law have?  A.S. Mississauga. I believe that a case study of one large teaching hospital will give a clearer picture than a general survey.  The following statistics from the twelve years, 1954-65 inclusive, are from a study of abortions at Toronto General Hospital (TGH) by Dr. M.M. Spivak. The total number of abortions in any ... (Continue reading)

Reflections on the battle

The following is a condensation of reflections by George Gilmore, President of New Brunswick Right to Life, as told to Interim writer Doreen Beagan. The comments came following a disappointing provincial effort to block Henry Morgentaler from opening an abortuary in Fredericton. Frank McKenna’s Liberal government has since decided to appeal the ruling and the courts have granted Gilmore’s group intervenor status.  NB RTL hopes that it will be able to present evidence on the disastrous effects abortion imposes ... (Continue reading)

New abortuary handy to Parliament and Supreme Court

Ottawa. A pretty downtown section of Ottawa will never be the same – Henry Morgentaler has moved into the neighbourhood. Bank and Sparks Streets, a popular Ottawa tourist spot replete with boutiques, restaurants and cafes, now has its own Morgentaler franchise. On October 13, in a move which surprised few, Morgentaler and the government of Ontario announced the site of his new “clinic.” Campaign Life Coalition Ottawa has suspected the location for some time but the building’s landlord would neither confirm nor deny ... (Continue reading)

Rose & Thorn

Rose: Welland County Catholic School Board. For refusing to collect money for UNICEF this Halloween.  Acting on information sent to them by Campaign Life Coalition, the board decided to withdraw funding to the organization which promotes family planning through abortion in the Third World.  The board directed its money to other charities which do not promote abortion. Thorn: Population Council. In October, acting under pressure from the Clinton government, this United Nations arm began testing RU-486 on American women.  ... (Continue reading)

THE EDITORIAL Abortion is violence

As The Interim goes to press on the day after Vancouver abortionist Gary Romalis was shot, facts are few and assumptions many. The mainstream media, for example, never wait for the facts.  In their view, the situation is simple: a man is shot, he is an abortionist, therefore it has to be a pro-lifer pulling the trigger. It wasn’t so many years ago that executives from the ABC network, while appearing before a U.S. Senate subcommittee hearing, stated that they were ... (Continue reading)

War Memorial, Mountain View Cemetery

“They shall grow not old as we that are left grow old, age shall not weary them nor the years condemn.” “Lest we forget – we shall remember them.” Vancouver, B.C. While thinking of Remembrance Day, it occurs to me that all those who fought in the World Wars gave their lives, one way or another.  For those who returned home to serve out their “life” sentence carried with them the horrors of war in the dark recesses of their minds.  The reality ... (Continue reading)

Gordon Watson sentenced

Gordon Watson who has been a constant thorn in the side of the B.C. government has been jailed for contempt of court and ordered to stay away from an abortuary. However, after serving one day in jail, Watson was granted an appeal and was freed until the appeal was heard.  Prosecutor Carey Veinotte asked Judge Mary Southin to order Watson to file his appeal documents at the earliest possible date.  The Judge refused, saying she wouldn’t “impose terms and conditions ... (Continue reading)

Hill convicted in abortionist shooting

Paul Hill has a month to wait before he finds out whether he will pay for his actions with his life.  Hill has already told friends he is willing to die for the shooting deaths of abortionist John Baynard Britton and his bodyguard. A jury of six men and six women deliberated for only 20 minutes before they found the ex-Presbyterian minister guilty of first-degree murder.  Hill shot the pair as they were entering the abortuary.  When police arrived he ... (Continue reading)

B.C. pro-lifers question A.G.’s political bias

However unintentionally, it has given the impression that the law enforcement arm of the Government can be used to enforce a partisan political purpose” (Steven Owen, Globe & Mail, August 25, 1988). “The rule of law in a democracy requires the public’s ongoing consent and confidence in order to survive.  Any widespread unease with the essential fairness of our justice system can cripple it.  Perception becomes reality when suspicion of injustice is allowed to fester.  The system must be capable of ... (Continue reading)

Chronology of fear

At approximately 7:15 a.m. on November 8, two shots rang out in a quiet neighbourhood of Vancouver, B.C.  Inside his home Gary Romalis, gynaecologist and abortionist, bleeding profusely, called the police. Reports would late indicate a lone sniper, using a high powered rifle had targeted the abortionist in an attempted murder.  Romalis was left with a shattered femur and a severed femoral artery. There were no witnesses and no gun was found. Down the lane, 20 rounds of ammunition were located in ... (Continue reading)

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