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Kormos for Premier?

There is a certain kind of pervasive Canadian malaise on the rise, which I’m sure can’t be exclusive to the Province of Ontario.  Perhaps the malaise of which I write is only most apparent here in the industrial heartland of our nation where the animals are now running the zoo. What does it say about the values of Ontario voters, when we elected to provincial office raging feminist MPPs, such as Anne Swarbrick, who in zip time became cabinet ... (Continue reading)

Irish courts struggle for life

On September 7, 1983, the people of Ireland by a majority of 57 per cent voted in a notional referendum to amend the constitution to guarantee the right to life of unborn babies. Banned The amendment banned abortion, abolished the right of the government to pass laws authorizing abortion, and took away the power of the courts to rule in favour of abortion in any case that might come before them. In June 1985, the Society for the Protection of Unborn Children ... (Continue reading)

Time to end sexual abuse prevention programs

It is not news to regular readers of The Interim that our school systems. Public and private, have increasingly allowed themselves to take on programs that have strayed far from what we have traditionally expected of schools. These ‘socially relevant’ programs are crowding out the regular academic curriculum, and result in putting teachers into the role of surrogate parents.  Many of us are aware of just how misguided some of these initiatives are, and how destructive they are to the family ... (Continue reading)

Population control one step closer

State control of population growth and family planning was foretold at the /Bucharest Conference in the 1960’s. China’s state policy of forced abortions, and India’s use of forced sterilizations followed.  It seemed only too likely that the plague would spread. In 1991 the shoe fell with the U.S. Food and Drug Administration’s approval of Norplant, the long-lasting, five year contraceptive implant. A million women Although Norplant was developed in the U.S. and has already been used, according to reports, by “more than a ... (Continue reading)

Nova Scotia pro-life takes the initiative

Campaign Life Coalition/Nova Scotia (CLC/NS) has taken ‘Tell the truth and stop abortion’ as its 1991 theme. “We’re tired of always reacting to the ‘pro-choice’, pro-abortion agenda.  It’s time to take the initiative, to turn the rhetoric around, to make them react to us,” Executive Director Cynthia Haughn told The Interim. Large ads CLC/NS launched the ‘Tell the Truth’ campaign in Halifax by placing large ads in the city papers, the Daily News and in the Chronicle Herald (more conservative but ... (Continue reading)

Second thoughts for a Toronto feminist

The February 1991 issue of the glossy, upscale monthly, Toronto Life, featured an eye-opening cover. In large letters, near a picture of an unborn baby, were the words “Rethinking Abortion.”  Above was the explanation: “A pro-choice feminist explores the anti-abortion position and is profoundly challenged by what she discovers.” The cover highlights a quotation from the author of the story, Lindalee Tracey: “In all the days of his forming, I knew my son was a baby.  Was it because I wanted him so, ... (Continue reading)


April 18 Toronto.  Campaign Life Coalition presents pro-life Law Professor Charles Rice on Thursday, April 18, in Toronto.  For more information call Annette Jalsevac at 416-368-8479. April 20 Toronto.  Campaign Life Coalition presents a Euthanasia Workshop, from 9:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m., featuring Prof. Joseph Boyle.  The cost is $20.00 per person including lunch.  For more information call Annette at (416) 368-8479 April 27 Lackawana.  Trip to Our Lady of Victory shrine, Lackawana, New York.  Call Mary Colangelo at 416-368-8479. May 3 Halifax.  The Law and You ... (Continue reading)

You were asking

I have heard of Pharmacists for Life and am interested.  Is there a Canadian group?  Where can I reach them?  B.R., Toronto, Ontario. Pharmacists for Life refuse to cooperate in any way in the destruction of preborn children, and therefore they will not sell any drugs or abortifacients devices.  So far as I know there is no Canadian group.  The address in the United States is Pharmacists for Life 9700 Harmony Drive, Ingomar, PA 151127 U.S.A. (412) 364-3422. They have published a list of abortifacients drugs and ... (Continue reading)

The In Basket

IN THE BASKET AT HOME Black photography When photo store developers saw Helen Burnie’s baby pictures in November 1990 they called the police.  The suspicious officers appeared on her doorstep wanting to know how she came to have a photo of a decapitated seven-month-old baby boy.  Miss Burnie explained that she intended to reproduce the photo of the baby found in the dumpster of Houston, Texas abortuary by pro-life activist Chad Traywick.  “We spoke about abortion and how they are so upset ... (Continue reading)


The Ontario Ministry of Education (MOE) plans to address the issue of home schooling again (see “Divine Right of Parents,” The Interim, September 1990). Malcolm Powell, Provincial School Attendance Counsellor said that work on a policy paper “to clarify both for parents and for school boards their rights and responsibilities” is in progress. “We are looking at our options now,” he told The Interim.  He declined to elaborate on what the new paper contains, but did mention some topics it will address. Satisfactory ... (Continue reading)

Parents as teachers

Who says parents can't be teachers? In Ontario, a number of parents can and do home school their own children. Michele McGrew, in Huntsville, Ontario is one of them.  She teaches her three children in her own home.  Mrs. McGrew’s reasons for starting this venture were varied, but a strong sense of commitment on her  part as well as support from her husband, Jeff, have made home schooling work for five years. There is a growing trend to home schooling as parents become ... (Continue reading)

Update – Religion

CHURCH OF ENGLAND (Anglican) Dr. Robert Runcie’s resignation as Archbishop of Canterbury came into effect on January 31, 1991. Rt. Rev. George Carey will be his successor (on April 19).  In an interview with Readers’ Digest magazine (February edition), the Anglican archbishop-to-be declared that “the idea that only a male can represent Christ at the altar is a most serious heresy.”  Thus he condemns 2,000 years of Christian tradition and elevated the recent Anglican novelty of ‘ordaining’ women into a true and ... (Continue reading)

Condom controversy returns

Four years ago the issue of schools and condoms was hotly debated. Some public school boards decided to teach students not only how to use condoms but to install condom dispensers for their use.  Since they had adopted the contraceptive philosophy of the Planned Parenthood organization long before that, this move appeared quite natural to them. Parents in other public schools, however, while not actively opposed to teaching about contraceptives, resisted and turned down the machines as did, for example, the Durham ... (Continue reading)

Christian holy day under assault

On March 11, the Bay, Simpson’s and Zellers in Ontario announced that they would open on Good Friday.  “Good Friday is a big shopping day in other provinces,” said a spokesman for the stores, “so we decided to open that day and close Easter Sunday.’ The announcement indicated the growing contempt of large businesses such as the above for the religious sensibilities of Ontario people. “We’re very disappointed that this holy day isn’t being respected,” said Les Kingdon, executive director of the ... (Continue reading)

Prayer forbidden

On March 9, twenty people from Toronto, Brampton, Brantford, Port Perry and Sturgeon Falls, Ontario, met for quiet prayer in the lane behind Henry Morgentaler’s Toronto abortuary. Injunction Planning to pray for two hours, the participants did not obstruct the lane; neither did they carry sign, hand out the literature nor speak to anyone.  They just prayed the biblical devotion of the Stations of the Cross, sang hymns in a low voice and meditated in silence. At eleven o’clock, York County Sherriff Ken ... (Continue reading)

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