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Law and Discrimination

The Houston convention of the Republican Party in August gave notice to the American people, however imperfectly, that family values should be treasured and that the pro-abortion pro-homosexuality anti-family syndrome is to be countered. Credit for this achievement must go to Republican presidential contender Pat Buchanan and U.S. Vice-President Dan Quayle. They outflanked the opposition of anti-lifers within the Republican ranks. They got the message across on national television. As a result of 30 years of corrupting the law, the country ... (Continue reading)

Canada – In the news…

Way to go, Peterborough! Peterborough – Civic Hospital’s Board of Governors is having a hard time getting pro-lifers off their backs.  Since the news that Toronto abortionist Nikki Colodny was being “united” to Peterborough to help kill preborn Peterborough babies, the pro-lie contingent has been galvanized into action.  Very successful action! Following peaceful and prayerful visits to the houses of the three local abortionists, two have decided they do not want to perform abortions.  The remaining one, Jack Sheppard, is rumored to ... (Continue reading)

Cardinal O’Connor comes to dinenr

“Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner?” asked the very attractive brochure announcing the pro-life conference, with the catchy title of “Save the Planet’s People,” which was to be held in Toronto at the end of June.  The special guest referred to was John Cardinal O’Connor of New York.  The Cardinal did come, he did speak at the closing dinner as he was supposed to, and all of the 950 people in attendance would undoubtedly agree that his presence made the occasion ... (Continue reading)

New Liberal leader in Nova Scotia

Halifax – The new leader of the Liberal Party in Nova Scotia is Dr. John Savage, mayor of Dartmouth.  He is described as a “Welsh-Irish Catholic doctor with seven children.” Savage opposes abortion on moral and religious grounds, but does not want to “impose his own moral views on anyone else.”  Needless to say Dr. Savage has no hesitation “imposing” his other views on the voters. Since the sixties, Savage has done his best to impose Planned Parenthood’s views.  He was a ... (Continue reading)

Feminists for Liberal Task Force

Ottowa – In February 1992 Jean Chretien announced the creation of a “Special task Force on Women.”  On April 22 the members of this Liberal Party Committee were announced, four to represent the Liberal Caucus and four to represent the party. Seven of the eight members are pro-abortion feminists: Mary Clancy, MP (Halifax); Marlene Catterall, MP (Ottawa West); David Walker, MP (Winnipeg, North Centre); Joen Kouri, Pointe Claire, Quebec; Dr. Hedy Fry, Vancouver; Lucie Pepin (former MP) Montreal ; Ann-Marie Tingley, ... (Continue reading)

Counter Witness

Fredericton – In May of this year, the Catholic St. Thomas college in Fredericton, N.B., bestowed an honorary degree on Dalton Camp, a native of New Brunswick.  Mr. Camp is pro-abortion and a secular cynic.  His recent column “Save us from politicians who extol ‘family values’” (Toronto Star, June 7) argues that religious values have no place in politics. London – At the end of May the Centre for Social Concern at the Catholic King’s College, University of Western Ontario, organized ... (Continue reading)

Euthanasia hearings during summer

Ottawa – On May 12, 1992, a sub-group of the House of Commons Justice Committee started public hearings on changes for Canada’s Criminal Code.  By the end of the summer the committee hopes to draft some guiding principles. Among the topics to be discussed is the controversial issue of euthanasia.  The Committee has before it a proposal from the Law Reform Commission’s president Gilles Letourneau.  He proposes that “no one has a duty to continue medical treatment which is therapeutically useless ... (Continue reading)

Supreme Court’s strange rulings

KIDNAPPING Washington.  By a 6-3 decision, the Supreme Court in Washington in May 1992 declared it legal to kidnap foreigners in their own countries for trial by American courts.  Chief Justice Rehnquist applied a longstanding doctrine that courts may try defendants without regard to how they were brought before them.  But dissenting justices called the decision “monstrous,” American diplomats were embarrassed by it, and the rest of the world denounced the decision as a violation of international law. PRAYER One week later, in ... (Continue reading)

Pro-life conference could do no wrong

The weather was great.  The accommodations were great.  The speakers were great.  The security was great.  The boat trip in the harbor was great.  The people were great.  And the cops – Toronto’s finest – were also great.  They cleverly kept the pro-aborts, ‘Queer Nation,’ ‘Act Up’ (flaky homosexual groups) and the Rent-A-Mob types boxed up and so far away from us – you could hardly hear them swear. (The police got a standing ovation from the jammed pro-life banquet ... (Continue reading)

“Save the Planet’s People”

The Pro-life Convention, under the title “Save the Planet’s People” was held at the Holiday Inn, Toronto from June 25, to June 27, 1992.  to say that it was a success would be an understatement.  Thanks to the organizing committee under the direction of Jim Hughes, president of Campaign Life Coalition, and Clare Dodds as Co-ordinator, the Convention was probably the best that has been held in Canada so far.  It was probably the best that has been held in ... (Continue reading)

Book Review: Biotechnology and the Assault on Parenthood by Donald DeMarco

“Prenatal human beings, even at the earliest stages of life, should be treated with appropriate respect as members of the human family and not viewed as commodities.” For years Prof. Donald De Marco has been pointing out the damage to personal relationships which may result from the new reproductive technology. Fatherhood and in-vitro babies What happens to the concept of fatherhood, for example, when the sperm with which a woman is fertilized was donated by a medical student she never met, who was ... (Continue reading)

What’s Wrong with This Picture? Everything!

Producer: Second Look Community Arts, Toronto, 1990 Funding: Health and Welfare Canada -- $69,000.00, Ontario Ministry of Health, City of Toronto Board of Health, AIDS Prevention Program Classification: Confused Do you know what your 12-year old could hearr in her grad 7 class if she’s shown What’s Wrong with This Picture? “Out there under the full moon, it’s easy to forget your rubbers –especially when your hormones are in control.” “Always use a rubber when you screw in the anus or vagina and also when ... (Continue reading)

Canadians misled about AIDS

“Gov’t ‘consistently misled’ Canadians about AIDS” …So the Sault Ste Marie Star headlined a story last August 24, 1991, beginning a series prepared by a news team from the Hamilton Spectator. The report as a whole confirmed what The Interim has been saying for the last five or six years. In itself AIDS is not a disease threatening the general population (though it eventually could be through promiscuity), and public health authorities have been distorting the facts about this. Toronto Star Two months later ... (Continue reading)

Childbirth choices reflect mother’s priorities

Traditionally, men have been encouraged to indulge their wives a little during pregnancy. There is a certain stereotype of the poor soul making the rounds of the 7-Elevens at some ungodly hour searching for a particular flavor of ice cream. And although husbands may not understand how a $40 haircut is going to get a woman through the ninth month, chances are most of them will find the forty bucks rather than ask her. Pregnancy is emotional For all the jokes about ... (Continue reading)

Surrogate Motherhood

An ethicist summed up the problems with surrogate motherhood as follows: 1.    Surrogate motherhood violates the marriage covenant between husband and wife. 2.    – dehumanizes the procreative process. 3.    – exploits women, especially those who take money for the use of their bodies. 4.    – treats the child as a commodity. 5.    – subverts the child’s relationship with his or her mother. 6.    – disguises the child’s ancestry. (Continue reading)

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