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Manitoba curbs invasion of pornography

A Manitoba Court of Appeal verdict handed down November 1, effectively closed the doors of Winnipeg’s estimated 20 video-porn stores. In a split decision, a majority of the judges ruled that Manitoba’s obscenity law is constitutional. “Sexual stimulation is not protected by the charter of rights and freedoms,” the judges maintained, overturning the August 1989 arguments of Court of Queen’s Bench Justice Scott Wright who had dismissed the charges with the opinion that free choice cannot exist without temptation. “Intellectual rather than sensual ... (Continue reading)

‘Obscenity law needs tightening’

In the recent case involving a Cincinnati art gallery, jury members deemed the late Robert Mapplethorpe’s photographs “lewd,” “grotesque,” and “disgusting” but still they didn’t find them obscene. The jurors had been convinced by a parade of “experts” that the pictures possessed artistic merit. Even though they thought the sexual practices depicted were patently offensive, the weight of the defense testimony made them concede that the pictures were “works of art” and therefore, could not be judged obscene. ‘Dayglo Abortions’ In a ... (Continue reading)

Ontario rescuers sentenced

On November 20, 1990, ten Toronto rescuers appeared before Judge Mercer. They were represented by counselor, Paul Chumak. Charges went back to July 14, 1990, when the ten pro-lifers were arrested and charged with mischief and blocking the entrance to Dr. Monole Buruiana’s abortuary in the east end of Toronto. Receiving sentence were: Adriana Bannon, Stratford George Denish, London Rev. Ken Campbell, Toronto John McCash, Toronto John Moore, Toronto Linda Maxwell, London Diane Malard, Sarnia Rosemary Egan, London John Laviolette, Jackson’s Point Mary Roberts, Toronto Mr. Laviolette spent three days in Toronto’s ... (Continue reading)


Alberta Report On November 7, the editor of the Edmonton Catholic weekly, the Western Catholic Reporter (WCR), was fired. He had been hired August 1. According to Mr. John Gill, lawyer and member of the WCR board, Mr. Rodney Stafford-Mayer was dismissed because the newspaper’s board of directors “were not generally satisfied with the way he was performing his job.” Reports that the firing came as the result of a power struggle, he said, were not “strictly accurate.” How accurate is “not strictly accurate?” Edmonton’s ... (Continue reading)

Sex education is anti-education, says author

Dartmouth, N.S. – Some 250 people gathered here November 9-11 for the first Human Life International strategy weekend in the Atlantic area. Randy Engel, editor, award winning journalist, and author of the recently published Sex Education: The Final Plague, was one of the speakers. “There is no good form of classroom sex education, any more than there can be a good form of adultery; the tree itself is evil and cannot bring forth good fruit. It destroys the souls of millions of ... (Continue reading)

Union wants to ‘crucify’ teachers

Peace River (FNIF) Teachers in northern British Columbia endure religious persecution from the B.C. Teachers’ Federation. Two dozen teachers in the Peace River area, most of them Protestants, received notice in a BCTF Newsletter that the organization planned to “nail them to their respective crosses” after they defied union picket lines last spring to continue teaching. The two dozen are part of an alternate teachers’ group called the “British Columbia Teachers for Association.”  President Helen Raham, who represents nearly eight hundred teachers ... (Continue reading)

Ontario’s Bill 125 ends public school religion

For years a few atheists and influential sectors of the Jewish community have lobbied to ban Christianity from public schools in Ontario and elsewhere. Christianity in public schools, it must be understood, meant Protestantism.  Public schools in Ontario had always been Protestant schools.  That’s why from the 1840’s onwards, Catholics in Ontario fought to have their own schools. In recent years, the Our Father, a prayer taught by Jesus, was no longer deemed suitable for beginning the school day.  In most places, ... (Continue reading)

Religion ebbs in public schools

Toronto – The Ministry of Education policy allowing only education about religion, effective from the beginning of 1991, has been the subject of mixed reviews. It is seen by some as an attempt to be fair to all.  Others view it as a non-solution to the problem it attempts to address.  Under the new policy, boards of education are permitted to offer up to one hour about world religions, provided that no specific doctrine is given an advantage and there is ... (Continue reading)

Rosary for Life, Canada

Rosary for Life Canada hosted its second annual world-wide Rosary for Life in London, Ontario, on October 12. The event began with Mass for the protection of the unborn in Holy Rosary Church.  Afterwards, over one hundred participants formed a procession to Victoria Hospital to pray the Rosary for the conversion of abortionists and their supporters. Other groups were praying the Rosary for the same intention throughout Canada and in other countries.  Paul Nicholson, the organizer for Canada, said that 26 groups ... (Continue reading)

European Court upholds Irish ban

On October 4, the European Community Court of Justice handed down its verdict in the Abortion Information Case. Outlaw The verdict upholds the right of the Irish State to outlaw the supplying of information about abortion services by officers of the students’ Union of Dublin’s Universities. Unfortunately, the court confined its ruling to the circumstances of the particular case referred to it for a ruling by the Dublin High Court last year. As reported earlier, the case arose from an action taken by the ... (Continue reading)

Calgary abortionist meets opposition

Alberta abortion entrepreneur Theodore Busheikin, apparently not satisfied with traveling some 300 km every week to Edmonton to ply his grisly trade there, plans to open an abortion mill in his hometown of Calgary as soon as possible.  But the abortionist is meeting opposition at every turn. The Hillhurst community (in Calgary) erupted with anger when the site of his future ‘clinic’ was discovered too late to launch any development appeals. With support from a community league, Calgary Campaign Life Coalition President ... (Continue reading)

Where have all the families gone?

It’s impossible these days to open a newspaper or turn on the radio or TV without reading or hearing or seeing more about violence towards women. There are numerous articles in papers and magazines analyzing this sad and shocking phenomenon and suggesting solutions. There is some truth in most of these opinions, but I don’t think I have read anywhere the suggestion that the cause of this social disease lies much deeper than simply an attack on ‘male chauvinism’. I believe that the ... (Continue reading)

PP Ontario calls for “mandatory sex ed”

A Planned Parenthood (PP) Ontario policy position paper, mailed in October 1991 to all school board chairpersons in the province, recommends mandatory attendance for sex ed programmes. These “should start in kindergarten and continue to grade 12,” the paper urges. But PP Ontario alleges the following problems with provincial sex ed programs. •    “A lack of standardized content because the Ministry of Education only sets guidelines; •    “The Ministry guidelines… neglect the concept of family planning, contraceptive methods and information on local community ... (Continue reading)

The debate on Fully Alive

ANNOUNCEMENT THE INTERIM IS CONCLUDING ITS DISCUSSION OF FULLY ALIVE IN ITS FEBRUARY ISSUE.  ANYONE WISHING TO PARTICIPATE SHOULD SEND US A LETTER RIGHT AWAY.  CUT OFF DATE WILL BE JANUARY 13. Subheadings and numbers have been added to some letters in order to aid comprehension. ‘Overwhelmingly positive’ To the Editor: I am bewildered by the overwhelmingly negative perspective in the October 1991 Insight regarding the Fully Alive program.  My own personal experience with Fully Alive is overwhelmingly positive. I admit that my experience with Fully ... (Continue reading)

You were asking

How many abortions are performed worldwide each year?  L.A., Vancouver No one really knows. The most recent ‘guesstimate’ I have seen is 70 million, but the number could be much higher.  Added to these abortions are the very early abortions caused by abortifacients such as Intra-Uterine Devices (IUDs) and birth-control pills; it is suggested that these could triple the 70 million. Does abortion prevent child abuse?  L.A., Vancouver. On the contrary, studies show that child abuse statistics increase with the number of abortions.  Moreover, ... (Continue reading)

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