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Women – Victims

Olivia Gans, Executive Director of the Washington-based American Victims of Abortion, met with Members of Parliament on March 8, International Women’s Day.  The luncheon event was organized by Alliance for Life as a contribution to International Women’s Day celebrations on Parliament Hill. As Executive Director of National Right to Life’s American Victims of Abortion lobby group, Olivia Gans has traveled extensively in North America and Britain.  She recently addressed both the Labour and Conservative Party conferences in Britain, and has acted ... (Continue reading)

Brave new World – shades of Huxley

The recent decision of the Medical Research Council (MRS) to allow experimentations in Canada on live human embryos up to 17 days gestation age, is but the latest episode of a running debate going back to July 1978.  That date marks the birth of the first “test-tube baby” in Oldham, England.  That birth triggered an unending and worldwide series of discussions and controversies regarding the ethics of procedures such as embryos experimentation, freezing embryos, cloning, gene splicing, genetic ... (Continue reading)

M.R.C. Rejects Moral Restraints Michael Otis

The Medical Research Council of Canada (MRC) has issued a revised code of ethics.  Guidelines on Research Involving Human Subjects, released in late February, is the culmination of more than three years of committee work, professional discussions and briefs from the public.  These Guidelines supersede the ones governing experiments with human subjects issued in 1978.  In the future, the MRC expects all medical research it funds to comply with its new code. The MRC “holds that the highest possible sensitivity ... (Continue reading)

New Brunswick marching for life

Hundreds of pro-life supporters crowded into the auditorium of James M. Hill Memorial School in Chatham, New Brunswick, sent a clear message to Northumberland-Miramichi MP, W.R. (Bud) Jardine that they will not accept any law that fails to protect the unborn from the moment of conception. Three provincial MLAs also addressed the mid-March rally organized by the Miramichi Branch of the New Brunswick Right to Life Association, but the majority of speakers directed their questions and comments toward ... (Continue reading)

P.E.I. – a portrait of pro-life in action

So many Islanders from all walks of life have begun speaking out in defence of the unborn, that local newspapers have had to run an extra “Letters” page. Nurses for Life and other groups have been holding special education sessions.  Physicians for Life met with both the Liberal and the Conservative caucuses to provide information. Msgr. William Simpson (Catholic) and Canon H.M.D. Westin (Anglican), showed Eclipse of Reason on Cable TV, with a joint commentary.  REAL Women PEI supplied tapes of lawyer ... (Continue reading)

The Kidnapping of Baby John Doe

Now available for rental or purchase, The Kidnapping of Baby John Doe, is a Canadian video, written, directed and produced by the pro-life husband and wife team, Patricia and Peter Gerretsen.  Inspired by the true story of Baby John Doe in Bloomington, Indians, the movie exposes the empty rhetoric of those who argue that “quality of life” is an acceptable excuse to starve to death newborn babies with Downs’ Syndrome. When the Robarts’ baby is born, the father agrees ... (Continue reading)


Introduction In February 1988, The Interim published a news report about Covenant House, a Catholic social agency in Toronto.  The report dealt chiefly with the agency’s policy of handing out condoms to clients judged a risk for catching AIDS.  Indeed, the initiative for the story flowed from an article on “street kids” in the Toronto Sun in December 1987, which reported that personnel in the agency’s van handed out condoms.  The Sun reporter expressed surprise that a Catholic ... (Continue reading)

“Catholic” Politicians!

In his Sunday Sun Column of January 21, Douglas Fisher wrote: “Love him or not, Trudeau did it.  A Roman Catholic!  His agent was John Turner, the Minister of Justice, also a Roman Catholic.  And almost half the Grit caucus then was R.C.”  Mr. Fisher continues, “I use the tag R.C., without meanness, simply, most of us know that Church’s positions on abortion and contraception.  Its opposition to these practices has been constant and strong.” As a Catholic, I ... (Continue reading)

Church Rift over homosexuals

Te 1988 General Council of the United Church of Canada (UCC) could be an historical one, depending upon how it deals with the issue of ordination of homosexuals. Dr. Anne Squire, UCC moderator, provides an interesting preview into the council, in a Religion Page interview published last December in the Halifax Chronical Herald, with a David Harris byline. Harris leads with Squire announcing it is a “tricky time in the life of the church” because this issue has aroused more emotion ... (Continue reading)

Sorting out the divorce mess

The nation’s capital, Ottawa, hosted an interesting conference in late February when members and delegates of the Canadian Council for Family Rights met to discuss their concerns and seek solutions for the post-divorce family.  Family rights were very much on the agenda, yet what was interesting about this conference was the fact that proponents of new family responsibilities were those who have fallen victim to the many social experiments conducted in the name of the family in the last two ... (Continue reading)

Doctors: no reasons for abortions

Representing 2400 physicians nationwide, Canadian Physicians for Life, presented their demands at a press conference on Marcy 9.  The doctors were responding to the Supreme Court of Canada’s decision of January 28 and the B.C. Supreme Court decision upholding that province’s funding of abortions. For centuries, new doctors have pledged not to willfully take the life of a pre-born infant.  This pledge – the Hippocratic Oath – must be restored as the universal oath for doctors in Canada, say ... (Continue reading)

June Callwood’s Accusations

A reply Few women in Canada have a record of activities, accomplishments, and honours to surpass that of June Callwood.  In 1986, the Toronto YWCA presented her with one of its “Women of Distinction” awards.  She is already a member of the Order of Canada, and on May 9, she is to be inducted into the Order of Ontario.  She is also going to be given an honorary degree by the University of Toronto. Announcing this distinction, the University’s Bulletin ... (Continue reading)

London By-Election

On March 31, a political upset occurred in Ontario, Premier David Peterson’s own backyard.  The Liberals received a 3,000 vote thrashing in London North – a riding they had previously won by 13,000 votes. The Family Coalition Party (FCP), represented by Brenda Rowe, gained 1,191 votes or 3.6 per cent of the total vote.  This more than doubled the 500-plus votes (1.5 per cent) gained by the FCP in the September 1987 Ontario provincial election.  The FCP was the only ... (Continue reading)

UPDATE Homosexual ‘lifestyle’

Svend Robinson, NDP MP of Burnaby, has come “out of the closet,” as homosexual parlance has it, thereby strengthening the relentless drive to make the sordid homosexual “lifestyle” acceptable.  Robinson has long crusaded for so-called “sexual orientation” to be protected under the anti-discrimination clauses of the Canada Human Rights Act.  In November 1986, he proposed in the House of Common Justice Committee that the legal age for permitting sodomy be lowered from 18 to 12 years of age.  As ... (Continue reading)

Nurses Seek Endorsement of Conscience Clause

Conservative MPs John Oostrom and Alan Redway recently agreed to present a draft “conscience clause” on behalf of Nurses for Life to the federal Justice Committee.  Nurses for Life have sought legal advice on this matter and is seeking broad public endorsement of such a conscience clause. In Canada, health care workers have often been excluded from operating rooms and gynecology wards where abortions are performed unless they agree to participate in the procedures.  As professionals, they have the ... (Continue reading)

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