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If we could only phone Solomon

There is nothing quite so convincing as a good slogan if it is repeated often enough. Isn't that the principle on which most of our advertising is based? The slogan doesn't have to be true to be effective - a half-truth will do quite well. Half-truth A typical example of the "half-truth" slogan is the pro-abortion cry, "Every woman has a right to control her own body." Of course every woman has aright to control her own body ... (Continue reading)

Criminal Code

Amendment to Limit Therapeutic Abortion Mr. Don Blenkarn, (Mississauga South) moved for leave to introduce Bill C-216, an act to amend the Criminal Code (Protection of Innocent Human Life) Some Hon. Members: Explain Mr. Blankarn: Mr. Speaker, this Bill would limit the right to have a therapeutic abortion to circumstances involving the actual physical health of the mother. Abortions are being misused; they were not intended to be used as a method of birth control. Over 70 000 infant Canadians ... (Continue reading)


Canada Elections Act CONCERN ABOUT EFFECT ON CHARTER OF RIGHTS AND FREEDOMS Hon. Erik Nielsen (Yukon): Mr. Speaker, I should to ask the Prime Minister if he is giving consideration to the public policy, since mounting concerns appear to be expressed with respect to the provisions of Clause 72 and its effect on the Charter of Rights and freedom of speech. An Hon. Member: Is it cut and run, Erik? Right Hon. P.E. Trudeau (Prime Minister): Mr. Speaker, if the ... (Continue reading)

Is pornography a pro-life concern?

Current public debate on pornography has prompted many of us to examine our views on this distasteful subject. My research started at the Ontario Censor Board where I viewed their 18-minute composite of cuts made from a selection of commercially-shown movies. I then persuaded my husband (I'm not quite as liberated as I often think I am) to visit our corner store and get a selection of magazines, for both men and women, available there. I also ... (Continue reading)

“Male and female created He them”

Recently I was blessed to find myself pregnant with my third child. My first two children are boys. Almost without exception, upon finding out about my pregnancy the response has been the same, "you must be hoping for a little girl". To have a little girl would be absolutely wonderful - but no more so than having another boy, I'm convinced. What is it in us that desires so strongly to manipulate the sex of our offspring? Some ... (Continue reading)

In the hearts of men

One day a man, who was on his way to see his doctor, said to his wife, "I sure hope the doctor discovers that there is something wrong. I would hate to be told that the state of my health is good when I feel so bad." There are people today who would have us believe that modern society is alive and well when in fact there are very serious cancers destroying the very foundations of our modern society. ... (Continue reading)

Campaign life column

By the President of Campaign Life A three-ring circus The circus will soon be back in town. The acts in the three rings will feature the Liberals under Trudeau, Turner or whomever; the Tories behind Brian Mulroney; and the New Democrats with ringmaster Ed Broadbent. Already the "advance men," the publicity flacks are dusting off the familiar old clichés in the hope of attracting a bigger audience than before. Meanwhile, over one million Canadians have been killed ... (Continue reading)

The Canadian Council of Christians and Jews

On November 1 and 2, 1983, the Canadian Council of Christians and Jews held a Colloquium on "Human Rights and Responsibilities - Canadian Religious Perspectives." The Ottawa Colloquium, attended by some hundred invited people, was in honour of the 35th anniversary of the Declaration of Human Rights by the United Nations and covered three subjects: Pluralist Society; Abortion-Euthanasia-Infanticide; and Discrimination. Mr. Gordon Fairweather, Chairman of the Canadian Human Rights Commission addressed the first subject, while Dr. David ... (Continue reading)

The slippery slope in reverse

We were sitting quietly in a restaurant near home, just the two of us. My husband and I had enjoyed a good meal, nice surroundings and some good conversation. Neighbors stopped by to visit at our table. The lady had just returned from her home state where she had gone to resolve some family problems centering on an older relative who she described as a "vegetable." I suggested gently to her that one does not change one's ... (Continue reading)

The Matheson Decision: where it leaves us

The status of the unborn child: One aspect of the legal tradition At the beginning of his book Kill our Unborn Canadians, David Dehler employs a series of epigraphs, including two from distinguished twentieth-century Protestant theologians. Karl Barth writes: The unborn child is from the very first a child. It is still developing and has no independent life. But it is a man, and not a thing, not a mere part of the mother's body.... ... (Continue reading)

Abortion – Mother Teresa of Calcutta writes:

RESPECT FOR LIFE: The life of every human being is sacred as the creature of God and is of infinite value, because He created each person including the unborn child.... The healthy person may be closer to dying or even more dead than the person dying. They might be spiritually dead, only it doesn't show. Who are we to decide? That is why abortion is such a terrible sin. You are not only killing life, ... (Continue reading)

Influence and politicians

A recent article published in the United States stresses the importance of keeping in close touch with politicians at all levels of government. This communication, it says, "serves as a limitus paper" for all elected representatives in judging public reaction to important issues. Because the life of the unborn child is of paramount importance (and because the proponents of euthanasia are awaiting in the wings to come on stage) pro-lifers must keep the lines of communication, ... (Continue reading)

Nurturing children a national responsibility

The attaining of birth by the unborn is more than a matter of individual "choice," but is a collective social decision, deriving from national consensus. Young pregnant women are uniquely susceptible to social pressures. Canadian culture today lays little stress upon child-rearing and its own biological perpetuation but imposes heavy economic liabilities upon women entrusted with the supremely important social task of bringing new life into society and nurturing that life in its formative years. The decision by young women ... (Continue reading)

A.G. Angers Manitobans

"We are incensed at what we can only interpret as a blatant attempt on the part of the Attorney General to prejudice the outcome of proceedings against Henry Morgentaler and his associates," states Pat Soenen, President of the League for Life of Manitoba, in a press release dated December 9th. She also called for the immediate replacement of Roland Penner as Attorney General of Manitoba. In what appears to have been a unilateral move, Mr. Penner dropped the charge of ... (Continue reading)

Restore Canadian human rights

Manitoba The Interim received a copy of the following letter. January 19th, 1984 The Director, Canadian Human Rights Commission, 257 Slater Street, Ottawa, Ontario, K1A 1E7 Dear Director: Re:  House of Commons of Canada Bill C 169 (An act to Amend The Canadian Elections Act) As a Canadian citizen resident in Winnipeg, Manitoba, I hereby file an official complaint against the House of Commons of Canada for purporting to violate my right of freedom   of expression, as guaranteed to me by Section 2 of the Charter of ... (Continue reading)

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