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Operation Rescue Update Atlanta

Randy Terry has been sentenced for two years in jail for his role in the 1988 Atlanta, Georgia rescues. Operation Rescue’s director, Randall Terry was sentenced October 5 for trespassing and illegal assembly by Fulton County, Ga. Judge John Bruner in Atlanta.  Judge Bruner offered Terry a suspended sentence if we would pay a $1,000 fine and accept banishment from the Atlanta area for two years.  He refused the conditions, and has begun serving his time. Atlanta was a great ... (Continue reading)

Sex education

Toronto’s Metro Separate (Catholic) School Board (MSSB) voted 20-3 October 19 to implement a sex-education program for grade 3 and 4 students. The program, to be effected immediately, will include limited instruction on human reproduction “appropriate for the age group,” program author Dr. Sylvia Santin said. The Fully Alive Program will also instruct students on religious and social developments such as family conflicts. Grade 3 students will be introduced to prenatal development and fertilization, Santin said.  Information about intercourse will ... (Continue reading)

Divorce on the rise

Statistics Canada reports that the number of divorces in Canada soared to 86, 985 in 1987, up 100 percent from the 78, 160 in the previous year.  The Ontario figure of 34, 233 was actually up 19.5 percent.  Alberta was the only province in which the number fell.  Easier access under the 1985 Divorce Act – whose provisions were not in place until June 1986 – is regarded as responsible for the increase. (Continue reading)

The hardships of easy divorce

On February 12, the London Sunday Telegraph used a survey by Gwynn Davis and Mervyn Murch of Bristol University as the basis for a discussion on the consequences of divorce.  The paper’s account opened with a description of a “sad little ritual” conducted by court welfare officers, in which a man and a woman stand formally and struggle to find words to say that they are putting the past behind them and for what reasons.  “It’s not done ... (Continue reading)

Green for danger

This is our second story on the Green Party.  For the first one, see Sabina McLuhan’s column in the November Interim. – Editor For years the media in Britain have quietly ignored the policies of the Green Party.  Not so, this year.  On September 17, 1989, the Party hit the headlines with its claim that couples living in a Green-governed Britain would have to accept one-child families.  Party officials also announced that within the next few days delegates to the Green ... (Continue reading)

Christian heritage attacked

B.C. Premier Bill Vander Zalm is a Catholic.  His seat mate in the legislature, Nick Loenen, is a member of the Christian Reformed Church.  In October Loenen protested a proposal to drop a clause from the Social Credit Party’s constitution calling for fostering and encouraging the universally recognized principles of Christianity in human relationships.  “We live in a Culture that is certainly a Christian culture,” he said.  Adding that people immigrating into Canada know this, he reiterated that it ... (Continue reading)

FCP: ‘Stop voting for lesser of two evils’

On Saturday, October 28, a group of 100 delegates assembled in Peterborough, Ontario, for the second annual meeting of the Family Coalition Party (FCP) of Ontario. Delegates came from all corners of the provinces to evaluate the Party’s progress, to set new goals, to discuss and ratify new policy and to elect the Provincial Executive for the coming year. Enthusiasm and a firm commitment to pro-family values were obvious as the delegates discussed and voted upon Party policy on Saturday ... (Continue reading)

Manure for Campaign Life Coalition

Toronto. Several hundred hard core CARAL pro-abortionists demonstrated in front of the Progressive Conservative headquarters in Toronto on Sunday evening, November 4. From there they marched past Campaign Life Coalition offices on the third floor of a building nearby.  Expressing their train of thought, they smeared the front door with manure. The Toronto Star gave this rag-tag band full coverage on the front page of its Sunday edition with a photo and a further story on an inside page.  It ... (Continue reading)

The In Basket

At Home Liberal with chutzpah Never is heard a discouraging word from Ontario Premier David Peterson’s Liberal caucus. That is until Etobicoke Humber MPP Jim Henderson had the courage to stand up for his principles. In his riding newsletter, Henderson recently condemned the “political opportunism when a government sanctions abortion-on-demand, or passes the tricky business of open Sunday shopping to the municipalities.” Persona non grata in Gretna, Manitoba “Stephen Lewis has never mentioned in public that he is in ... (Continue reading)

Faith & LIFE (Part I) Reflections by Card. Josef Ratzinger

If our lives have gone astray, it is largely because our ideas have gone astray. This was the theme of an important address given by Cardinal Ratzinger, head of the Vatican Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith, to a gathering of bishops in Vienna last May. (text in Oservatore Romano, July 24, 1989) If abortion is a problem today for example it is because of a revolution in moral thinking, based on a new concept of what man ... (Continue reading)

“Stone walls do not a prison make”

In last month’s Interim I described life in prison from the negative point of view. The humiliation and degradation of being reduced to the status of a beast—locked behind bars, bereft of normal privacy, which is part of civilized living, spoken to as if one were a dog. That is certainly a very real and tangible aspect of prison life. However, there is another point of view—the positive or spiritual and it is on that I wish to dwell ... (Continue reading)

Withdrawing the staff of life

In this first of a four-part series dealing with the removal of food and water from seriously ill patients, Mr. Eckman sheds light on what is happening today in Canadian hospitals. “Feed the man dying of hunger, because if you have no fed him you have killed him.” – Gratian, quoted in The Church Today, No. 69 (Vatican II) “I’ve pulled the plug on patients, usually in consultation with other doctors. We’d been dealing with the relatives for some time and you’re ... (Continue reading)


When Elizabeth heard the salutation of Mary, the infant leaped in her womb: and Elizabeth was filled with the Holy Ghost. And she cried out with a loud voice and said: Blessed art though among woman, and blessed is the fruit of thy womb. (Luke 1:41) “It isn’t a child,” said the Council, “No it isn’t a child,” said the King. “It’s got two arms and it’s got two legs. But it’s really only a thing.” “Its heart may appear ... (Continue reading)

A Parable

The following parable was forwarded to us from Britain via Paul and Sheila Formby of Vancouver, B.C. In the peaceful city of Vancouver, a new “clinic” opened up, using surgical instruments to kill young children. A clergyman passing by saw the new clinic, and was very sorry. But he was a busy man. He consulted his appointment book, and saw that he had no free time before Wednesday of next week. So, shaking his head sadly, he drove on. ... (Continue reading)

A family rallies behind Dad

Autumn is my father’s favorite time of year. The heat is no longer unbearable, the leaves are radiant with color and the vegetables my parents have nurtured since the spring are ready to be picked and savored. This fall our Lord had something a little different in mind for Dad. On August 23, over 90 men and women were arrested for participating in an Operation Rescue at the Morgentaler abortuary in Toronto. Dad was one of the twelve “terrorists”—to quote Judge ... (Continue reading)

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