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The peaceful snooze of CBS Morning News

      Forgive me for interrupting the peaceful moral slumber of CBS Morning News, but in the interest of balance (something to which the national media profess a ferocious commitment) certain observations are in order regarding the segment dealing with the videotape film The Silent Scream aired on March 4, 1985.   To begin with, the terms of the debate were flagrantly skewed to the pro-abortion view and thus the debate itself was a set-up. One panel of five experts (all unrelenting ... (Continue reading)

A dream

      Recently, while driving home on one of the cold and stormy nights so familiar to us Canadians, my mind composed the following story.   I was driving along the wind-swept highway. The rain was so heavy that I could barely see the road. I whispered a prayer of thanks for the Lord’s protection and a warm automobile on such a miserable night. My headlights caught the outline of a car parked on the side of the road. Its emergency flashers ... (Continue reading)

Population implosion

      We have heard and read so much recently about nuclear war, the arms race, acid rain and the inevitability of ecological disaster, that it is a relief to wake up in the morning and find that the world is still with us! I do not wish to deny that these are all serious dangers but I am not so sure about their inevitability. To take just one – nuclear war. Somewhere in the back of my head (or ... (Continue reading)

We need an angel

      Several weeks ago, through The Interim mail, I was surprised to learn from supporters in Manitoba that their group was praying for us. Well, we need all the prayers we can get, but the reason given was that they had heard we were going out of business. Not long after that, a friend in B.C. reported that a similar announcement had been made at a local pro-life meeting. She, bless her, replied that it was just a rumour and ... (Continue reading)

Advocacy journalism: discrimination in the media

      It seems that the Toronto Star allows its columnists complete freedom in whatever they write. This is creating difficulties for pro-life people as well as Catholics who find their activities and their faith misrepresented, without having an equal opportunity to correct or to rebut. The most recent example is Lynda Hurst’s May 7 column headed “Catholics question Church’s stand on abortion,” which, however, is only one of a number of such incidents. In asking why this is happening, ... (Continue reading)

Mother’s role superseded by “professionals”

                We are about to be conned again. This time it is the daycare question. A federal task force likely will give it solid endorsement, while much of the Big Media see proliferating daycare as a desirable objective.   But is it? As I noted in an earlier column, in Sweden daycare has become a nightmare where parents now are compelled to send their children to “professional” daycare centres.   Parents have lost most of their rights as parents, while top-level social workers, ... (Continue reading)

Feminist pressure

  Radical feminist groups continue to build pressure on the PC government in Ottawa to secularize and revolutionize Canadian society and the family.             NAC, the National Action Committee on the Status of Women (President Chaviva Hosek; Vice-President Louise Dulude) held a three-day lobbying effort in Ottawa in May. They came armed with resolutions from a three-day conference, including a call for freedom and acceptance of lesbians. The conference also had unanimously backed a resolution from the Communist party to oppose the ... (Continue reading)

Catholicism and abortion in the public forum

      In recent months, as demonstrations in support of and in opposition to the existence of abortion clinics have taken place in major cities throughout Canada, the level of debate concerning abortion has deteriorated. The major organs of mass communication have contributed to or have at least been passive agents of an illegitimate attack upon the Catholic Church. News stories in The Globe and Mail and The Toronto Star, as well as the commentaries of columnists in both newspapers, ... (Continue reading)

Catholic-United Church dialogue

    According to a Catholic Register (April 13, 1985) report by Paulist Father Thomas Ryan of the Montreal (Catholic) Ecumenical Centre, the National United Church – Roman Catholic Dialogue Group has agreed to discuss abortion. The dialogue group has been meeting three times a year since 1975.   In February 1985, according to Fr. Ryan, the group decided to devote the next three meetings to this issue “on the conviction that it is when things are very tense that dialogue is ... (Continue reading)

Gerald Vanderzande, pro-life?

      On February 16,1985 the Toronto Star reported the proposal of the present Moderator of the Presbyterian Church in Canada, Rev. Alex Calder, to tighten the abortion law in order to permit abortions only where there is “imminent threat to the mother’s life.” ( See The Interim, April 1985). One month later, on March 16, the same newspaper, on its Saturday religion page, printed and boxed a letter from Gerald Vandezande, Public Affairs Director, Citizens for Public Justice (CPJ).   CPJ ... (Continue reading)

The Canadian churchman and abortion

      Two months ago I related what might be called “The Sad Saga of the Pro-Life Postcards” or “How to Get Thumped in Your Own Church!” Soon after that experience (and I am still waiting patiently for a reply to my letter to our temporary Rector) another bombshell hit: the Canadian Churchman, which is the “National Newspaper for the Anglican Church of Canada”, published what must be the most shocking, disgusting Christmas editorial in history. While Anglicans all over ... (Continue reading)

Defining obscenity

  On May 9, 1985 the Supreme Court split sharply on how to measure pornography in obscenity trials. By a 4-3 majority, with two judges missing, the court ruled that it does not matter who the supposedly obscene material is aimed at. The only measure that counts Madame Justice Bertha Wilson said for the majority, is the national community standard of tolerance.   By contrast, Chief Justice Brian Dickson claimed the intended audience is relevant because Canadians might tolerate more or less ... (Continue reading)

Teens and suicide

        Suicide is now the leading cause of death among teenagers, according to a federal government task force, whose five-year study is expected to be released this summer.   Psychologist, Dr. Diane Syer-Solursh, head of the task force, announced some of its findings at an April meeting of the American Association of Suicidology in Toronto.   Dr. Syer-Solursh pointed out that, in 1983, nearly 4,000 Canadians killed themselves, and the numbers increase yearly. More than 75 percent of the total suicides are men, ... (Continue reading)

A film that promotes the killing of children

  On January 29, 1985, Member of Parliament Bill Gottselig (Moose Jaw) condemned in Parliament the misuse of public funds by the National Film Board to promote pro-abortion views in the film “Abortion: Stories North and South.” He said it was outrageous that the National Film Board provide funds “to pro-abortionist Gail Singer to present her one-sided view of this matter, which she had the audacity to call enlightening.”   Propaganda   For months pro-lifers throughout Canada have been sending this same message to ... (Continue reading)

Equality milestone

    Tuesday April 17, 1985, was the date when the equality rights provisions of the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms went into effect. Stated the Hon. Flora MacDonald (Minister of Employment and Immigration) speaking for the Government:   As of today the Constitution of Canada guarantees that every individual in Canada is equal before and under the law, and has the right to equal protection and equal benefit of the law without discrimination based on race, national or ethnic origin, color, ... (Continue reading)

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