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Explaining the contraceptive mentality

“It is ludicrous logic that causes them (the Doctors Billings’) to link abortion and contraception” wrote the pastor of Calgary’s Glamorgan Church of God in January 1987 Interim. Certainly two famous British abortionists don’t think so.  Let me cite two of many researchers: Dr. Malcolm Potts, former medical director of the London International Planned Parenthood Federation, has written, “As people turn to contraception, there will be a rise, not a fall, in the abortion rate…” No society has ... (Continue reading)

Pro-life activism: what is it?

Those who understand abortion and want to stop it have an obligation to recruit others into the pro-life movement, and to pass on to them their experience and expertise so that, in time, the injustice of abortion will end.  Pro-life activists cannot wait for the legislative and judicial process that will make abortion illegal.  The activist has to save lives now… No social  movement has succeeded without activists taking to the streets.  Activism, including demonstrations, pickets, ... (Continue reading)

Pro-Lifers lobby MPs on Mitges motion

Pro-lifers across Canada are lobbying federal Members of Parliament to vote in favor of Dr. Gus Mitges’ Private Members’ motion to amend the Charter of Rights and Freedoms to explicitly protect the unborn child.  Only one hour and forty-five minutes of debate remain before a vote is called on the motion, probably in the first week of May. A survey of MP’s offices by Interim staff indicates that many pro-lifers are writing to their MPs on the issue.  ... (Continue reading)

So much garbage

A memorial service and burial were held in Minneapolis in January, following the discovery of the bodies of thirteen aborted babies tossed in a dumpster behind an abortion clinic in suburban Robbinsdale. “What kind of human beings discard other human beings with coffee grounds and cigarette butts in today’s trash?  Asked Michael Gaworski, president of Pro-Life Action ministries, “Finding babies’ bodies in a trash dumpster graphically illustrated the true nature of abortion.  Abortion is a violent inhumane attack ... (Continue reading)

Abortions for non-medical reasons

What everyone in Alberta knows about abortion was finally made public by the Alberta Medical Association (AMA). Dr. Richard Kennedy, president of the AMA and Dr. Ruth Collins-Nakai, the associate president-elect, declared in November that the Alberta government should stop covering abortions under the provincial medical plan because abortions are not legitimate medical procedures.  Abortions, they stated, have mainly become a taxpayer-subsidized form of belated contraception. According to Dr. Collins-Nakai “they (abortions) are being done because of lack of ... (Continue reading)

Canada to host international youth pro-life conference

The Canadian Youth Pro-Life Organization (CYPLO) will be hosting the IV International youth Pro-Life Conference in Niagara Falls, Ontario, on September 4-6 (Labour Day Weekend), 1987.  The even will be co-sponsored by the American Youth Pro-Life.  The two organizations will be working together to attract young pro-lifers from all around the world for a weekend together in order to renew their commitment to re-affirm their common goals and unity, and to pool their ideas and resources. This event will ... (Continue reading)

Newfoundland women: a profile on abortion and contraception

Two recent studies by Newfoundland researchers show that single women undergoing abortion are both knowledgeable about contraceptives available to them and are unwilling either to marry to legitimize the pregnancy or to consider adoption as a viable alternative.  For women under 24, age, lack of financial security and single status are the three most common-cited reasons for seeking abortion. Paul Sachdev, a social work professor at Memorial University in St. John’s interviewed 130 single women who had abortions ... (Continue reading)

Respect life week 1987

The pro-life understanding of respect for life has always extended beyond the issue of abortion to include the lives of the handicapped, elderly and all who are threatened by the anti-life violence within our society. Five years ago at the request of the League for Life in Manitoba, Winnipeg’s mayor, Bill Norrie, proclaimed the second Week in February as Respect Life Week.  Each year since then, he along with the mayors and reeves of a number ... (Continue reading)

Pro-family movement has arrived

Did you know that the pro-family movement is being labeled as “supporting the restoration of a patriarchal family?” No doubt we can expect to see frequent references to “the pro-patriarchy movement’ from now on – in just the same way that the positive, life-affirming philosophy of the pro-life movement is denigrated as “anti-abortion” or “anti-choice.”  On the other hand, dear reader, perhaps we should be rejoicing.  It’s proof that the pro-family movement has arrived: we’re significant enough to ... (Continue reading)

Public health nurses

Dr. Keith Fitzgerald, Medical officer of health in Scarborough Ontario, noted recently that school nurses – usually employed by the local boards of health – send any young pregnant student to a family planning clinic “where all the options are explained to her.” Mature 13-15 year olds can get abortions without their parents’ knowledge or consent, according to Fitzgerald who acknowledged that such actions bypass the 1974 Ontario Public Hospitals Act which requires such consent for surgery on ... (Continue reading)

From Mansard

A synopsis of who has said what on pro-life, pro-family issues in Parliament. Abortion – John Oostrum urged the reinstatement of Statistics Canada record keeping on abortion; Alan Red way called for more frequent publication of statistics on abortion; Gordon Taylor compared “the murder of 60,000 human babies a year” to the atrocities of Nazi death camps; Ross Belcher revealed the efforts of Vancouver citizens raising funds to open an illegal abortion clinic and made reference to the already ... (Continue reading)

Adoption not abortion

During the past few months I have interviewed a number of young husbands and wives who wish to adopt children.  The reason for the interviews was simply to assess the suitability of the couples to look after a child and give him or her a suitable home.  What impressed me about the young couples – mostly in their early thirties – was their “hunger” to have a baby in their home.  For various reasons they ... (Continue reading)

Catholic teaching on homosexuality

Last October, the Roman Catholic Bishops of Ontario issued a brief statement objecting to Section 18 of Bill 7, a Bill aimed at bringing Ontario’s legislation in line with the Carter of Rights and Freedoms.  Section 18 called for “sexual orientation” to be placed under Ontario Human Rights Code, 1981, forbidding “discrimination” against it.  Neither terms were defined or explained. The bishops pointed out that this was unacceptable, allowing all sorts of interpretations.  Their stand completed ... (Continue reading)

Birth control clinics in North York schools

I’m reminded of a story circulating around Ottawa: A prisoner in Kingston Pen writes a letter to Prime Minister Brian Mulroney complaining about how difficult it has been for him to get parole and he gets a letter back from the PM’s office saying, “…I have taken this matter up personally with Prime Minister Mulroney, and he promises to improve postal service in your area…” It’s the same situation with birth control clinics in schools – they want ... (Continue reading)

Catholic agency refers for abortion

Hamilton – A pregnancy youth line began operations here on February 2, 1987 sponsored by the two Children’s Aid Societies, the public and the Catholic one.  The public Children’s Aid Society regularly counsels for abortion.  Because the line is located in CCAS offices, Planned Parenthood director Linda Lorimer questioned how much “information” is passed on. According to one coordinator, Valerie Rule-Caissie, if a client wants information about abortion, she will be referred to the public health department who can assist ... (Continue reading)

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