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Canada: In The News…

Constitution Ottawa. A federal cabinet minister has applauded a Catholic Bishops’ call for a return to family-based values. Catholic bishops of Ontario are warning if the country is to survive, we must  rediscover a sense of community. Energy Minister Jake Epp couldn’t agree more. “I think the bishops have given us a good service by putting forward into the public debate what are some of the considerations in a society beyond simply legal rights, or constitutional rights, and economic union.” Epp’s one concern ... (Continue reading)

RU-486 no wonder drug

George Grant is the author of the award-winning expose of the abortion industry, Grand Illusions: The Legacy of Planned Parenthood. He was the keynote speaker at the fifth annual Ottawa Conference on the Family, April 2-4. Mr. Grant told an audience of 150 that the abortion pill RU-486 isn’t the wonder drug to save the world. Even the footnotes in the favourable New England Journal of Medicine article prove to be fabricated, he said, “ The test results were tinkered with. ... (Continue reading)

Lianne Laurence interview

In January,1992 Lianne Laurence, The Interim’s  western correspondent who has come to national prominence over her efforts to prevent abortions at Henry Morgentaler’s Edmonton abortuary, made a guest appearance on Ron Collister’s Talkback program on CJCA Radio in Edmonton. What follows is a transcription of the interview. On February 28, 1992, Miss Laurence, 32, and three other pro-life prisoners of conscience-her parents David and Christine, both 59, and John Kirkm 64 – were sentenced to 60 days and 30 days respectively, ... (Continue reading)

Contraceptives harm environment, says “Eco-feminist”

Halifax. Eco-feminism, according to a German feminist, is a solution to increasing ecological degradation. Dr. Maria Mies, a German sociologist from Cologne, believes that Eco-feminism, based on the fundamental “relatedness between all living things,” is an alternative to the threat of environmental extinction. In late February, Dr.Mies spoke to 200 people, mostly women, at the former Catholic Women’s College of Mount Saint Vincent University. Billed as a sociologist of “international acclaim,” and author of a book described as a “leading analysis of today’s ... (Continue reading)

Feminists’ spirituality

Charlottetown, PEI- In October 1991, 70 women attended a weekend Women’s Spirituality workshop in the chapel area of the University of Prince Edward Island (UPEI). The event was co-hosted by the Sisters of St. Martha, the Sisters of Notre Dame (whose Provincial attended), and the Women’s Network. Director Sr. Brenda Pettigrew, a Sister of Mercy from St. Johns Nfld., described it as “ a specifically feminist spirituality work-shop.” Activities included circle dancing, chanting, mime, and various neo-pagan rituals. Topics covered included a ... (Continue reading)

Abortion and Catholic Feminists

When she was once asked by reporters what the feminist movement hoped to accomplish in the future, Betty Friedan answered, “ I can’t tell you that now. You wouldn’t believe it anyway. It’s theological.” In other words, the movement was going to change the way people-especially women- thought about religion. Paradox How well the movement has succeeded in this objective is shown in detail by Donna Steichen in her book Ungodly Rage: The Hidden Face of Catholic Feminism (Ignatius Press,1991). In her foreword, ... (Continue reading)

“ Five Wigged Men, Solemn as Sin” A woman can have an abortion, whenever she threatens suicide

Only two months ago most people in Ireland believed that 1983 Amendment to the Constitution guaranteed that abortion could never be made legal in this country. But today, as a result of decision by “ Five Wigged Men, Solemn as Sin,” according to a headline in the Irish Times, abortion is legal, on demand, whenever a woman threatens suicide. Courts duped The case began January 27, when a 14-year-old girl, questioned by her mother about her menstrual periods, she said she had been ... (Continue reading)


“LIVES OF GREAT ONES ALL REMIND US, WE CAN MAKE OUR LIVES SUBLIME; AND DEPARTING LEAVE BEHIND US, FOOTPRINTS ON THE SANDS OF TIME.” In her beautiful book, Silhouettes Against the Snow, Grace Petrasek devoted the first chapter to Laura McArthur. Although it was written some time before Laura’s death, it is an eloquent tribute to one who, in a very special way and in a unique area of modern life, has left indelible footprints behind her. And at Laura’s Funeral ... (Continue reading)

Sex clinics in Ottawa schools

Ottawa. Sex clinics have become permanent fixtures in Ottawa high schools. After operating as pilot projects out of five Ottawa schools for the past two years, school board trustees voted last month to make the “ health clinics” permanent. Trustee Molly O’Connor says she voted in favour of the clinics because students and parents want the counseling and contraceptives they provide. “ I firmly believe that if one child needs the service and accesses it, that makes it a viable unit and ... (Continue reading)

Condom issue resurfaces in Montreal

Some people on the Montreal Catholic School Commission can’t seem to take no for an answer. After pressing for the installation of condom machines in Montreal’s high schools last spring (a motion that was defeated in August 1991,despite media support), commissioners representing the Movement pour une Ecole Moderne et Ouverte (MEMO) were trying again at the November 1991 meeting. They proposed that posters encouraging the use of condoms be installed in school washrooms. The motion failed to win approval, but it indicates ... (Continue reading)

Condom cover-up continues

“Aids in this country remains overwhelmingly a gay disease. Why don’t we say this? Why does every AIDS campaign I have seen pretend an equality of risk? Perhaps we could all get AIDS, but in fact only a certain limited category of men are mostly getting it,” the Globe and Mail’s science columnist Stephen Strauss wrote a little over two years ago. But as the last issue of The Interim showed, the cover-up continues. An information folder put out by Halton ... (Continue reading)


In The News… Forthcoming Encyclical on Morality Rome The Roman whisper was that the encyclical was ready in October 1990, complete with the title  Veritatis Splendor, ( The Splendour of Truth). Then it ran into objections from the theologically-minded German Bishops, according to the rumors. This sent Cardinal Ratzinger back to the drawing board. Be that as it may, Cardinal Ratzinger, perfect of the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith since 1980, referred to it quite openly as “an eventual document on the ... (Continue reading)

Pro-lifer embarrasses ad Campaign Life Coalition

James Brooks is on the job. Mr. Brooks, a long-time Campaign Life Coalition supporter spotted an ad in Time magazine ( November 11,1991). It made his blood boil. At first glance, Mr. Brooks thought it was an ad for Eaton’s department store. Actually it was an ad for Andrew Fezza, a manufacturer of high quality men’s clothing. With quality clients like Holt Renfrew and Eaton’s, Andrew Fezza markets expensive men’s pure woolen sweaters and jackets under the Assets label Male customer Superimposed on the ad ... (Continue reading)

Nurturing Network : help in time of need

Against the (false) accusation that pro-life people don’t care for the economic and social quandary of women thinking about abortion stands Mary Cunningham Agee, executive director of the Nurturing Network. Mrs. Agee- business woman, mother and Christian- established the Nurturing Network in the aftermath of a miscarriage: ”If I could feel the intensity of pain and loss of a child I wanted,” she wondered, “how must other women have felt when they had been coerced by circumstances or people to surrender ... (Continue reading)

Pro-Life to launch multi-media blitz

Pro –life. What Image does that word bring to mind? Placard waving ‘fanatics’ or warm caring individuals? For one women on the phone, the image I snow warm and caring. Late one August night in 1991, Marilyn (not her real name) saw an ad on TV offering to help pregnant women. “ I was scheduled to have an abortion,” she says, “but today my daughter is alive.” The ad sponsored by Alliance for Life (Ontario) led her to call a number and ... (Continue reading)

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