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The year in review

Voluntary Death January 6 – Montreal – Mr. Justice Jacques Dufour rules in favour of terminally ill, 25 year old Nancy B’s request to have her life support system disconnected. Nancy suffers from Guillan – Barré Syndrome, a crippling sickness for which there is no cure. She appealed to the courts after doctors were hesitant to act on her behalf. The ruling permitted Nancy’s doctor, Daniele Marceau, to withdraw life support after the expiration of a 30–day appeal period. The decision created ... (Continue reading)

Christmas 1992

As this is the month of December, I thought it would be fitting to write on the wonder and mystery of Christmas. These are my thoughts as a priest and Catholic. I do not ask every reader to agree with them but to accept the sincerity of my sentiments. Billions of babies have been born into this world in the past 2000 years. A few of them happened to be of royal blood and their birthdays are celebrated in their ... (Continue reading)

Pro-lifer call on Virgin

From July 26 to August 5 Toronto Catholics brought the Missionary image of Our Lady of Guadalupe to 12 churches scattered throughout the Toronto Archdiocese, form Toronto to Brampton and as far North as Phelpston. Most services entailed Mass, a Holy Hour and a talk by Peter Yelovich, Guardian of the image during this Canadian visit. They were very well attended, with most churches filled to the last seat. Priests were continuously occupied with hearing confessions throughout this period and sometimes ... (Continue reading)

Montreal board votes no to condoms

The Montreal Catholic School Commission (MCSC) voted October 21 on the issue of installing condom dispensing machines in its high schools. The nays have it…but not by much. The stormy, nine hour meeting was a media circus with reporter, a documentary film crew, health care professionals, parents and even a condom machine salesman in attendance. Commissioners were presented with a survey 711 parents which indicated 69% support for the optional installation of the machines. Two doctors spoke at length of high ... (Continue reading)

U.S. approves new contraceptive

Washington – The U.S Food and Drug Administration has approved Depo-Provera for use as a new contraceptive that would block pregnancy for three months after its injection. Presently, officials from Ottawa’s Department of Health are in consultation with the FDA to determine whether the drug should be allowed into Canada. Depo-Provera, like most contraceptives has a number of side effects such as weight gain, nervousness, headaches, tensions and menstrual irregularities. It has also been mentioned that this drug is linked to ... (Continue reading)

Like a Christmas of old

When Karen and James Hanlon of Langley B.C. were married four years ago, little did they know that after only one year of marriage, they would be abruptly separated and sent to jail. In fact, that’s where James spent Christmas of 1989. Their “crime”? Disobeying a court injunction prohibiting pro-lifers from picketing or rescuing outside the Everywoman’s Health Center, a newly opened Vancouver abortuary in January 1989. Their action was intended to help mothers and save babies from death. For their efforts, each ... (Continue reading)

F.C.P. leader re-elected

Don Pennel, 55, of Burlington, Ontario, won the leadership of the Family Coalition Party (FCP) of Ontario over Medical Doctor Ted Kryn, 41, of Waterloo, Ontario on Saturday, November 7, 1992. The vote was 69 against 26. It confirmed Pennel in the post he has held since the legal recognition of the party in 1987. The leadership race concluded the annual FCP Convention of 1992. Challenger Kyrn emphasized the future. Other parties are steering in a direction without a compass, he said; ... (Continue reading)

Slinger attacks CURE

On November 8, Toronto Star columnist Slinger launched the second of two vicious attacks against Citizens United for Responsible Education (CURE). This group of parents is trying to get the Toronto Board of Education to reverse its new policy allowing homosexuals to proselytize in the schools, with the aid of a manual heavily slanted in favour of homosexuality and against normal family life. (See above) “Can we find a cure for intolerance against” Slinger asks. He interprets the entirely sensible and ... (Continue reading)

Gay-sex classes near

This is our fourth article on the Toronto School Board’s decision to promote the homosexual lifestyle. Readers will not be surprised. Abortion, infanticide, abuse of women, euthanasia and homosexual activity are intimately connected to one another. In Canada, abortion and homosexual acts (done in private between adults) were legalized at the same time. The drive for abortion in the sixties was followed by the gay drive for acceptance in the seventies. But the relationship is not only one of time. There is ... (Continue reading)

Frances Lankin re-affirms her commitment to abortion

In an October 13, 1992 reply to an enquiry by Oakville south MPP Gary Carr (PC), Health Minister Frances Lankin re-affirmed the NDP’s position on abortion clinics. Lankin re-iterated that the government is committed to ensuring that women have access to abortion “without fear of violence.” In other words, she accepts the lie that it is not the pro-abortionists but the pro-lifers who are violent. She also refuses to acknowledge the media’s deliberate distortions when reporters wait for pro-abortionists to starts a ... (Continue reading)

More abortuaries

In many centers across Canada, Henry Morgentaler is attempting to establish abortion “clinics” through which he will be able to realize greater profits from the baby-killing industry. The following are reports of the battles which the pro-lifers are waging against him. Halifax – On October 21, nine pro-life rescuers were arrested on mischief charges after a demonstration at Henry Morgentaler’s new abortuary in Halifax. Within hours of the arrests, Morgentaler’s lawyers said they will pursue an injunction to ban further pro-life ... (Continue reading)

The Referendum: Why it failed the fixers

Let’s take one last look at why the widely touted “yes” camp lost so badly in the recent referendum. I voted “no” and I have found few pro-lifers who voted “yes”. (Joe Borowski of Winnipeg was the big exception. Sorry, Joe). Actually, I had three hundred and seventy-eight reasons for voting “no” – but I’m sure that you don’t want to hear all of them. For me, it boiled down to the credibility of the principal spokes-people for the “yes” side. ... (Continue reading)

“Why should I do what’s right?”

Ethics for High Schools By Leonard A. Kennedy Toronto: Life ethics Centre, 50 pages; soft cover; 1992, $2.00 In recent years, there has been an emphasis on students developing their own moral outlook through the analysis of ethical dilemmas, values clarification, and similar methods. In his short and readable booklet, however, Father Kennedy teaches that there is such a thing as objective truth and students ought to learn about it. It is irrational to say that one opinion is as good as another: “This ... (Continue reading)

Bill Gairdner’s latest battle-cry

Two years ago, York University professor and Olympic athlete William Gairdner surprised the Canadian political establishment with a trenchant and dramatic attack on its collectivist ideology. The Trouble with Canada: A Citizen Speaks Out lambasted the Canadian government, arguing that its emphasis on “top down” socialism and its concern with special interest groups had crippled popular democracy and eroded human rights and freedoms. Gairdner examined taxes, pensions, bilingualism, health care, politics, the Church, the Charter of Rights, and much more, ... (Continue reading)

Buy condoms with pride Health Minister advises teens

Condom Sense: Questions and Answer Ontario Ministry of Health June 1992, In English and French, illustrated, 32 pp. Reviewed by: David Dooley, The Interim For all I know, Frances Lankin may be as scrupulous in her private life as she is unscrupulous in her public. As we do know, she has no qualms about funding Henry Morgentaler’s unsavoury business; she has no qualms either about letting her department publish, material designed to overcome the sense of shame young people might have in providing themselves ... (Continue reading)

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