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Saving money, not lives

The American Congress has stunned many observers by voting to continue the ban on Medicaid funding of abortion.  The vote is regarded as a defeat for President Bill Clinton who is a supporter of abortion on demand, and it came as a surprise because Congress is controlled by Democrats.  It will no doubt be seen by many as a pro-life victory. I remain unimpressed.  From the very first time that Congress dealt with the issue of Medicaid funding of abortion, the ... (Continue reading)

Catholic news from the west

B.C. bishop opens pro-life office; Sask. Hospital under fire The Archdiocese of Vancouver has launched a major new strategy to revitalize a dormant Catholic population on pro-life issues. Vancouver Archbishop Adam Exner said the reason the area needs a new push is “because our past efforts have not, as we are painfully aware, been sufficient to halt the murder by abortion of vast numbers of children.” The strategy involves prayer, crisis response, education, civic action, ecumenical relations and liaison with ... (Continue reading)

Beware the fair-weather pro-life politician

When the editor of this paper asked me to address this question, I knew it would be presumptuous to expect all pro-lifers to agree with me.  Over the last 20 years, the purists and the pragmatists among us have had our differences, and I know that there will be as many sincere, dedicated warriors who disagree with me as there are those who agree. I can only tell you what makes sense to me.  Whether it will help elect ... (Continue reading)

Mainline leaders offer little hope for pro-lifers

Since the first abortion law passed in this country in 1969, Canada has not had a pro-life federal political leader in politics.  A generation of politicians has come and gone, many of whom claimed to be pro-life, and yet we have virtually abortion on demand. And now another election approaches this fall and members of the pro-life movement ask themselves what the chances are of getting a parliament elected which respects life at all stages. The leaders of the three mainline parties ... (Continue reading)

The tragedy of Dieppe

“We now turn away from the checkered spectacle of so much glory and so much shame.” ….Lord Macaulay Fifty one years ago on August 19, 1942, the Battle of Dieppe, the most tragic single day in Canada’s military history, sparked a controversy which has still not been resolved.  On that fateful day, the Allied Force, which included approximately 5,000 Canadians, attacked the occupied French Coast in a raid code-named “Operation Jubilee.” After nine hours of what has been termed ... (Continue reading)

Welfare reform targets single mothers

The Ontario NDP government has finally decided to get tough with the province’s surging $17 billion debt.  Most recently, Premier Bob Rae has taken aim at trimming the welfare system which has long needed substantial reform. However, these latest rounds of proposed cuts have left many single parents, who depend on social assistance to care for their children, uncertain about their future. In the July issue, The Interim looked at the agenda behind the NDP health-care reform and how most of the ... (Continue reading)

66 per cent of Canadians oppose abortion on demand

The large majority of Canadians are against abortion on demand, a recent Gallup Poll has found. The poll, released August 2, showed that almost seven out of every ten Canadians (66 per cent with three per cent undecided) think that abortion should be illegal under certain circumstances. The poll was based on interviews with 1,001 Canadian adults between June 22 and July 3. 31 per cent said it should be legal in all circumstances, a figure which is unchanged since October of last ... (Continue reading)

Family losing tax ruling

Elaine and Walter Schachtschneider, of Hamilton, are married with children.  But if they had decided to live together without getting married they would have saved up to $1,200 a year in taxes. It’s part of the inequities built into the Canadian tax system which rewards couples for remaining unmarried.  Elaine took the case to the courts saying the laws were discriminatory against couples who enter into matrimony. She lost her case and in the process discovered that some individuals and groups in ... (Continue reading)

Battling society’s cold curiosity

Debbie Mahaffy speaks out for victim’s rights Leslie Mahaffy would be proud of her mother.  The Burlington 14 year-old was brutally slain and dismembered two years ago, but her mother has tried to function by taking positive action. “Sadly, my daughter died for two people’s entertainment.  Her death should not become anyone else’s entertainment.  And certainly no one should profit from her death or the tragic deaths of any victim of violence. “Our family has a right to privacy.  Ryan, ... (Continue reading)

“Every day is Father’s Day”

What prompted me to write this column on fathers was a very insightful pamphlet called “10 Ways to Be a Better Father”  by Crawford W. Loritts. The first point Loritts makes is the importance of how the husband treats his wife.  The most important area of life for which you prepare your children is marriage and family living and their best preparation is to live wit a dad who loves and respects their mum. The next point is the importance of being ... (Continue reading)

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The quiet emergence of the pro-life left

Seamless Garment Network gives those who feel alienated from mainstream pro-life a place to call home A coalition of liberal groups and individuals has made a splash in the U.S. with an ad calling for a consistent life ethic. The ad, which ran in The New Republic and was sponsored by a group called the Seamless Garment Network, was signed by such notables as actor Martin Sheen, Michael Affleck, international coordinator for Green-peace; and peace activists, Philip and Daniel ... (Continue reading)

Ontario injunction case opens in Jan.

Lawyers were in court recently as preliminary details regarding the proposed injunction against pro-life activity in Ontario were settled.  The Provincial Attorney General Marion Boyd has presented eight volumes of evidence which she plans to use against the 18 pro-lifers named in the lawsuit. The province is launching a lawsuit for $500,000 against the 18, and is applying for an injunction at 23 locations.  The injunction would restrict pro-life activity within 500 hundred feet of abortion centres, abortion-providing hospitals, and doctor’s ... (Continue reading)

You were asking?

I am looking for a quotation from a speech by Henry Hyde in which he described the way in which aborted babies will speak up for pro-life workers when they die and stand before God.  Where can I find it?  L.M., Ottawa. There is one speech reported in Hyde’s “For Every Idle Silence.”  He has used this in other talks.  “I believe, speaking for the pro-life people, that when the final judgment comes – as it will surely ... (Continue reading)

Film board ruling disgusts public

Please be cautioned that the following article contains explicit descriptions of sexual practices which the Ontario Film Review Board refuses to censor.  The content will, no doubt, be offensive to many readers.  We, too, find it distasteful.  Nevertheless, we feel that our readers have the right to know precisely what is currently being allowed by the OFRB.  Editor In a closed meeting on May 6, the Ontario Film Review Board voted to allow the depiction of bondage, ejaculation on the ... (Continue reading)

Future leaders hit the books at Life Issues school

The pro-life movement has begun an intense education campaign to train its leaders of tomorrow. It is being billed as the most extensive program designed for the express purpose of educating pro-lifers, leaders and political activists. The correspondence course, called “Life Issues, What You Need to Know about Abortion,” was developed and is administered by Campaign Life Coalition.  Retired high school teacher Hugh Loughran, instructor and administrator of the course, says the concept was drawn up to provide “a comprehensive pro-life resource ... (Continue reading)

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