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Pro-Life Profiles

Jim Jepson, Member of Parliament for London East, was first elected to the House of Commons in September 1984. A native of Hamilton, Ontario, Mr. Jepson is a businessman, owning a canvas manufacturing firm.  He and his wife Beverly have three children and are members of West Park Baptist Church in London. Mr. Jepson has made many statements in the House of Commons against abortion and in defence of the unborn child.  He has spoken out on the “rubber stamping” ... (Continue reading)

You’ve got a friend

A recent study, You’ve Got a Friend: A Review of Advocacy in Ontario are “vulnerable” in the sense that they are often dependent on others and therefore susceptible to abuse, neglect and abandonment.  The report is the work of Father Sean O’Sullivan, a Roman Catholic priest and former Progressive Conservative MP, and it was undertaken at the request of the Liberal provincial government. Investigations over the past year have shown that there is an urgent need for “advocates” who will ... (Continue reading)

Bill C-54

The federal government’s anti-pornography initiative, Bill C-54, is being supported by many pro-family activists as a welcome first step to curb pornography.  Christians Against Pornography, however, believes that the legislation cannot be supported and Katherine de Jong and J.K. MacKenzie explain the group’s position below. Criticism by journalists, authors, playwrights, film makers, lawyers, sociologists and sex therapists have lulled many Christians into the false belief that Bill C-54, recently presented to Parliament by Mr. Ray Hnatyshyn will substantially eliminate pornography.  ... (Continue reading)

Does anyone care?

During a recent speaking engagement in Toronto, I had the opportunity to meet in interesting young man.  A student in his early twenties, he epitomized the image of success: wealthy family, the best schools, summer vacations in Europe. Over dinner, the conversation turned to politics.  The young man, “Justin,” had been active in the recent provincial campaign, working on behalf of a local candidate.  Somehow, the conversation centred on Premier David Peterson’s track record to regard to Bill 7, the ... (Continue reading)

Adrian Dieleman

On May 9, 1987, our son Adrian was involved in a serious car accident, resulting in permanent paralysis of his legs and partial use of his arms and hands. Adrian was recuperating in Lyndhurst Rehabilitation Centre where he is receiving intensive therapy.  He is now able to move his wheelchair and perform some daily needs. The past months have been difficult for all of us, but we have come through, thanks to God’s help and faithfulness. (Rom. 8-28).  And we know ... (Continue reading)

Action Flashes

PC Wolfgang, who assaulted Ann Dobson on the picket line, is still being investigated by the Police Complaints Department. David Butt, the 85 Harbord Street “carpenter” cum security guard, was in Court on October 14 to answer four assault charges against pro-lifers.  His lawyer said that “deliberations were taking place with the Attorney General and his office,” and asked that the case be held over until December 10.  This request was granted.  A couple of comments ... (Continue reading)

Activists Picketing Ian Scott’s home

On Thanksgiving Day, October 11, the Toronto pro-life activists began their fall and winter season by witnessing for life in front of Attorney General Ian Schott’s home.  Despite the fact that most of the participants had family commitments that day, about 25 turned out to show their support. A spokesperson for the witnesses for life went to Scott’s door to plead with him again to stop the killing at the illegal abortuaries.  Although Scott did not come to the door, ... (Continue reading)

Saving babies at 85 Harbord St.

The success of the sidewalk counsellors continues.  During the past month more babies have been saved. On Monday, September 21, a young couple from out of town approached the Morgentaler abortuary.  As they were walking, they stopped and struck up a conversation with our counsellors.  It seems that the couple was struggling with financial difficulties and needed someone to talk to.  The counsellors offered encouragement and support and managed to deter the couple from going into the “clinic.”  Another ... (Continue reading)

Pope John Paul II on Respect for Life

Detroit, Sept. 19, 1987 “Feeding the poor and welcoming refugees, reinforcing the social fabric of this nation, promoting the true advancement of women, securing the rights of minorities, pursuing disarmament while guaranteeing legitimate defence – all this will succeed only if respect for life and its protection by the law is granted to every human being from conception to natural death.  Every human being, no matter how young or old, no matter how healthy, handicapped or sick, no ... (Continue reading)

Mother Vs. Child

The recent decision of a British Columbia Court to uphold the right of the province to ‘apprehend’ a child whilst still in his/her mother’s womb has not helped to sill the controversy over ‘Baby R’ that had began last May. The mother (who has a history of drug and alcohol abuse along with an inability to care for her children) was within hours of giving birth.  Problems arose during labour and her doctors determined that there was a 90 per ... (Continue reading)

Declaration on Human Life

October 1, 1987 We believe that this is a moment in history when we as people must challenge current practices concerning human life.  We must affirm the rights of the unborn, convince others of the sanctity of life, and seek in every way to eliminate the tragedy of abortion. We recognize that for too long we have let abortion be carried out in our country with little effort on our part both to convince others of its immorality and to ... (Continue reading)

Miracle Babies

The survival of two record-breaking premature babies in Ottawa has brought the humanity of the unborn child sharply into focus. The Ottawa Citizen recently reported in a front-page story the amazing birth of James Gill on May 20, just 145 days after conception, claiming a new Guinness Book of World Records award.  However, 10 days later, another Ottawa family came forward with the story of their 18-month old daughter Tina Lynn, born after only 141 days in her mother’s womb, beating ... (Continue reading)

Experimenting with living and aborted infants

The abortion horror is about to take a further gruesome turn. The special properties of foetal tissue make its use attractive in the treatment of Parkinson’s disease and other nerve disorders. One of the most outspoken medical advocates for the use of foetal tissue is Dr. Robert Gale in California. Gale travelled to the Soviet Union where he attempted (in vain) to save victims of the Chernobyl disaster by transplanting foetal tissue. The Philadelphia-based National Disease Research Institute and other organizations ... (Continue reading)

Abortion funding cut

The US Secretariat of Health and Human Services has announced an end to funding of family planning clinics involved in abortion counselling, abortion referrals, or abortion lobbying. The cut is set to effect thousands of clinics. Naturally, President Reagan’s proposed revision of the rules governing federal family-planning programs in the United States have outraged abortionists, including Planned Parenthood. Indeed, if the new proposals which were published in the Federal Register on September 1, 1987 survive legal challenges, they could ... (Continue reading)

Christian Heritage Party Convention promises fireworks

“Important!” “Exciting!” “Historic event!” These were the words that Ray Pennings used to describe the forthcoming national founding convention of the Christian Heritage Party (CHP) to be held on November 18 to 20, at the Convention Centre in Hamilton, Ontario. It’s understandable that Ray should be so excited about the forthcoming event because he’s the convention chairman and in charge of the proceedings. He’s expecting 800 delegates to attend form all over Canada. “Since February, membership in the CHP has increased ... (Continue reading)

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