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Pro-Life Party of Canada: update

Carl Sandburg was once asked, "What is the ugliest word in the English language?" Without hesitation he answered "Exclusive." The Government in power has excluded the unborn from our laws and as such, babies in utero are no longer part of our human family. For a people to accept and approve this indictment is to deny the existence of God - abortion cannot be left in the realm of private morality. The body politic of this country must elect men and women ... (Continue reading)

Vancouver conference on pregnancy support

Sponsored by Vancouver Right to Life, the conference, called Women Supported Not Exploited, will deal with the need arising from "pregnancy aftermath", that meaning, the grief brought on by the tragic results in problem pregnancies. The 8:00 Friday night meeting features speaker Mary Lassance Parthum, M.S.W. discussing bereavement counseling post abortion. Saturday has Dr. Frank Murphy, M.D., of Birthright, "Exploring Why Women Have Abortions" and a workshop on establishing a pregnancy aftermath counseling service by Mary Lassance Parthum. (Continue reading)

Campaign Life Pamphlets Canada

Saturday, February 26th, was the day 100,000 glossy red pamphlets appeared across Canada, sponsored by Campaign Life Canada. The pamphlet titled the facts every Canadian should know about abortion clinics, is a sharply done affair with considerable amounts of information contained in its four small pages. The flyer compiled excerpts from two recent television interviews with Dr. Bernard Nathanson on CTV's Canada AM, and with abortionist Henry Morgentaler in debate on CHCH TV's Cherington. Both shows were very successful, and were ... (Continue reading)

lona Campagnolo —Next Liberal Leader

It now appears certain that lona Campagnolo, the recently elected National President of the Liberal Party, has been selected by the "establishment" of her party to assume the mantle of leadership for the Liberal Party of Canada when Mr. Trudeau step down. The main reasons behind the selection of Ms Campagnolo is that she is both a women and she comes from the West. It is ironic that political pundits in the Liberal Party think that women will vote for ... (Continue reading)

The Ovulation Method

Natural Family Planning has been steadily becoming more and more reliable. However, little publicity has been given the great strides that have been made in the medical research in this area. We hope to partially correct this through a series of articles on the Ovulation Method, the latest breakthrough in the field of natural family planning. Dr. John Billings, the Australian who developed the Ovulation Method, first became interested in this field because of his parish priest. Rev. Maurice Catarinich. He ... (Continue reading)

How do we know what is or is not living?

Well, for the last several decades, biologists, the true experts on the question of life (in the physical sense) have used certain criteria to separate living from inanimate objects, as well as organism from tissue, These criteria are compiled in the marvelous introductory biology text by Helena Curtis. Biology (Worth Publishers Inc., 2nd ed., 1976). 1."Living organisms are complex and highly organized." As you can see, for example, in figure 1, in the highly complex arrangement of the cytoskeleton ('cell skeleton'). ... (Continue reading)

Biology: the signs of life

Of all the weak pro-abortion arguments; perhaps the weakest is the inability to admit that life begins at conception, that a human being with full personhood exists at that time. Pro-abortionists prefer to degrade the newly formed human by naming it a 'blob of tissue' or 'just an egg cell'. These phrases are both inaccurate, and scientifically incorrect. Life, for any organism, begins when two gametes ('male' and 'female' reproductive cells) fuse to form the zygote. At this point the life ... (Continue reading)

Advocates for Human Life

A flood of critical court cases is expected across Canada in the next few years as pro-abortionists and others try to use various dangerous clauses in the new Canadian Charter of Rights to bring in abortion on demand, etc. It is vital, therefore, that the pro-life movement in this country have on call lawyers who are knowledgeable and up-to-date on all the ramifications of such "life" issues as abortion, euthanasia, infanticide, test tube babies, etc. To this end, a special group ... (Continue reading)

The pro-abortion feminist is a fraud

Politics and religion are the subjects of yesterday's fights. There are today two statements which guarantee changing a pleasant conversation among friends into a hostile brawl. To say either "I am pro-life," or "I am a feminist," will start the attack. To say "I am a pro-life feminist" will ensure a full-scale war. Feminism is a lot more than bra-burning and uni-sex washrooms. Also, it is more than just another equal' rights movement. True feminism, under all the rhetoric and publicity, ... (Continue reading)

We never thought it would go that far

What has become known to history as the "Nuremberg Trial" began on November 20th, 1945. An indictment was lodged against twenty-four former Nazi leaders, charging them with numerous crimes against peace, conventional war crimes, and crimes against humanity. The chief crime was the killing of millions of innocent human beings, not only Jews (the largest number) but also gypsies (the most exterminated group), Slavs, political prisoners and undesirable civilians - this included the handicapped (physical and mental), the old and ... (Continue reading)

Homemaker’s Magazine-Pro-Abortionists’ Propaganda Tool

The editor of Homemaker's Magazine, Jane Gale and its resident hard-line feminist columnist, Penney Kome, obviously see that the purpose of the magazine is to serve as consciousness raiser for the teeming masses of ignorant Canadian women who do not even realize that they are being oppressed. Consequently, many of the articles do not lend themselves to the "homemaker" image and the magazine has been aptly nicknamed "Homewrecker's" Magazine. This magazine is published ten times a year by Comac Communications ... (Continue reading)

Thank You Column

Catherine Bolger and the members of Parents for Responsible Education and Family Health who helped battle the Provincial government on Bill 138. Their research and efforts aided the coalition of various pro-life, pro-family groups who met with Premier Davis, Health Minister Larry Grossman and Education Minister Bette Stephenson on Monday February 14, 1983. Although many controversial sections of the Bill were not amended, we appreciate the many months of effort dedicated to this issue. John Williams MPP Oriole Tom O'Brien C.A.S. Brockville Mark ... (Continue reading)

A message from the President

It's becoming increasingly clear that neither the Conservatives nor the Liberals want to choose a leader who is sympathetic to Pro-Life concerns. Of the P.C. Party hopefuls, neither Mulroney, Blaikie, Crombie, Crosby nor Clark would bring any significant change in present party policy. Crosby did admit during the 1981 Convention that it was politically expedient to be Pro-Life in his riding! Jake Epp is personally Pro-Life, but being a strong Clark supporter, where does that put him? Don Mazankowski would ... (Continue reading)

Protestant Clergy supports commitment to life

A pastoral letter read in Catholic Churches in the Archdiocese of Vancouver informed Catholics that funds would no longer be accepted from United Way Appeal. The reason given is that "a financially participating agency of the United Way appears to promote or support abortion". We are extremely heartened by the united front which has emerged from religious groups. Margaret Fraser of Christians for Life has the signatures of 28 Protestant clergymen in a letter addressed to the Vancouver Sun as ... (Continue reading)

Aims for Real Women

1) To reaffirm that the family is society's most important unit, since the nurturing of children is best accomplished in the family setting. 2) To promote, defend and secure legislation which upholds the Judeo-Christian view of traditional marriage and family (family meaning two or more people living together related by blood, marriage or adoption.) 3) To support policies for women in the home and workplace that provide them with equal opportunity in employment and education. 4) To recognize woman's equal but unique contributions ... (Continue reading)

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