Articles from July, 1994

Experts say it’s a human being

One morning I was picketing with four ladies outside the “Doctor” Burriani abortuary in Toronto. At about 10:30 a large truck pulled up outside and the driver, a pleasant looking young man alighted. He nodded to us, smiled and went inside. As it is a very busy street I hadn’t taken much notice of the truck until one of the ladies said to me, “That truck is taking the babies’ bodies out to the garbage.” A few ... (Continue reading)

Trapped with Marion Boyd

Recently, I was trapped in an elevator at the Ontario legislature with Marion Boyd and a posse of NDPers. I barely survived with my sanity. (At least I think I did, editor). The occasion was a buck and doe celebrating the surprise marriage of MPP Shelley Martel (she of the lie detector test) and rabid hockey player and part-time cabinet minister, Howie Hampton. I only went because it wasn’t a same-sex marriage between two cabinet ministers. ... (Continue reading)

Mother’s grief finally resolved

Premature baby’s death acknowledged by proper funeral Co-Director of Aid to Woman Last week I attended a funeral in Toronto, not unlike one I had attended fifty years ago, as a child in my native Holland. Both of the deceased were infants, however both were born into different social and economic circumstances. Back home, my family gathered, lovingly, to bury by six-week-old sister in our family plot in a large city cemetery. But last week in Toronto, family and friends of a ... (Continue reading)

U.N. to impose abortion on all nations

With the Cairo International Conference on Population and Development on hand for September 1994, The Interim provides a background on past United Nations population conferences and documents how the resolutions for this year’s conference were formed. Karen Murawsky works for the Campaign Life Coalition and attended the 1984 Mexico conference as a pro-life observer. 1974 – The World Population Conference in Bucharest, … “affirmed that all couples and individuals have the right and should have ... (Continue reading)

U.S. role in the world depopulation revealed

Secret Document ties depopulation programs to U.S economic prosperity Moncton, NB – Escalating abortion efforts to destroy the traditional family, the rejection of Christian values – these are the mere tip of a menacing iceberg. Jean Guilfoyle, Director of the US based Population Research Institute, gave a glimpse of the rest of the iceberg during the Human Life International conference here in mid-May. A massive global program of population reduction has been at work for several decades, she explained. It is based ... (Continue reading)

Riot a symbol of society’s decay

It was the best of times and the worst of times all contained within a few short days. Over fifty thousand fans gathered in downtown Vancouver to celebrate with pride the accomplishments of their hockey team. The series was tied and the Stanley Cup was within reach. It was a peaceful, happy, family-oriented event. There was no trouble, and the police commended the crowd for their civility. What occurred following the final game was decidedly different. None were ... (Continue reading)

Child support vs. family support

The federal government announced recently that it will appeal a controversial decision which concerns the taxation of child support payments. The Supreme Court of Canada agreed to hear the government’s appeal and stayed the lower court’s ruling in Susan Thibodeau’s challenge to federal tax laws. As it stands now, the non-custodial parent (usually the father) pays some form of child support. The amount paid is deducted “off the tip,” reducing his taxable income and is then considered to ... (Continue reading)

Who will govern Canada in 2010?

The United Nations’ agenda is promoting the early creation of a New World Order which many legal and political analysts fear means a One World Government, under the authority of the UN. Before this idea is dismissed as alarmist it would be wise to not that, under various UN treaties and covenants, Canada’s rights as a nation, and parents rights under Canadian law, are already being overridden by the supranational authority of the UN and its many agencies. In May 1994, ... (Continue reading)

The slippery road to Cairo

The twentieth century has certainly witnessed unparalleled genocide. Two world wars – the first causing the loss of some 20,000,000 lives; the second, anywhere between 50 and 60,000,000 lives. Dozens of lesser wars since 1946 have added at least 5,000,000 more to the total and genocide in Germany and USSR (the Jews, the Poles and the Ukrainians) at least 10,000,000 more. Topping all of this has been the war against the unborn. This has claimed 60,000,000 victims each year for ... (Continue reading)

Dutch euthanasia law a mockery

The trial of a doctor who assisted in the suicide of a depressed but other wise healthy woman has caused a furor in the Netherlands. One June 22, the Netherlands Supreme Court struck another blow to the anti-euthanasia movement when it ruled that a psychiatrist who supplied a fatal dose of sleeping pills to a woman was not violating the country’s laws. The woman was in a state of depression because of a failed marriage and the death of her ... (Continue reading)

Nova Scotia rescuers reject crown

It has been almost two years since the “Cross of Hope Mission” rescue occurred at the Morgentaler abortuary in Halifax. On October 21, 1992, nine pro-lifers were arrested for peacefully blocking the abortuary entrance. The nine were charged with public mischief and on February 25, 1994, were found guilty of that offence. However, in a bizarre twist of fate, Judge Albert Bremner, whose signature appeared on the judgment, was not in the courtroom. He was in the hospital recovering from an ... (Continue reading)

Rationing key to Clinton’s reforms

The Clinton Health Plan sounds like a good idea. But to many pro-lifers in the U.S. the plan is a fine idea twisted to meet the ideological world-view of its framers. Many of its problems are hidden from the general public, say experts from the pro-life side, through the Health Care Plan’s sheer immensity and complexity, and because of a wish on the part of the administration to push through a controversial and radical agenda. The first problem of course is ... (Continue reading)

Global warfare

This September, delegates from one hundred and eighty-three countries will gather in Cairo for the United Nations-sponsored International Conference on Population and Development. If the proposals listed in the final draft paper are any indication, the Cairo conference will see a massive push for population reduction – through birth control, sterilization and abortion. The most alarming proposal is UN’s push to impose abortion, in all countries, as a women’s right – overriding any existing legislation. If the UN machinations are successful, hundreds ... (Continue reading)

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