Articles from September, 1983

Bishop Exner

We understand that Archbishop Adam Exner of Winnipeg has sustained a certain amount criticism (negative) regarding his warning to anyone involved directly or indirectly in an abortion that the church intends to act and enforce Canon Law provisions. Bishop Exner is the only Bishop in Canada who has spoken up loud and clear on the subject of abortion, and as you might guess, much of the criticism has come from complacent Catholics and weak clergy. A brief letter of support will ... (Continue reading)

Anti Life Media

A glace at McLean's Magazine (July 25) further exemplifies the extent of the Morgentaler media propaganda war. Morgentaler assumes a heroic and determined posture on the cover. His clinic is described as "surrounded with kindness and warmth" (page 32). The attempt to label Catholics as the sole activists in the great struggle is reflected by no less than SEVEN reference to the religion of various pro-lifers mentioned in the article on pages 32-35. In another article on pages ... (Continue reading)

Joseph Borowski and the trial of the century

This article will appear later this month in pamphlet form from: Life Ethics Centre, St. Joseph's University College, University of Alberta, Edmonton, Alberta, T6G 2J5) In May, 1983, with the re-appearance of Dr. Henry Morgentaler and his publicity campaign for abortuaries across the country, abortion once more began to take pride of place among domestic news items. Henry Morgentaler's promised opening of his clinic in Winnipeg on Good Friday, April 1, did not come to pass. But the delays, ... (Continue reading)

Stop the clinic

On Aug 3 sixty pro-life demonstrators picketed Morgentaler's clinic while pro-abortion forces met for a rally in Queens Park.  The  content of the marcher's signs related as closely as possible to Morgentaler's  own past and the ugly record of abortion clinics in general.  The march continued for an hour and a half without great incident, then broke up at the advice of police, who feared a confrontation with approaching pro-abortionists. Press coverage of the march was encouraging.  C.B.C. and Global were ... (Continue reading)

Mercy killing motive indicated at Sick Kids

On Thursday, Aug. 25, during the Royal Commission to investigate the deaths of thirty six infants at the Hospital for Sick Children from June 1980 to March 1981, Dr. Richard Rowe, chief cardiologist at the hospital; indicated, while being cross-examined by Metro Toronto police lawyer Barry Percival, that the motive for the killings "would perhaps be that of mercy killing."  When asked if he found the idea of mercy killing mind boggling and heinous.  Dr. Rowe replied "almost."  He went ... (Continue reading)

Kingston Rally – Sept. 25

Vita Pro-Life Rally and Vigil: Date: Sunday, Sept 25, 1983 Place: Rally at Newlands Pavilion (next to Murney Tower-King St.) Vigil at KGH (1 hour silent vigil of mourning) Guest Speaker: Rev. Father Ted Colleton Time: Rally - 2pm until 3pm Vigil - 3pm until 4pm The Chairman of the Board of Directors at the Kingston General Hospital's Annual Meeting in June 1983 also stated publicly that, "they are not concerned about the Hospital's position." He also said that they are not interested in the concerns ... (Continue reading)

The threat of Planned Parenthood

-         PART TWO- -         Second of two parts -         By TORONTO RIGHT TO LIFE Planned Parenthood in Canada; the United Way connection;  Buffalo abortion mills; C.A.R.A.L. and THE MONEY:  Canadian tax dollars to promote killing of children around the world! Planned Parenthood in Canada As an example of the Planned parenthood federation in Canada, let us examine the Toronto Office. Planned Parenthood of Toronto is affiliated with the International Planned Parenthood Federation (I.P.P.F.).  In December 1972, at its Annual general Meeting, ... (Continue reading)

From British Columbia and Saskatchewan

FREEDUMB (i.e., ignorance) is a pro-abortion weapon Pro-abortionists do not want the scientific evidence on the humanity of the unborn child to be publicized. Alfred Moran, executive vice-president of Planned Parenthood of New York is extremely concerned that the pro-abortion position is in jeopardy because as he admits, "advancing technology has the capacity for a whole range of medical and technical programming in which we begin to see the fetus as a patient, WHICH TENDS TO PERSONALIZE IT". Pro-abortionists ... (Continue reading)

Toronto neighbourhood action group apposed to Morgentaler

Neighbours demand that clinic be closed-Toronto Almost 2,000 neighbours of Henry Morgentaler's Harbord St. abortion clinic have signed a petition demanding that the clinic be closed. The Spadina Neighbourhood Action Committee was recently formed by residents who saw the obvious need for a community voice to oppose the clinic. The local alderman Jack Layton and John Sewell, MPP Alan Grossman and NP Dan Heap have been totally silent on the issue and apparently favor the clinic. The group's petition, ... (Continue reading)

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