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Where do we stop?

It is July 23rd, and I have just returned to the office from the abortuary on Harbord Street.  Things have been happening there and these are some random thoughts on what I witnessed. Yesterday afternoon I received a call from Campaign Life Office saying that Dan McCash had been arrested on a charge of “harassment” or some such legal term.  Dan and the pro-life picketers who were there said that all he did was try to talk to ... (Continue reading)

Are we doing enough?

At an informal meeting the other day a number of pro-life people were discussing what we could do to stop the daily killing of unborn babies at the Morgentaler abortuary.  The picketing was assessed and some felt that it is not effective enough when weighed against the amount of input by so few dedicated people.  It is estimated that more than one hundred babies have been done to death sine the “clinic” opened – while ... (Continue reading)

Appalling news from Britain’s labs

In Britain, experimentation on dead aborted babies and on “spare” embryos created by in vitro fertilization has been going on for some time.  Publicity on these experiments followed the blocking in parliament of a private member’s bill (put forward by Mr. Enoch Powell) that would have prohibited experiments on embryos.  Powell’s bill, in turn, was prompted by release of the government-appointed Warnock committee report that recommended embryo experimentation for up to 14 days following conception. A recent report in ... (Continue reading)

International pro-life federation formed

Discussions that began in Belgium last year, when pro-life doctors from around the world met, have resulted in the formation of the International Right to Life Federation.  Dr. John C. Willke, president of the U.S. National Right to Life Committee, is the group’s first president. Dr. Willke said that the organization is “long overdue.  For years the pro-abortion people have been organized internationally.”  Today, Dr. Willke pointed out, nations are interdependent.  “What happens in one country can have a ... (Continue reading)

Roe v. Wade challenged

In mid-July, in an appeal approved by President Reagan before he was hospitalized for cancer surgery, the US Department of Justice urged the Supreme Court to reverse its 1973 Roe v. Wade ruling which established a constitutional right for an American to obtain an abortion. The thirty page ‘friend of the court’ brief charged that Roe v. Wade is “inherently unworkable,” “a source of instability in law” and “so far flawed that this court (The Supreme Court) should overrule ... (Continue reading)

IPPF favors subverting laws world-wide

The International Planned Parenthood Federation (IPPF) does not appear satisfied with the speed at which its goals are being attained world-wide, judging by the recommendations for action suggested in its latest publication, “The Human Right to Family Planning,” (November, 1983). Perhaps the most disturbing statement in their report is the recommendation that “family planning” associations “should not use the absence of law or the existence of an unfavourable law as an excuse for inaction.”  “Action outside the law, ... (Continue reading)

AIDS dilemma growing

Studies show tat the number of AIDS cases in Canada is doubling each year.  There is no known cure for this still-mysterious disease and men and women and children can be infected with it. And while AIDS is spreading, the medical establishment and the government are telling people not to become alarmed about AIDS. Networks of doctors, nurses, scientists, government officials and volunteers, are working to prevent unreasonable fear of the disease while trying to stop if from ... (Continue reading)

Dan Maguire: House theologian of the fourth Reich

Editor’s Introduction: Recently Marjorie Maguire, self-styled “Catholic theologian” from Milwaukee, USA, toured Canada at the invitation of CARAL, the Canadian Abortion Rights Action League.  The purpose of the visit was to promote the idea that Catholics are divided on the abortion issue. Her husband Daniel, a former priest who teaches moral theology at the Catholic University of Marquette in Milwaukee, follows a similar approach in the United States. The following is borrowed from an article by Kevin G. Long, ... (Continue reading)

Catching up

In a hopelessly and sadly confused article in the Toronto Star (July 6) TV science personality David Suzuki declared himself in favour of a woman’s right to abortion.  Typical of his thinking were the article’s concluding lines: “Today women have a legitimate need for access to medically safe, cheap abortion facilities.  There is no reason to deny this, as long as, at the same time, these profound questions are pondered carefully by all of us.” The profound questions referred to, ... (Continue reading)

Morgentaler Update

“An embarrassing situation” for Manitoba Premier Howard Pawley and his NDP government was “averted” during a four day Ottawa NDP convention at the end of June when a motion to censure him for “prosecuting Henry Morgentaler” failed to reach the convention floor, according to the Toronto Star of July 1, 1985.  The report did not indicate why it would have been “embarrassing.”  The Manitoba party, like its National counterpart, is fully committed to abortion on demand.  It cannot achieve this ... (Continue reading)

Charter of Responsibilities needed

Now that our Charter of Rights and Freedoms has become firmly entrenched in our Constitution, and its benefits loudly proclaimed, it might be a good idea to make things even better.  Certainly the citizens of any country stand to gain when they receive the protection of a charter such as ours.  But does the legislation go far enough? By focusing solely on rights, only the aspect of getting from society is emphasized, not giving to.  No mention is ... (Continue reading)

My tribute to my mother

Introduction: There has been so much controversy as of late over the issue of women’s “right” to abortion on demand.  Realizing the arguments for the against and the increasing number of women in Canada desiring this form of so-called “birth control,” I desire to share my thoughts with your readers.  Women say that only they are qualified to be the final authority over “their” bodies and anyone protesting their authority by saying that God or another person should ... (Continue reading)

Father’s Day in Hamilton

Thirty-three people attended a silent vigil at the Henderson General Hospital in Hamilton, Ontario, on a rainy Father’s Day, June 16, 1985.  A protest presentation in honour of Father’s Day was read at the start of the vigil and in part it said: “The Henderson General Hospital through acts of abortion has shown this hospital to be anti-family.  What kind of family is there without a good father at its head?” “All here present are reminded of the Code ... (Continue reading)

Windsor Police sign-off

Windsor Outspoken pro-life activist Earl Amyotte retrieved five pro-life picket signs from Windsor police a month after they were taken from him and other protestors demonstrating against abortions being performed at Windsor Western Hospital. Mr. Amyotte said that the officer who took the signs July 14 cited a bylaw against putting them in the ground or against a fence. However, no charges were laid because when Mr. Amyotte went to inquire at the police station he said police could not ... (Continue reading)

Anatomy of a citizen’s arrest

Reverend Ken Campbell was twice thwarted by police in his attempts to make successful citizen’s arrests of abortionists at the Toronto Morgentaler abortuary during the last week of July.  On Tuesday July 20, Reverend Campbell scheduled a press conference at 87 Harbord Street, his National Headquarters for Choose Life Canada.  The press conference was to coincide with a planned citizen’s arrest of abortionist Scott who did not make an appearance at the abortuary that morning.  However, Reverend Campbell ... (Continue reading)

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