On human pesticide
24 Sep 2015

A weed, by definition, is just a plant in the wrong place. Dandelions on a green lawn and oak trees in an apple orchard are only weeds ... (read more...)

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Ethical alternative to embryonic stem cells discovered
11 Jan 2015

Scientists have discovered a new kind of stem cell. In the Dec. 10 issue of Nature, a group of international researchers led by Andras Nagy from Mount ... (read more...)

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EPC ‘hopes for the best’ with federal election
01 Oct 2015

Since the federal election campaign began in early August, a variety of issues are being presented to the Canadian public in an effort to influence their vote. ... (read more...)

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Marriage and Family

LifeSite launches Faithful Insight
LifeSite launches Faithful Insight
01 Oct 2015

When earlier this year Catholic Insight announced it would no longer publish a monthly print edition ... (read more...)

26 Sep 2015The importance of dad

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Jason Kenney slams Liberal, NDP ‘extreme’ stance on abortion
Jason Kenney slams Liberal, NDP ‘extreme’ stance on abortion
01 Oct 2015

CLC’s Hughes said pro-life could be electoral asset Hon. Jason Kenney, Minister of Defence Conservative ... (read more...)

01 Oct 2015Election briefs

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Web Exclusives

Father Ted Colleton Scholarship
Father Ted Colleton Scholarship
15 Sep 2015

Application for Scholarship HERE                                           (read more...)

22 Sep 2014The Interim Plus

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