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P.E.I. News

  Charlottetown. “Incredible as it may seem to you, the people in this room have the potential to change the course of Canadian history.”   This was the inspiring message PEI right to lifers took away from their annual meeting on April 27.   Members noted that abortion seems increasingly likely to become responsibility of the province.   “Our legislature is already on record as being opposed to abortion, so a turnaround can start right here,” said Rev. Jim Dewar, spiritual advisor to PEI Right to Life.   President ... (Continue reading)

Condom promotion tied to Madonna film launch

Toronto Cineplex Odeon Films, the distributor of Truth or Dare, starring pop star Madonna, inserted a condom in each of the press releases promoting the video documentary.   Condoms were also passed out to guests attending the Canadian premiere on May 8. Patrons at regular screenings will receive a handbill promoting their use.   Howard Lichtman, executive VP of marketing for Cineplex Odeon says his company and Ortho Pharmaceutical Canada launched the program to promote ‘safe sex’ and protection against AIDS.   Authoritative studies demonstrate how ... (Continue reading)

‘Gay’ pressure for Ottawa privileges

Self-professed homosexual MP Svend Robinson (NDP, Burnaby, B.C.) is calling on lesbian and ‘gay’ men across the country to act now and pressure sexual orientation to the Canadian Human Rights Act.   Justice Minister Kim Campbell is planning on introducing a package of amendments to the Act this summer. Mr. Robinson wants homosexuals to bring pressure on the justice department to include the special protection which mean and women involved in sodomy and other sexual irregularities desire so much.   Pro-lifer groups are asking ... (Continue reading)

Euthanasia conference explores difficulties

Some 110 pro-lifers received an education in the complex issues surrounding euthanasia at an April 21 conference sponsored by Campaign Life Coalition (CLC).   More complicated   Prof. Joseph Boyle, Ph.D, of St. Michael’s College, University of Toronto, and Dr. Barry De Veber, M.D., of London, Ontario, made it clear that the question of euthanasia is more complicated than that of abortion.   Professor Boyle thought pro-lifers should focus on those areas where euthanasia is most like abortion, namely in the defense of those too helpless ... (Continue reading)

Street theatre for inventor

On Thursday, May 2, two dozen people wearing black robes, plus a dozen other pro-life demonstrators, protested the Toronto visit of Dr. Etienne Baulieu, the inventor of RU-486.   Dr. Baulieu claimed that the recently-reported death due to the RU0486 was an accident due to unforeseen external circumstances (see “Abortion pill kills woman,” The Interim, May 1991)   His visit to Toronto was sponsored by CARAL (Canadian Abortion Rights Action League). RU-486 kills newly conceived babies by expelling the fetus from the womb.   The protest ... (Continue reading)

‘No compromise’, says Prof. Rice

When Campaign Life Coalition brought Charles Rice of the Notre Dame Law Faculty to Toronto on April 20, it set up a very demanding schedule for him. He was asked to speak to a group of clergymen at noon, to a group of lawyers and doctors later in the afternoon, and to a large mixed audience in the evening. All three of the talks he gave were clear, cogent, and humorous, and the repines to them was enthusiastic.   Law professor   He began ... (Continue reading)

Parent power in action

St. Eleanors, PEI. At its recent annual meeting here, the PEI Federation of Home and School Associations called for AIDS education programs to emphasize abstinence as the only authentic protection, and to promote high moral standards and positive ideals for young people.   The meeting resolved to challenge Health and Welfare Canada (which is heavily involved in producing and disseminating AIDS education materials), to produce more accurate, less ambivalent material.   Parent Power   It all came about because a small group of committed parents, whose ... (Continue reading)

The In Basket

-At Home   Strike against life   Even when Manitoba burses went on strike January 1, 1991, babies still died in the province’s hospitals. “We consider abortion an essential service. There’s been no increase in the length of time a women has to wait for an abortion and we expect to keep it that way,” said James Rodger, assistant to the president of the Health Sciences Centre.   Pampering, but no Pampers   Vancouver’s newest abortuary, the Elizabeth Bagshaw Women’s Clinic, named after the doctor who first peddled ... (Continue reading)

Feminism harms women, says president

Addressing the annual REAL Women conference held in Ottawa in early May, National President Judy Anderson slammed “totalitarian feminism” which she said has “hijacked government funding” and falsely claims t o speak for all Canadian women.   Family Women   Mrs. Anderson is the mother of two young daughters and a full-time special education with 20 years experience.   She said “the concerns of family women, especially those who remain in the home, often at a great personal and economic sacrifice, have been ignored and even ... (Continue reading)

The Family

Recently I saw a TV program on the subject of the increase of violence among young people. A few days later I came across an article in a secular paper on the same subject. Both the TV program and the article gave suggested reasons for this sad phenomenon and the common denominator seemed to be the breakdown of the family. This gave me the idea of writing about the importance of the family for the good and even for the ... (Continue reading)

Norway pastor defrocked

Norwegian Lutheran pastor Ludvig Nessa, 41, was taken to court earlier this year for opposing abortion (The Interim, February 1991).   The trial initiated on request of the state-funded Norwegian Lutheran Church lasted two weeks.   Contacted by The Interim, Margit Apelthun of Dagen, Norway reported that defense witnesses pointed to Nessa’s opposition to abortion as a prophetic action proper to a clergyman.  Senior professors of theology and philosophy acknowledged that Nessa’s actions had awakened them to the evil of abortion.   A Catholic priest testified ... (Continue reading)

Missing the point

  What a beautiful chance the Knights of Columbus in Stratford, Ontario had to show Premier Bob Rae recently what they thought of him, and his pro-abortion policies.   But they muffed it.   The Knights of Columbus, a large international Catholic men’s organization established over a hundred years ago, have recently had an identity crisis.   In the United States they have failed to kick out openly pro-abortion legislators on the grounds that they “don’t want to be holier than the church.”   Screened   When I joined the Knights ... (Continue reading)

The unchivalrous Knights of Stratford

On Saturday, April 20, 1991, the Stratford, Ontario Knights of Columbus (KOC/Killroy Council 1431), opened the doors of their Columbus hall to a NDP fundraiser attended by Premier Bob Rae.   Wined and dined   While the Knights wined and dined the NDP elite and its supporters in the comfort of their hall, 60 determined pro-life citizens from Stratford and area braved a continual downpour outside to express their disgust with the Knights’ betrayal of the unborn.   A cross-section of the Catholic community were present, ... (Continue reading)

Living Wills: Why the rush?

An advertisement in the Globe and Mail  for Thursday, April 25, disclosed that the Ontario government would entertain requests for oral submissions on Bill 8,  the Natural Death Act, and Bill 7, Powers of Attorney Amendment Act (1990), by the following Monday, April 29. Briefs on these subjects were to be deposited with the Clerk of the Committee not later than Wednesday May 1.   In other words, interested parties had exactly four days and six days respectively to make a submission. ... (Continue reading)

Carter claims approval

G. Emmett Cardinal Carter, 79, retired Archbishop of Toronto, attended a three day special meeting for Cardinals in Rome in early April to discuss pro-life issues.  Before leaving for Rome he had indicated a desire to discuss Canada’s (defeated) abortion Bill C-43 at the meeting.                                          As reported in the May 1991 issue of The Interim (p. 23), this move led Campaign Life Coalition (CLC), on behalf of its many Catholic supporters, to implement an earlier decision to seek advice from the ... (Continue reading)

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