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AIDS: cover-up goes on

A recent letter in the Toronto Globe complained about a reference to AIDS as a homosexual disease. It wasn’t so, the writer stated, accusing the person making the original statement of homophobia (hatred or fear of homosexuals). The real fear today, however, is associated with the refusal to admit that it is a homosexual disease; over nine-tenths of those in Canada who have it, got it through homosexual activities. Ontario A pamphlet published by the Ontario Ministry of Health entitled AIDS: ... (Continue reading)

A lion in winter

“I love talking about myself, I just don’t want others talking about me,” replied Father Ted Colleton when I requested a visit to discuss this column. Mixing mischievous humour with gracious Irish hospitality, he declares brightly, “Come about ten in the morning so I can tell you what questions to ask me and them we’ll go to lunch.” And so began the visit – two inspiring, fun-filled hours laced with Irish wit, with stories from his adventuresome past, reflections upon ... (Continue reading)

Book Review – War against humanity

“The War Against Population The Economics and Ideology of Population Control” Jacqueline Kasun Ignatius Press San Francisco “Overpopulation” is one of the most devoutly held dogmas of our time. The government, the media, the education system periodically issue stern forebodings of the economic, ecological and personal disasters that are just around the corner if we do not act immediately to control the proliferation of people, people, people. Occasionally we note contradictions in this tide of information. The same groups insisting on “choice” and ... (Continue reading)

Life Lines of Verse

I am happy to announce the arrival of Life Lines of Verse, book of poetry, verse and stories, gathered from Canadians coast to coast for the purpose of furthering the Pro-Life cause. Dedicated to unborn human life, this book has 100 pages, in which a balance was struck between submissions on the question of abortion, as well as family and nature topics; touches of humour and art are added. I am sure you will agree that the ... (Continue reading)

Contraception and abortion – why you can’t have one without the other

I am constantly amazed at the number of letters received by The Interim which indicate a complete lack of understanding regarding contraception and abortion. Many people fail to make the connection between the two topics, assuming that if contraceptives are used, one simply doesn’t get pregnant. This is absolutely untrue! I myself managed to become pregnant three times with an IUD (intrauterine device) in place. The end result was a septic abortion, septecemia (blood poisoning) and death to the fetus ... (Continue reading)

You were asking . . .

What was wrong with Amendment A? The government’s proposal of Amendment A, which permitted abortions for the health or life of the mother, would in fact have resulted in a law which was even more liberal than that of 1969. For the past 20 years, pro-life workers have been struggling to regain legal protection for the pre-born child, and now, for the first time, they have an opportunity to get a just law. How can any pro-lifer throw away ... (Continue reading)

Counter-witness & Catholics

The problem of giving witness counter to one’s beliefs is as old as mankind. Each generation has to choose between expediency and principle according to the circumstances in which it finds itself. History seems to show that most people incline towards expediency and compromise, leaving the defence of principle to the few. Yet unless the few manage to garner enough support at one time or another to re-assess the validity of basic principles, society would disintegrate. The fact that somehow, throughout ... (Continue reading)

Rosalie Hall helps girls in trouble…

Alone and pregnant? Rosalie Hall says you don’t have to be. Rosalie Hall describes itself as a resource and support centre, offering the single, pregnant girl almost endless help in making intelligent choices for her personal well-being. Why do pregnant girls end up at Rosalie Hall? Many because they were betrayed by someone they trusted who told them that they loved them. Girls who do not want to be residents in a “home” stay somewhere else and attend the programmes during the day. ... (Continue reading)

Two women – two approaches

At the Human Life Conference in Toronto, the theatre in which the 9:00 a.m. session on Friday, October 28 was to be held was jammed full. The topic was pro-life picketing and Operation Rescue. The first two speakers, excellent as they were, were not the main attraction. John Cavanaugh-O’Keefe gave an account of the development of rescue operation, emphasizing that we are required to protect our brothers and sisters who are scheduled to die. After him Joe Scheidler, who delivered an ... (Continue reading)

Saving babies in WINNIPEG

In his book, The Everlasting Man, the inimitable English writer G. K. Chesterton recounts a controversy which occurred in his parish church over a statue of the Virgin Mother and the Christ Child. The congregation was apparently concerned that undue attention would be focused on the mother, at the expense of the Child! Following much discussion, a compromise was reached – the congregation agreed to remove the Child! The compromise, according to Chesterton, was the result of a practical difficulty: ... (Continue reading)

Victory in Calgary

Calgary’s principal abortion provider has abandoned its suit against a pro-life pregnancy counselling service. “This is a great legal victory for us to operate unchallenged by the abortionists,” said local Campaign Life President, Michael Malley of the Calgary Board of Health’s decision November 14 to discontinue its action against the Calgary Family Planning Centre. Since September 1986, the Board of Health’s has been seeking an injunction against Campaign Life’s pregnancy counselling service for the use of ‘family planning’    in its ... (Continue reading)

Rescue in Australia

The Right to Life movement in Australia is stepping up its campaign against abortion. On August 11, 1988, a group of 40 pro-lifers followed the tactics of Operation Rescue in the United States, sat down on the lawn and verandah in Richmond, Virginia, and refused to move. They sat, holding their signs, and sang quietly. When the clinic spokesman told them they were trespassing, they sang louder. They still sang as they were carried away by police. Among those arrested was ... (Continue reading)

What happened to our Doctors?

The Doctors Here is a story which appeared in the most recent London Right to Life Newsletter. It is probably not factually true, but is a parable with a very striking lesson. I shall tell it briefly in my own words. A young mother carrying a baby came into a doctor’s office. She said, “Doctor, I want you to get me out of a difficulty. This baby is only a year old and I find I am pregnant ... (Continue reading)

The Editorial New Year’s resolutions

1989 is set to become a year of unprecedented challenge for pro-lifers. A crystal ball is not needed to predict that once again all of us will be called upon to take an active part in this battle for fundamental justice for the preborn child. As we approach the first anniversary of the Supreme Court decision in the Morgentaler’s case, the newly-elected federal MPs need to be told consistently and clearly by their pro-life constituents that it will be completely ... (Continue reading)

Sweden: Where the housewife is an outcast

At the recent Human Life International Conference in Toronto, a very striking Swedish woman, Mrs. Katarina Runske, spoke on daycare and socialism in her country, and also took part in the panel discussion on pornography. As president of the Family Campaign foundation in Sweden, she is concerned with the way in which the state is invading the family and taking away the parents` rights. During  the panel discussion she passed around a pink booklet on sex education prepared for Swedish children ... (Continue reading)

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