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Peanuts and Cathedrals

George Washington Carver once asked God to tell him about the universe.  According to Carver, the Lord replied, "George, the universe is just too big for you to understand.  Suppose you let me take care of that."  Humbled, George persisted along a less ambitious track.  "Lord, how about a peanut?"  The Lord replied, "Now, George, that's something your own size.  Go to work on it and I'll help you.  "When George Carver finished studying the peanut, he ... (Continue reading)

Legal incest in Britain?

There have been indications for some time that the next big push from the permissive lobby in Britain will be to legalize incest. In 1975, the British Sexual Law Reform Society (SLRS) produced a report recommending that the age of consent should be reduced to 14, including incestuous relationships. The Family Planning Association (FPA - a public-funded charity) tacitly supported this report. The Secretary of the SLRS, Jane Cousins, later achieved notoriety as the author of Make It Happy, ... (Continue reading)

International: UN discrimination against the unborn

The British government is at present considering whether or not to ratify the UN "Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Discrimination Against Women," reports the Family Bulletin of The Responsible Society, a British group. Since this Convention was opened for signature in 1980, 81 countries, including Canada have signed, but many of these have not yet taken the more drastic step of ratifying it. The Convention is revolutionary in its approach to the family. It claims ... (Continue reading)

Intrauterine life

It is a rather simple fact, in biological terms, that the unborn child develops continuously in a continuum. There are no particularly arbitrary points in it where anything dramatic or different happens. It is just part of an ongoing stream and although one uses terms like zygote or morular or  blastocyst or embryo or fetus, one uses these no more technically or no more self-consciously than you would talk about someone being a newborn or an infant ... (Continue reading)

“Pro-choice” is no choice

After working for 15 1/2 years with pregnant girls and women, and from the experiences of our 600 Birthright centres, we know how right the Manitoba bishops are when they say that "pro-choice" means "pro-abortion." However, I would go further and say that, for the greatest number of girls who obtain abortions, "pro-choice" really means "NO CHOICE." What choice does a 17-year-old girl have when her mother arranges an abortion for her? She, usually, goes to school, and she is ... (Continue reading)

Pluralism and Politics

In order to grasp at once the seriousness with which the question of pluralism and secularism today must be treated, let us recall the issue which has become its most controversial sign: the legalization of abortion. Part of an article I wrote in 1971 summarizes this contradiction: In our democratic society people believe that political problems, whatever their nature, can always be "worked out". All that is needed is a little give and take and a sense of compromise. ... (Continue reading)

Saskatchewan: The Gay Caswell Case

American sex-educator Sol Gordon has lost his libel case against Gay Caswell, (MLA, Saskatoon Westmount) in the Court of Queen's Bench in Saskatoon. In dismissing Gordon's claim, the judge ordered that court costs be paid by him. Caswell's co-counsel Len Andrychuck stated that the award will not cover the full legal bill incurred by his client. Caswell is pleased, although not surprised at the decision, which she sees as a vindication of the rights of the ordinary person to ... (Continue reading)

A New Campaign 40 Years Later

On April 13, Joe Borowski dropped into the London, Ontario, Marconi Club to speak to a crowd of about 500 at a London Right to Life Association dinner. Mr. Borowski told the audience that abortionists " are killing innocent Canadian babies on a scale that has never been seen in the history of the world." "If you look at the total numbers in the country and the United States, it makes Hitler seem like a pretty nice guy" he said. ... (Continue reading)

A national pro-life conference

One thousand delegates will hear more than thirty speakers at the National Alliance for Life Conference July 5 to 8, 1984, at McMaster University in Hamilton. Among the speakers will be California Attorney Robert Sassone, outspoken critic for "the overpopulation myth." Dr. Heather Morris of Women's College Hospital in Toronto and former president of Alliance for Life will also give a talk. Dr. Morris C. Schumiatcher, Q.C., of Regina, lawyer for Mr. Joe Borowski in "The Trial of The Century" will ... (Continue reading)

Mother’s Day in Halton

Halton Pro-life held its 8th Annual Silent Candlelight Vigil at Joseph Brant Memorial Hospital in Burlington on the eve of Mother's Day. Two hundred and twenty-five citizens concerned about abortion gathered at the hospital to mourn the lives of the 545 babies destroyed in the four hospitals in the Region of Halton. (The four hospitals were: Joseph Brant, 300 abortions; Georgetown & District, 26; Milton & District, 30; and Oakville Trafalgar Memorial, 189.) Women from Halton also aborted their ... (Continue reading)

Valley Action for Life

Joe Borowski at the Conference At the Middleton "Friends For Life" conference, Mr. Borowski began his speech by thanking the clergy in the audience for attending. He said that the clergy should be encouraged to come out to pro-life events because parishioners from whatever faith like to see their shepherds at these meetings as it gives them courage and it encourages them to come and to participate. If your pastor is with you at a pro-life gathering you ... (Continue reading)

Nova Scotia: Friends for life

Teresa Hare is President of Nova Scotians United for Life and has been involved in the pro-life movement in Nova Scotia since 1977. Teresa was the chief organizer for the Halifax end of  Friends for Life Conference, held April 27-28 at Annopolis Regional  Vocational School, in Middleton, Nova Scotia. She is quick to point out that the conference itself was the provincial Right to Life conference, we thought Teresa a good person to ... (Continue reading)


Pickets for Joe On Saturday, May 19, Canada's best-known pro-life advocate, became a target of protesters as Borowski Health Foods in St. Vital, Manitoba, was picketed for one hour. Mr. Borowski commented that it was a switch, "having someone picket me instead of me picketing someone else." Eight men, members of a group called Men's Action Collective Against Sexism, marched in front of Mr. Borowski's store carrying signs with slogans such as "Shut up Joe" and "Joe does not speak for ... (Continue reading)

Across Canada

New Brunswick Canoe for life Two New Brunswick men plan a canoe crusade for life this summer. Mike Murphy and Marcel Arsenault will travel along the St. John River from Edmunston, N.B., to St. John N.B., a distance or 270 miles (430 km), between August 8 and 19. Pro-life prayer rallies will be held in communities along the route. The canoeists are asking for support in several areas. Supporters are urged to join the crusade by pledging one hour of ... (Continue reading)

The Editorial: The Case Of Pop

In June we celebrate Father's Day So conspicuous have women become of late, so much an "issue", or a focus of issues, that pop tends to be forgotten, After all, who is this election year is angling for the "man's vote"? No one has started a "masculinist movement"-the Real Man business was never more that adolescent joie de vivre. Yet behind the façade erected by all the feminist hoopla, dad has become more "with it," more involved in family and in child-rearing, ... (Continue reading)

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