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Nobody Dare Protest The self-proclaimed “party of the people” is at it again.  You have to hand it to the hard-working representatives at Ontario’s Queen’s Park.  Francis Lankin, not content with fouling up the Ministry of Health, has decided to move on to the portfolio of Public Order, Censorship and Thought Control.  Lankin has vowed to act quickly on Dec. 18 report recommending a province-wide gag on pro-life freedom of speech and calling for even more abortions, especially for poor, minority ... (Continue reading)

Pennies for the unborn

Soon after Mrs. Mary Hughes moved into her apartment at St. Joseph’s Place retirement home in Toronto, a woman knocked on her door. She was collecting money. Mrs. Hughes explains, “No one knew anyone else in this building when it opened twelve years ago. Two residents had just died and this woman wanted to send flowerd.” Mrs. Hughes thought it was sad that no funds were available for such occasions; so she set about to change the situation. She organized social ... (Continue reading)

The Lankin report:As I see it

On December 18, 1992 at Queen’s Park, Toronto, when Health Minister Francis Lankin wholeheartedly endorsed the report handed down by the Task Group of Abortion Services Providers, the NDP government took another step towards making Ontario a police state. No one should really be surprised by Ms. Lankin’s enthusiastic acceptance of the report, which dealt with access to abortion services in Ontario.  After all, everyone knows where she is coming from when the subject is abortion.  In fact, the Task Group ... (Continue reading)

What did I do to upset you?

“I hope you’re not going to show us any of those gross pictures!” exclaimed the high-school student as I entered a class to give a presentation. Nothing else the pro-life movement does earns such derogatory comment.  To hear our detractors speak, you would think we do little else but hand out photographs of aborted babies.  The fact is that the pro-life movement uses such pictures only rarely. When they have been used, I’ve heard abortion supporters denounce them as “pornographic,” ... (Continue reading)

REGISTER chief will step down

Father Carl Matthews will step down as editor of The Catholic Register February 28 at the request of Archbishop Aloysius Ambrozic. Matthews published his letter of resignation in the January 30 edition of Canada’s national Catholic weekly.  In the letter he states he was asked to resign because of the “poor judgement” he showed in urging readers to vote ‘yes’ in the national referendum. “I apologize profusely for embarrassing Your Grace with this week’s (Oct. 24) editorial,” the letter said.  The resignation ... (Continue reading)

“Sex” in the public library

When the daily survey question in our local newspaper recently asked, “Should the public library buy the Madonna book Sex?” I didn’t bother to call in my answer because I thought the question was absurd.  It never occurred to me that anyone would seriously consider the purchase of a book that has been acclaimed by even the most liberal entertainment personalities, including Joan Rivers, as the “dirtiest coffee-table book ever.” When the survey results were released, they showed that 74 per ... (Continue reading)

CHINA: where abortion embraces all

Shenzhen, China. We sweat and struggle our way past street hawkers poking umbrellas at us, others offering everything from snakes to edible nests coated in bird saliva.  A spindly, wizened old man accosts us with a monkey, backing us toward a gaping hole in the road, demanding money and yanking at the string tied around the non-performing creature’s neck.  We escape the monkey man only to be set upon by peasant children sent by their families from the countryside to ... (Continue reading)

University students bombarded by ideaology

“Political Correctness 101” becoming required course on Canadian campuses When The Interim reported last month that 75% of Canadians would support legislation requiring informed consent for abortion, it reported that this support legislation requiring informed consent for abortion, it reported that this support was lowest among the university educated. Some might infer that the brightest minds see something in the proposal that the common fold can’t quite grasp, but more likely the exact opposite may be true. Political correctness is ... (Continue reading)

Feminist logic according to Maureen McTeer

If a pamphlet just published by Maureen McTeer represents a trend in feminist thinking, do not be surprised if the radical feminist movement joins with the pro-life movement in rejecting the final report of the Royal Commission on Reproductive Technologies (due later this year). McTeer was an orignal member of the Royal Commission, established by the federal Conservatives in 1989 to examine all the isues raised by recent advances in reproductive technology. With a budgetof $25 million, the commission held public ... (Continue reading)

Has she really been given a choice?

In the United States, Jack Kevorkian has “assisted the suicides” of eight people so far – all women. In Canada, Sue Rodriguez is going through the courts, arguing that physician-assisted suicide be legalized. Publicity given to Rodriguez, who has Lou Gehrig’s disease (ALS). Bill is unable to talk, but communicates efficiently, if slowly, with a computer. He requires round-the-clock assistance, and a group of volunteers from a local church helps him. The morning after this program, the Toronto Star carried a feature ... (Continue reading)

U.K ruling

The parents of a man who has been in a coma since being trampled in a soccer disaster in England have won the right to stop his life-support systems. A judge ruled in London Nov. 19 that Allen and Barbara Bland can stop feeding their son Tony. The 21-year-old was injured during the disaster in Hillsborough in 1989 when 95 people were killed after a surge of soccer fans. In making his decision, High Court Judge Sir Stephen Brown said ... (Continue reading)

Pro-lifers undaunted

Irate pro-lifers braved the sub-zero January chill for an Ontario-wide protest against government plans to gag them. On January 9, virtually every New Democrat’s, constituency office across the province was hit with a protest and organizers are vowing more of the same. They plan to make the provincial government’s life as uncomfortable as possible in the wake of a report recommending even more access to abortions and the silencing of protest. “This is only the beginning,” Ontario Campaign Life Coalition ... (Continue reading)

You were asking?

What is Chorionic Villus sampling?  Why are pro-lifers opposed to it?  B.D., Chatham Chorionic Villus Sampling (CVS) is a method used in early pregnancy for the diagnosis of genetic disorders in the pre-born child.  At about ten weeks, a small sample of tissue is removed from the developing placenta and the cells are examined.  Because it is known that the embryo and the placenta are both formed from the cells of the original fertilized ovum, it follows that a study ... (Continue reading)

Archbishop Gervais conducts Mass for unborn children

On December 28, the Feast of the Holy Innocents, Archbishop Marcel Gervais conducted a special pro-life mass at Notre Dame Basilica in Ottawa. The Archbishop chose the date specifically to commemorate the lives of approximately 90,000 unborn babies who are killed each year by abortionists in Canada. The Feast of the Holy Innocents has always been a significant date for Catholic pro-lifers as it is held to honor the lives of male children two years old and younger who were ... (Continue reading)

Saying goodbye

I have come to know and admire quite a number of non-Catholic clergymen through pro-life work, men whom I would never have met under normal circumstances. One of those is Canon Bob Greene, the pastor of St. Bartholomew’s Anglican Church, just off Parliament Street in Toronto. Bob Greene – as he has reached the biblical age of 70 – has relinquished his parish and moved to a parish in Philadelphia as an assistant. If I may use a rather trite expression, ... (Continue reading)

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