Morgentaler abortuary closes in Frederiction
26 Aug 2014

The only free-standing abortion mill in Atlantic Canada stopped doing abortion on July 18 after operators of the Fredericton Morgentaler Clinic failed to convince the New Brunswick ... (read more...)

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Quebec euthanasia law challenged
27 Aug 2014

On July 17, two groups, Living with Dignity and the Physicians’ Alliance Against Euthanasia, filed a lawsuit before the Superior Court of Quebec in Montreal challenging the ... (read more...)

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Marriage and Family

Seeing Red
29 Aug 2014

It looks as though the Senate is here to stay, unreformed and unloved. I’m speaking, of course, of the Canadian Senate, also known as the Red Chamber. ... (read more...)

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Political parties’ positions: prostitution
28 Aug 2014

Canada’s political parties have distinct positions on prostitution that have developed over time. According to a December 2006 report by the Parliamentary Subcommittee on Solicitation Laws (“The ... (read more...)

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Society & Culture

More than 70 witnesses testify on government’s prostitution bill
More than 70 witnesses testify on government’s prostitution bill
26 Aug 2014

While Parliament has recessed for the summer, the House of Commons justice committee conducted hearings on the government’s prostitution bill. From July 7 to 10, the House of ... (read more...)

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Web Exclusives

The Father Ted Colleton Scholarship
The Father Ted Colleton Scholarship
14 May 2014

The co-sponsors of the Father Ted Colleton Scholarship program, The Interim newspaper and Niagara Region Right to Life, are proud to ... (read more...)

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