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The Christian Press Now that October madness has finally subsided it is time to see how the Christian press dealt with the election, especially regarding the pro-life issue. As usual, B.C. Catholic gets top marks for its excellence coverage and comprehensive lists of all the pro-life candidates running in the province. Christian Week chose to skip over abortion and not treat it as an election issue. The Catholic New Times concentrated heavily on the issues of employment, poverty and health care ... (Continue reading)

How not to get elected

Due to the enthusiastic approval in the fan letter that I received, (yes, editor, “letter” is correct) I have decided to return to my political past. This takes me to a time when I was seeking my fame and fortune-- especially my fortune--by running for the Liberal party. I decided to ride my lowly job as a school trustee and the Ontario Liberal party to what I thought would be a stupendous victory in the forthcoming provincial election. (I obviously hadn’t ... (Continue reading)

Victims’ rights finally given consideration

A private member’s bill to “prevent the unjust enrichment through proceeds of crime” passed second reading in the Ontario legislature Oct. 21. Sponsored by Cam Jackson, Conservative MPP for Burlington South, it is the first of its kind in Canada. Jackson is concerned that criminals, while paying their “debt to society,” can be making millions granting interview rights and making book, tv, movie contracts. Bill 85 would require “that money that would be payable to an accused, convicted or admitted criminal or ... (Continue reading)

CFFC: The untold story

“Frances Kissling, President of Catholics for Free Choice (CFFC), which frequently appears in the media criticizing church teaching, admitted on WRKO Radio in Boston on August 21 that CFFC is not a membership organization. She also stated that they received funds in the past from Hugh Hefner and Playboy. Her remarks came in a debate on ‘The Jeanine Graf Show’ with C.J. Doyle, Massachusetts executive director of the Catholic League for Religious and Civil Rights. CFFC, which purports to represent ... (Continue reading)

The Splendour of Truth

Pope’s 10th encyclical reaffirms moral teaching The popular notion is that the pro-life movement is predominantly Catholic and Canadian Catholics are solidly pro-life. But as experienced pro-lifers will say, both these generalities can be misleading. Many of the most active pro-lifers in the country come from other denominations or from no church at all. And if this federal election showed anything, it is that many in the Catholic Church are confused about the relevance of pro-life values in the way ... (Continue reading)

Disaster narrowly avoided by decision

What the Supreme Court said about life and death in the Sue Rodriguez case The pro-life movement in Canada breathed a collective sigh of relief on Thursday, September 30, when the Supreme Court of Canada upheld the Criminal Code prohibition against aiding or abetting a suicide.  It would be foolhardy, however, to assume that this judgement has settled permanently the push to legalize euthanasia.  The majority was slim:  five judges supporting the present legislation; four opposing.  And, while it can be ... (Continue reading)

Mom’s advice saves son

I have a few books which I treasure but none more than A Gift of Hope, by Tony Melendez.  On the fly leaf are written these words, “Fr. Ted. May your words always bring joy and enrich peoples’ hearts. May God bless you. Tony Melendez.” These are not written “by hand.” They are literally written “by foot.” Tony Melendez was born without arms. He writes with the pen held between his toes—and his writing is much better than mine! A Gift ... (Continue reading)

Leaving the lifestyle

The single, most powerful testimony against the gay agenda is the former homosexual. There is nothing like a fellow human being who says, “I once was, but no longer am.” We listen. These three videos all use these voices. They are all excellent. We don’t often hear from the former gay or the recovered lesbian. The mainstream media gives them no face or voice. They exist in every community but it is hard for them to go public. They may b ... (Continue reading)

You were asking

I have two questions about the UNICEF articles. (1) What, if any, is Maggie Black’s connection with UNICEF? (2) What was Canada’s position, internationally, on population control in the early 1970s? H.F., Toronto, Ont. (1)   Maggie Black is well-known to long-time readers of the UNICEF NEWS both as its editor and a writer. (2)   Canada’s stand on population control was made plain in August 1974, at the United      Nations World Population conference in Bucharest. Along with other nations, Canadian-UN representatives met to ... (Continue reading)

Why Reform must change

On October 25, it became startlingly clear to Canadians that the Reform Party would have a far greater role in Parliament than almost anyone would have predicted just six months ago. Preston Manning as done a brilliant job of convincing people that he is a populist. He has recognized that millions of Canadians feel alienated from the political process. They see Members of Parliament as being unresponsive to the majority of voters and over-anxious to provide themselves with benefits such as ... (Continue reading)

The next five years

After any election, the only statistic that should interest pro-lifers is whether or not the results offer a step forward in the fight to protect preborn children, their mothers, the disabled and the medically vulnerable. At this early stage, the overall numbers of known pro-life MPs elected shows a decline from the numbers of the last Parliament, but the election shows a decline from the numbers of the last Parliament, but the election campaign itself has confirmed a growing determination ... (Continue reading)

Into the heart of darkness

Mike McArthur’s “vacation” to Somalia was filled with shocking sights Last winter, Mike McArthur went to Somalia as an aid worker, helping the sick and starving in that desperate war-torn country. The 26-year-old second generation pro-lifer, youngest son of Bill and the late Laura McArthur (President of Toronto Right to Life for two decades), says that working in a Third World country was an invaluable learning experience. Although it was dangerous and frightening, and cost him $10,000 in lost wages, he ... (Continue reading)

Crackdown on child porn

Metro Toronto police officers from the anti-pornography squad are finally beginning to crack down on a vicious crime which has been plaguing the city for years. In early October police charged five people with producing, selling and distributing massive amounts of child pornography. The arrests have led to what is generally regarded to be the largest seizure of such pornography in Canadian history. Armed with Bill C-128, Canada’s tough new anti-child pornography law, officers with Project “P” have begun to make some ... (Continue reading)

Two terror bombs hit pro-life writer’s home

Two vicious attacks within weeks of each other have left a Vancouver pro-life family reeling but vowing they won’t be “silenced or intimidated.” Paul Nielsen, a popular columnist with The Interim and an active pro-lifer in the Vancouver area, woke at 3:30 a.m. on October 23 to find his home filled with thick toxic smoke. A military-type smoke bomb had been fired through his living room window with such force that it landed across the room and beneath the dining room ... (Continue reading)

Life Chain is ‘best way’ to give quiet witness

It was ignored again by the media but Lifechain’s message still got out as about 45,000 Canadians held signs in more than 100 cities to try to stir the conscience of a country on the abortion issue. Louis DiRocco, Lifechain organizer, says the event, which has pro-lifers standing silently holding signs and praying for a stop to abortion, is still one of the best ways to get the message to the people on the streets. “It was a great success even though ... (Continue reading)

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