Hamilton city council wants ban on graphic abortion photos
Hamilton city council wants ban on graphic abortion photos
16 Jul 2014

Members of the Canadian Centre for Bio-Ethical Reform unfurl a banner depicting abortion on a bridge ... (read more...)

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Quebec Liberal government legalizes euthanasia
21 Jul 2014

The Quebec National Assembly passed a bill that effectively legalizes euthanasia and doctor-assisted suicide, a law pro-life groups say is dangerous and unconstitutional. With the March election call ... (read more...)

29 May 2014Unsettled issues

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Society & Culture

Ministry of education, public health, teacher’s union push graphic sex-ed agenda in Nova Scotia
21 Jul 2014

Editor’s Note: There is sexually graphic material in this story. The Nova Scotia government and teachers union play a big role in the promotion of sex and homosexuality ... (read more...)

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Web Exclusives

The Father Ted Colleton Scholarship
The Father Ted Colleton Scholarship
14 May 2014

The co-sponsors of the Father Ted Colleton Scholarship program, The Interim newspaper and Niagara Region Right to Life, are proud to ... (read more...)

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