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The bombing of abortion clinics

                                                           I have two objections to the bombing of abortion clinics. The first is, that it is morally wrong. Nobody has the right to take into his or her hands the decision to destroy the property of others. What is being done in the clinics is morally wrong and should be stopped or prevented by the proper authorities.   But for a private individual to decide that “this is a war” and therefore we have the right to destroy the property ... (Continue reading)

Equal Confusion

                              In April this year two “equality clauses” will come into effect in our Charter of Rights. In essence, these clauses state that nay laws which discriminate between the sexes are invalid under the Charter.   Admirable as this may be at first glance --- there surely are very few Canadians (male or female, pro or anti feminist) who would seriously defend the notion that women are some kind of second class creature --- the Canadian Equal Rights Amendment has ... (Continue reading)

Of picketing and propaganda

                                                                   For many pro-lifers the days on the picket line in front of the Morgentaler abortuary in Toronto are long and hard, but gladly given. Picketing takes place for an average of 10 hours a day through all kinds of weather – rain, snow, sleet and bitter cold. The picketers’ generosity of spirit, of time and of their total selves is astonishing. They keep warm b walking, talking, singing, praying, chanting or briefly popping into a rented ... (Continue reading)

Pro-abortion “Catholics”?

                                 Last November, I wrote an article for The Interim Christmas issue specifically as a Catholic. It was entitles “Let’s put our house in order.” After stating the truism that belief in the Catholic faith is incompatible with belief in the right to abortion, I suggested that perhaps the time had come for action against those Catholics who, while claiming to be members in good standing, repeatedly, obstinately and publicly continue to reject what they know to be the ... (Continue reading)

Italy has second highest abortion rate

    Italy has the second highest abortion rate in Europe, with 405 abortions for every 1,000 live births, bishop Fiordelli of Prato told a conference in Salerno last October.   The European country with the highest abortion rate is Denmark, according to a report in The Universe (October 19, 1984). Bishop Fiordelli said that births in Italy had dropped from 1,170,000 in 1964 to 600,000 in 1983. (Continue reading)

U.S abortionists in “state of siege”

    The New York Times (Jan. 12, 1985), reports that some abortion clinic owners, such as Bill Baird who owns clinics in Boston and New York, are arming themselves. “We are in a state of siege, a state of war,” Mr. Baird said. “People are scared to death. Many clinics are folding, many doctors quitting. We are asking our supporters to hold on.” The owner of two abortion clinics in Northern Florida also said she now packs a pistol and ... (Continue reading)

Easy abortions criticized in Poland

    Cardinal Glemp of Poland has openly criticized the country’s communist authorities for permitting easy abortions. More human beings die as a result of the operation than are killed in wars, he says.   In October 1984, a pastoral letter by the Cardinal, which was read in more than 10,000 churches, protested abortions both in Poland and throughout the world.   Referring to the 300,000 abortions officially registered in polish hospitals each year, His Eminence said, “A powerful stream that kills life is flowing ... (Continue reading)

Planned Parenthood funds cut off

                                 The officials of the American Agency for International Development (AID) have announced that AID will not renew its funding of the International Planned Parenthood Federation because the latter finances abortion-related services in 119 nations.   Last year, Planned Parenthood received $14 million from AID and this year was expecting about $17 million.   The announcement implements the policy statement of the U.S government, given at the International Conference on Population in Mexico City last August. Part of the statement says: “…The United States will ... (Continue reading)

U.S sponsors abortions alternatives

    In the middle of November, the Reagan administration sponsored a special briefing on alternatives to abortion. The day long conference brought together experienced workers in the crisis-pregnancy field and consisted of brief talks, panel discussions, workshops, planning and exchanges of organizational techniques.   The first guest speaker was Dr. C. Everett Koop, the Surgeon General of the United States.   Dr. Koop began his address by noting his involvement with crisis pregnancy assistance to unwed mothers back in the late 1950’s when “an ... (Continue reading)

A reply to Mr. Harpur

                                    In the Toronto Sunday Star of December 30, 1984, an article by Tom Harpur appeared under the heading “Why We Must Speak Out.” I feel that I could challenge almost every one of his statements but space would not permit, so I shall address myself to just four.   -         According to Mr. Harpur, we must opt for a pluralistic society where “individuals are free to follow their own consciences and shape their lives themselves, rather than being coerced to ... (Continue reading)

“Mommy, why did you kill me?”

                                                                     St. Michaels School, Leamington, Ontario                                                Winner 10-12 yr. group   “Mommy, why did you kill me? Why didn’t you leave me be? I had my whole life to live. Now you want me to forgive.”   This is what many women hear in their dreams from their babies that they have killed in the past. Many women feel very sorry and guilty for what they have done. When they find out that they are pregnant, they are ... (Continue reading)

The Nature of Man

                                                                                    St. John’s College, Brantford, Ontario                                         Winner 16-18 yr. Group   “It’s dramatic. It’s emotional. I don’t say I kill. I terminate. I end. I interfere. I intercept.” The Newspeak employed by Dr Peterson, a highly established and widely known abortionist, suggests that the 1984 projected by Orwell is by no means completely devoid of fact. His words are symptomatic of a destructive transition that is presently occurring in our society, undermining the basic dignity of human ... (Continue reading)

The Winning Essays – Life and death and high-tech

        Winner 14-16 yr. group   Society seeks a perfect race. The competitors include prenatal babies. For many years scientists have tried many different techniques to detect diseases in babies, but all of them had failed. Recent developments in technology, however, have made it possible to diagnose fetal illnesses wile the baby is in the womb. Aside from the medical problems with these techniques, there are profound moral questions that need to be answered.   One of the most widely used methods ... (Continue reading)

Pluralism in Canada – Concluding part

        Many of the arguments in favor of “liberalizing the law,” as it came to be called, centre precisely on this idea of ridding the country of an “outmoded morality,” an expression which became standard in newspaper editorials and articles. It was claimed that opposition to legal contraceptives, divorce, homosexual activity, and abortion was based either on religious foibles peculiar to Catholics and others still stuck with a “Victorian morality,” or based on, or supported by, religious morality. ... (Continue reading)

Attention – Toronto parents

    The Toronto Board of Education’s Advisory Committee on Sex Education has issued its draft report. The Committee is now inviting comment from parents, teachers and other interested parties.   The Committee has already considered briefs from such organizations as Planned Parenthood, the Gay Community Council and Lesbian and Gay Youth Toronto.   It is recommending that the Ministry of Education develops resource documents to help teachers handle classroom discussion on such sensitive topics as abortion, incest, pornography, premarital sex and sexual assault.   The ... (Continue reading)

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