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Announcing The Interim Essay Contest

The Interim is sponsoring an essay contest for students under 18.  Entries will be judged according to age.  There are 5 categories: up to 10 years; 10 to 12 years; 12 to 14 years; 14 to 16 years; 16 to 17 years. There is a first prize of $50, which will be awarded to the winner in each of the five age groups.  A second prize of $25 will be awarded in each age group. The essay ... (Continue reading)

Students demonstrate against Morgentaler

On March 1, 1984, about 60 students from the University of Toronto's Campaign Against Abortion marched with signs and placards from the downtown Sr. George campus to the County Court Building on University Avenue, the site of the continuing Morgentaler pre-trial hearing.  A statement to the press was issued. The statement began, "We have gathered here today, representing most of the colleges and faculties at the University of Toronto.  We have come to tell Toronto that we do not ... (Continue reading)

A “multiple” issue

The passing of Bill C-169 on October 25, 1983, appears to be a concerted attempt, on the part of the three Federal parties, to muzzle free speech during future elections.  The substance of the Bill has been examined and explained in previous issues of The Interim, so I presume that readers are aware of its contents. It is couched in the usual legalistic terms, which only legal people understand fully, but, with a little help, most of us can ... (Continue reading)

Announcing the Catholic Foundation for Human Life

Sometimes I'm very sad inside. People around me smile and laugh, carry on with everyday talk about weather, sports, TV, diets and the job. I often feel like a stranger trapped in fantasyland. People are oblivious, escapist, apathetic, materialist, wounded, scared, frustrated, lost and blind. Even dead. I'm filled with compassion, real pity for men, for women for our human family. We are so ill, so very sick. We are sick of life. We are sick of death. ... (Continue reading)

CYPLO Annual Conference

The Canadian Youth Pro-Life Organization (CYPLO) held its annual general meeting and conference, March 2-4,1984, in Niagara Falls, Ontario. 70 youth delegates gathered from as far as British Columbia, Prince Edward Island and Quebec, despite the blizzard that hit the Niagara Peninsula. The theme of the conference was "What is Responsibility." Discussion centered on pro-life strategy - what has worked so far what hasn't, and how to be most effective in the 80s. Reverend Das Sydney Minister ... (Continue reading)

CYPLO: Who we are

The Canadian Youth pro-Life Organization is a far-flung group of young people from across Canada who has banded together to fight abortion, euthanasia, infanticide and the pro-death forces active in our society. We are single individual in Penticton, B.C., an established group in Saskatoon, a struggling two or three in Lawn, Nfld., a new group in Lindsay, Ont. We are people just the same as yourself. From the campuses of Victoria to Antigonish, ... (Continue reading)

Love in the family

In many ways we have reached a crossroad in the Right to Life movement. As a latecomer to the movement, I can only deeply admire and respect the people who were involved in the late sixties and early seventies. We, the silent majority stood by and watched as this small vocal for our cause and the cause of God. The saw our political, judicial, and medical leaders making a grave mistake. They foresaw the hundreds of thousands of babies who would ... (Continue reading)

Traits of a healthy family

Part two Dolores Curran's Trains of a Health Family (Winston Press, Minneapolis, 1983) discusses the conclusions she reached after over 500 professionals working with families completed her 56-question survey. Mrs. Curran's research began with the premise that many traits would appear time and time again as important to healthy families. Her book focuses on the "top 15" traits. The complete lists, in order of importance, appear in a box on this page. No one family is presumed to embody ... (Continue reading)


House of Commons debate The National Action Committee on the Status of Women (NAC) claim a membership of more than 220 women's groups (they do not permit individual membership) across Canada from the Peterborough rape Crisis Centre to the National Chapter of the I.O.D.E. and the Anglican Church of Canada. Many women belong to groups which have affiliated themselves to the NAC but are unaware of the kinds of platforms adopted by the committee, which has become a high profile ... (Continue reading)

The late Bishop Reding

The Pastoral Letter on the Protection of New Human Life Bishop Reding of Hamilton died of Cancer on December 8, 1983.The Following is the last pastoral letter that he wrote. September 25, 1983 The opening of the school year is a time when we easily focus our attention on the children and youth of today. It is our prayer and hope that they will live to make our world more secure; a place where peace and compassion will be ... (Continue reading)

Auschwitz! Lest we forget

The Manitoba Human Rights Commission, following an investigation, dismissed a June, 1983 complaint, alleging that Alliance Against Abortion contravened the Manitoba Human Rights Act, by means of the wording on picket signs at the Corydon Avenue, Morgentaler Abortion Clinic. The signs complained of read "Auschwitz Lest We Forget," "Auschwitz Never Again," "No Death Camps for Winnipeg." The name of the complainant was not released by the commission. The complaint was considered at a January, 1984 meeting of the Manitoba ... (Continue reading)

British Columbia

B.C. court to clarify the meaning of "health" in Criminal Code Two former board members of the Lions Gate Hospital in North Vancouver, George Carruthers and Michael S. Whelton, have launched a legal action in the Supreme Court of British Columbia against that hospital, claiming that abortions are being performed there for non-medical reasons, contrary to the Criminal Code. By launching this action, the two former board members are attempting to have the court define the word "health" as it ... (Continue reading)

New appointment to affect abortion situation

Chief Justice Bora Laskin, of the Supreme Court of Canada, died at the end of March. It was well-known in legal circles that former Chief Justice Laskin was in favour of his court actively addressing political issues that in an earlier era the Supreme Court of Canada would have considered beyond its authority. Chief Justice Laskin has been criticized for his "Americanization" of the Supreme Court of Canada, as Laskin has supported the U.S. approach of "creative interpretation" of the law. ... (Continue reading)

Kaplan the less than artful dodger

The following is my recollection of what events took place during and after the meeting I attended with Deacon Thomas Pillisch. On March 19, 1984, Deacon Thomas Pillisch and I attended a public meeting held by Bob Kaplan our member of parliament. Discussion on whether or not North York should have the Dome stadium took most of the time during the meeting. There were a few questions concerning the Budget, unemployment and job creation. After a period of time we were ... (Continue reading)

The voice of the Crown

Ontario The Crown has finally been given the opportunity to speak in the abortion constitutional hearing that ahs been taking place in Toronto. After 37 long days of pro-abortion arguments by Moregentaler's lawyers, Morris Manning, Federal Crown Counsel Arthur Pennington, Q.C., began his argument on March 20th, in a lucid manner, appealing for recognition of the right of the unborn child to be born and to live a full life. He argued that abortion is not an operation akin to ... (Continue reading)

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