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Battling society’s cold curiosity Debbie Mahaffy speaks out for victim’s rights

Leslie Mahaffy would be proud of her mother.  The Burlington 14 year-old was brutally slain and dismembered two years ago, but her mother has tried to function by taking positive action. “Sadly, my daughter died for two people’s entertainment.  Her death should not become anyone else’s entertainment.  And certainly no one should profit from her death or the tragic deaths of any victim of violence. “Our family has a right to privacy.  Ryan, who is only nine, does not need to ... (Continue reading)

The month in Review

The Sally Ann and abortion In the June 10 edition of its newspaper Warcry, the Salvation Army printed its stance on abortion.  This position is highlighted by the first sentence which says that the Salvation Army believes in the sanctity of all human life.  It further goes on to state that they “support measures necessary to prevent any crisis pregnancy but are opposed to abortion on demand or as a means of birth control.”  However, the declaration does mention ... (Continue reading)

Rae gambles with future of Ontario

Bob, take my advice (I know you never have) and give those American mobsters who want to run ‘Bob Rae’s Windsor Casino’ the boot.  We’ll all be better off for it.  I don’t like the suggested name for the casino anymore than you do but then again it may be the only monument that you’ll have. I just finished reading Double Cross, a book about murdered mobster Sam “Mooney” Giancana, written by his brother Chuck Giancana and Chuck’s son.  The authors ... (Continue reading)

HLI Seminar

Antigonish, NS – HLI’s first small-town Strategy Weekend on issues affecting life, faith and family was held here May 14-16.  It was attended by some 300 Atlantic Canadians of all ages. Audience participation following each information-packed presentation left no doubt that they felt grave concern about the social and spiritual needs of contemporary Canadian society.  A recurring theme throughout the weekend was the pressing need for a return to basic morality. In the opening seminar, HLI president Fr. Matthew Habiger, OSB, declared, ... (Continue reading)

Evangelical allies show united front

Once upon a time – if you looked very closely, you could spot a token Evangelical or two among the throngs of committed Catholics in the pro-life movement.  They could be seen off to the side, bible in hand, head bowed in fervent prayer. Now almost anywhere you look – at rallies, life chains, strategy sessions – you’ll find evangelicals fighting for the cause of life.  Estimates are that between one third and one half of the pro-life movement is now ... (Continue reading)

Realwomen focus on education and family issues

REALwomen’s convention, tenth anniversary, and board meetings were held in Toronto May 7-9. Convention speaker Dr. William Gairdner explained that throughout history, the family has been under attack. “Because it is private, and motivated by values that transcend the state, the family is seen as subversive and difficult to govern, and therefore has always been a special target.” Gairdner pointed out that the four interrelated essential values of a strong and prosperous society are freedom, family, free enterprise, and faith.  “Allowing them to ... (Continue reading)


Starring Sylvester Stallone, John Lithgow, Janie Turner Incredible scenery and awesome, nail-biting climbing scenes are all yours—for a price. As has been the trend by Hollywood for some years, Cliffhanger gives and takes. It gives spectacular visuals and action and takes your innocence and your sense of decency and innate respect for life. Repeated, cold-blooded, as-realistic-as-possible, as-callous-as-possible murders occur throughout. Opponents viciously kick, punch and smash each other with weapons, realistic blood and gore spewing about. In one scene a criminal cold-bloodedly shoots his ... (Continue reading)

Jurassic Park

Starring Sam Neill, Laura Dern, Jeff Goldblum, Sir Richard Attenborough Make no mistake. Jurassic Park is a scary movie and should not be confused for a heavyweight E.T. It is also funny, thrilling, awe-inspiring and thoroughly believable. The special effects are simply mind-boggling. The life which Spielberg’s special effects team has breathed into the dusty skeletons found in museums is so realistic that the dinosaurs become as vividly a part of one’s imagination as the rhinoceros or the elephant—perhaps even ... (Continue reading)

Roses need care

“Many a flower is born to blush unseen and waste its sweetness on the desert air.”  So wrote the English poet Grey in his famous poem, “Elegy on a Country Churchyard.” I feel that in the “Pro-life Garden of Toronto,” Aid to Women is a flower which blooms almost – though not completely – unseen, even by many who are active in the movement.  In the past two years, I have, as a picketer and, to some extent, counselor, become familiar ... (Continue reading)

The time is now

Ukrainian Catholic Church hosts pro-life seminar On May 1, St. Josephat’s Cathedral in Toronto was the venue of a pro-life seminar: The Time is Now.  The recently ordained Bishop Danylak of the Ukrainian Eparchy celebrated the Mass in the Eastern rite.  The liturgy and the gilded icons evoked mystery reflecting a different culture. The seminar began with June Scandiffio, President of Toronto Right to Life Association, speaking of her pro-life odyssey.  It was her young son’s queries that compelled her to ... (Continue reading)

Exposing the radical gay lobby

AIDS: Rage & Reality – Why Silence is Deadly Gene Antonio Kate Fillon’s column in the Globe and Mail for May 13, 1993 carried an account of Fashion Cares, the annual gala to raise money for the AIDS Committee of Toronto. She described two young men, so emaciated that every bone in their rib cages was visible, shambling around a stage “holding hands in a blank-gazed caricature of limp-wristed homosexuality,” while the crowd went wild: “Cheers, popping flashbulbs, applause, much oohing ... (Continue reading)

In the footsteps of a Tory delegate

This is a journey of the Battleship Life.  Our four day mission is to venture amid the illustrious whitewashed – to enter the Great Hall in search of the “elusive” truth. June 10, 1993 Leaving Lotusland in the still of the morning, we prepared to meet the uncertainties ahead.  Upon arriving at destination Ottawa, the great change in temperature was immediately apparent.  Obviously, the excessive clothing of the cool West must be discarded. There has been a breakdown in communication.  The Edwards camp ... (Continue reading)

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MPs get tough on child porn

Despite vigorous protests from the entertainment industry and groups such as North American Man-Boy Love Association (NAMBLA), the Commons Justice Committee unanimously approved Bill C-128 which places strict measures on child pornography. An official from Canadians for Decency, a group which lobbies to restrict pornography, said she was “elated” by the decision.  Dolina Smith called the legislation “better and more far reaching than we had ever anticipated.”  The organization worked with Liberal MP Tom Wappel to push the bill’s passage. The new ... (Continue reading)

A breath of fresh air

What an unexpected but welcome development!  Near the very end of a dreadful five-year term, Parliament has finally passed a moral issue law with real substance. The new child pornography law, Bill C-128, was not only quickly approved but also strengthened by significant last-minute amendments.  Parliament has demonstrated that it is serious about eliminating child pornography in Canada. The so-called kiddie porn law makes it illegal to import, distribute, sell, produce or possess pornographic films, videos, magazines or computer-generated images involving people ... (Continue reading)

Clinton appoints pro-abortion judge

President Bill Clinton has lived up to everyone’s expectations and nominated 60-year-old, pro-abortion judge, Ruth Bader Ginsburg to replace Byron White on the Supreme Court. In her nomination speech, Ginsburg, who has worked on the Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia, spoke of the struggle of women to win appointment to the federal judiciary. Ginsburg is best known for her legal work on behalf of the early women’s movement which included a stint with the American Civil Liberties ... (Continue reading)

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